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Sooo, what’s up next?? Jobs?

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spark of vivacity

Hey guys, how goes the illustrious March Break??  You all having a good time sleeping in?  (and of course, by ‘sleeping in’ I mean staying in bed well into the afternoon….ahhhh, those were the days!!  Le sigh, last time I got to do that I had mono and that was decidedly less than enjoyable.)

Annnywho, yeah!  March Break!!  Huazzah!  And then the bad news – it’s Thursday…meaning it’s almost Friday….meaning it’s almost the weekend – and of course – that means, it’s almost Monday and you got back to school again.  So sad.

Well, chins up!  All that really means is it’s that much closer to summer!!! =D

Annnd, speaking of summer, what are your plans?  Anyone thinking of getting ready for a job?  Either a summer job or something of a more permanent/non-seasonal nature?    I just got a lovely little note in my email today from a friend that there is going to be a student job fair next week Wednesday (March 25) from 3:30-5:30pm.

COSTI, in partnership with Employment Ontario and United Way are hosting the event…instructions are to dress for an interview as they will be done on-site.
Address: 7800 Jane St.
Tel: 905-669-5627 

job fair 2015

Sooooo, yeah.  Want a job?  Seems like a good place to start!! =D

And in the meantime, enjoy the last few days of your lovely break….

A light in the darkness

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spark of vivacity185 Photo

A rather melodramatic sounding title, huh??  Well, never mind that.  The point that I as wanting to make was that I all of a very sudden, just 5 minutes ago, had a thought that made me feel much better.  Now, to preface that with a back story so those of you who are all ‘what are you talking about??!?’ can follow along…

For the past couple weeks I’ve been rather down in the dumps, as it were….sad, angry, frustrated….in some ways it looked like I was jumping around through all the different stages of grief (without ever really getting to ‘acceptance’) and I think I may have just reached that last stage today!  That, or I’ve just reached another level of bargaining.  I suppose I won’t know for sure just yet – time will tell!

Anywho, I figured that it might be worthwhile to talk about this here….

I read in the paper today an article about this student helpline that is run in downtown Toronto for university and college students that feel like they’ve reached the end of their rope and are seriously thinking of self-harm or even suicide, or maybe for those who just need someone to talk to because they don’t know what else to do.  The hotline is called Good2Talk, and they have a partnership with the Kids Help Phone.

So why mention this here.  Well, because I want you guys to realize that this site, and the library in general, are a place where you can find information on pretty much anything.  We do keep a good list of links to various organizations that you might find useful on everything from how to understand student funding (like OSAP) to how to find a job, to how to get help in a difficult situation.  Take a look at all the links on the left-hand side of the screen…take a gander at what is under the Life and School headings.  These are sites that we – the staff here at VPL – have searched for and decided were worthwhile and trustworthy.

And, on a different note – a lot of people don’t know or realize this, but ANYONE is allowed to actually write and post stuff here on the blog. It doesn’t have to be just the Teen Book Reviews, and it doesn’t have to just be the librarians and other VPL staff who post things.  If you’ve found something really cool that you want to share, or if you think/feel that there’s a topic or something that should be brought up and talked about, by all means, go for it!

stuff sucksWhen you register for the Vortex, you create a username – it’s your choice what you want to call yourself (alas, we do require that it stays clean =P), but you can have as much or as little anonymity as you’d like.  The posts do have to get approved by myself or another VPL staff, but basically that’s just saying that we have to keep the language clean, and just send me an email (or any other staff member you know) to let us know that there’s a post waiting to be approved and we’ll get that posted.

So, yeah.  Sometimes things really suck…like really, really suck.  I guess, the thing is that we just have to keep trying to find that thing – whatever it is – that helps us get through it.

Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani

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The Indie Girl Book Cover

A girl with a dream… that’s ripped at the seams

Indie Girl is Kavita Daswani’s  first teen novel that is based on the life of a girl named Indira Konkipuddi who dreams to become a Fashion Reporter. Fifteen year old Indie is an average US born Indian girl; working hard to please her Indian parents but still trying to fit in and be a cool trendy teenage girl. But her genuine dream is to become “Fashion Reporter Indira Konkipuddi” of the glamorous magazine Celebrity Style. Indie studies fashion religiously to land with the magazineAfter attending a talk by Aaralyn Taylor, editor of the hottest trend magazine Celebrity Style, Indira resorts to desperate measures to clinch the summer intern position, only to be called on repeatedly as last-minute babysitter to the woman’s toddler instead. Indie spends her weekends cleaning Aaralyn’s son’s diaper or cleaning Play doh off Aaralyn’s Persian carpets, and pretty soon she starts asking herself- will Aaralyn ever see her as anything more than just the hired help?

Things don’t pan out exactly as planned with Indie. With the intern ship  in head to taking care of  a fussy toddler and pleasing Aaralyn has become a big burden to Indie. Then Indie finds out that Celebrity Style is in trouble as it is loosing all the  juciest scoops which becomes her biggest chance to get the intern ship from Aaralyn. She had learned from her sources that Hollywood’s hottest star is having her wedding dress made in a village in India. Indie’s sure she’s scored the juiciest gossip in town — the kind of story that will put the magazine back on the map. Is this her biggest lifetime oppurtunity or a joke?

Indie Girl by Kavita Daswani was a very cute, decent book . This is a lighthearted teenage book. It would have been a bit boring if not for the Indian culture though. It was truly amazing and I can relate to the character of Indie with my life because we share the same emotions at times. For example when Indira became very sentimental for being forced to leave her passion for fashion. I would feel the same for being forced to leave a passion of reading  The ending didn’t leave me content. It felt harsh and abrupt. Not much was resolved. This novel was not the best one to read but Kavita has written many greats ones that I recommend.

Siren (Siren:bk#1)

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The Siren Book Cover

Something deadly waits beneath the waves off Winter Harbour, and this summer, no one is safe.

Siren is the first book of a  thrilling trilogy by Tricia Rayburn.  Seventeen-year-old Vanessa Sands has had a fear of the dark, the ocean,  and everything. Fortunately her daring older sister, Justine has been a great support to her through every obstacle and challenge. But that is until Justine’s lifeless body washes up-shore after going cliff diving one night near their family summer house. Vanessa’s family is trying to restore to their everyday lives in Boston, assuming that Justine’s tragedy is just an accidental outcome.  Though Vanