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You are here : around the world in 92 minutes

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cover imageThis very interesting book is called You Are Here around the world in 92 minutes, it is a book that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has made after he went to space and was the Commander of the International Space Station during Expedition 35 in the years of 2012 and 2013. This book contains  Hadfield’s collection of his favorite pictures  he took on paper. This book shares his opinions of what he photographed and has the picture in a sharp, detailed, high quality way that is only gotten printed out on paper. I enjoyed picking this book up and looking at these pictures when I had some free time. The pictures had a variety of pictures from far away seeing the big picture of our Earth and some close up pictures that reviled  the very detailed patterns that the Earth has. The lives up to the name “You Are Here‘ as on pg. 148-149 there is a picture of Toronto and the Bathurst Clark Resource Library is visible. This was one of my favorite parts of the book seeing how we are so small, yet our actions are visible from space. I loved this book because I was able to just sit down and look at pictures without knowing anything and just calm down and think. Also as this book is mainly pictures, it can be interpreted as many different things dependent of the reader. The book crosses from around the world featuring man-made and natural land marks the Earth has. I really enjoyed learning out the world and actually seeing this geography as real as it gets rather then a school textbook. This book also made me think of how much the Earth changed over the last century and how we as humans have left a mark. I would totally recommend this book just to look at during a small period of  free time or to someone that is curious about our world . Especially since there is no commitment to reading a whole book as this book is pictures with very brief captions. Coming with this you see what you want to see and it isn’t a set point  that the author made. This book is just generally great if you have a sense of curiosity of your world.


The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games book #1)

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The Hunger Games cover imageThe Hunger Games is an amazing series that is written by Suzanne Collins. This is the first book in the series of The Hunger Games.

This book starts with Katniss Everdeen waking up on the day of the reaping. Katniss lives in District 12-known for providing coal-  of Panem which is in a place one known as North America. Having to support her, her mother and her little sister Prim, Katniss goes out of the district to go hunting with her friend Gale. She hunts with a bow, one that was made by her father. Katniss’ father was one of the many coal miners that died in an explosion. Sneaking out of the district and hunting are both highly illegal but the officials in the district turn a blind eye and make the best customers. When with Gale they hunt and gather to support their families. They trade at the hob which is the black market for the stuff they sell  and trade. When they finish their trading they head home to prepare for the reaping-everyone needs to be there. Katniss washes herself and is given her mother’s precious dress and her mother gives her help with braiding her hair. Prim wears the dress Katniss wore her first reaping day. Since she is now 12 she is entered into the games. Katniss always tries to protect Prim in every way. When the family goes to the reaping as they are supposed to, they find out how they girl tribute from District 12 is Primrose Everdeen. What does this lead to you might ask? Read this amazing book and find out!

I like this book and think it is amazing. It cleverly includes suspense, risk, romance,speed, and fear. The book uniquely gives a sense of time, giving more details with a  slow pace  with less details when speed is present. This is an amazing book and I hope you chose to read it and enjoy it just as much as I did.

Insurgent (Divergent Book 2)

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cover image The second book in the divergent trilogy ,   by Veronica Ross, Insurgent takes place right after Tris and Four shut off the simulation controlling the Dauntless. On the run from the Erudite and Dauntless traitors, Tris and Four, along with Marcus, Caleb and Peter, decide to seek refuge in the Amity headquarters. The Erudite though, are never far behind, and soon the Amity headquarters is swarming with Dauntless traitors. While escaping, the five are intercepted and captured by a group of factionless, who turn out to be surprisingly well armed. Not only that, but they’re taken to a factionless safe house to meet Four’s supposedly dead mother Evelyn, who isn’t just alive but also somehow managed to become the the factionless’ leader. After a brief (and awkward) meet and greet, Evelyn tells the group about the factionless’ plans to overthrow the Erudite, explaining how not only were the factionless now organized,  but have a fighting force twice the size of Dauntless. Four seems convinced, but Tris on the other hand, takes a disliking to Evelyn. She distrusts the factionless and their motives, and suggests getting the Candor involved instead. At the same time, Jeanine has been spending her time creating even nastier serums to seize control of the factions. Will Four give in to Tris’ wishes, or will they be forced to use the factionless, whether they like it or not?

Much like the first book in the Divergent series, Insurgent has both quick paced action, and fairly in depth character development. It both manages to keep you interested by rarely slowing down, but at the same time, lets you emphasize for the characters involved, which is not an easy feat. In my personal opinion, I feel as though there’s a little too much focus on the Four and Tris’ relationship, but again, that’s a personal dislike. It doesn’t detract too much from the overall story, and adds in some romance for those who like it. Overall, although Insurgent isn’t going to be a serious, award winning classic, it’s definitely got all of the qualities of a good read and a captivating novel.

The Demon King (Seven Realms Book 1)

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cover imageThe Demon King, the first book in the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima,  is a fantasy novel in the world of wizards and magic. Set in the northern nation of the Fells, one of the seven realms, the book centers on three different groups forced to live in one nation. The northern wizards, wealthy and powerful in the social hierarchy,  invaded the Fells thousands of years ago but require amulets to use their power. The spirit clans, the natives that had their land stolen from them, are close to nature and control the wizards by being the only ones that can make and sell amulets. Finally, the Valefolk are the people in between the wizards and clan, trying to make a living in the poverty of the capital city of Fellsmarch.

At the peak of their power, wizards ruled the entirety of the Fells. That was, until one nearly destroyed the world. That one wizard, now called the Demon King, caused a cataclysm of epic proportions, and no one had any idea what to do about it. Desperate, the wizards finally crawled to the clans for help, and they agreed, for a cost. The clans ended up putting wizards on short leashes, with an agreement called the Naeming which greatly restricted their power. A thousand years later, the country of the Fells became what it is today, in serious poverty, with all three groups constantly bickering, and still living under the laws mad a thousand years ago.

The Demon King focuses on two people living opposite lives in the Fells. Hanson Alister, a 16 year old ragpicker and gang lord in the capital city of Fellsmarch who happened to foster with the clans, lives with his life in constant threat. Whether it being fighting starvation, trying to feed his sister and mother or dodging other gangs, Han lives with every day as a battle of life and death. On the other hand, Raisa ‘ana Marianna  lives the easy life as princess heir of the fells. Feasts, dances and fancy clothes, the hardest choice she’s ever had to make is which boy she liked best. Now, when Han finds an amulet that used to belong to the Demon King, and Raisa finds multiple plots against her life, their lives get turned upside down. Follow both of them on the beginning of their epic journey to stay one step ahead of their enemies, with death around every corner.

Although The Demon King doesn’t have the best writing, it really makes up for it in storytelling. Not only is the plot and work construction superb, but the multiple perspective system really makes the book much more interesting. It’s especially interesting when Han and Raisa finally meet (which I won’t spoil), seeing both the perspective of a street rusher and that of someone raised in royalty. The entire story is quite immersive with great character construction. Overall, I would definitely recommend this novel, even if it does have a little romantic tension in the later books.


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spark of vivacity

Hey guys,

Sooo, a little bird told me that the Maple Library has a few openings for teens to volunteer in the Tech Savvy (aka. Beyond the Basics) program.  How this program works is that you – the teen – would be matched with an adult learner to meet with one-on-one and teach them how to use various types of social networking and other ‘new’ online activities (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).

techLooks good on a resume and is a fun experience – kinda nice having the tables turned and being the teacher instead of the student! =)

Anywho, if you’re interested, please fill out the application and hand it in at Maple Library.

If this program sounds like something you’d be keen on but you don’t live in or near Maple, this program is also run at Dufferin Clark, Bathurst Clark, Pierre Berton, and Woodbridge Library – so go ahead and talk to your your librarian at one of those other locations.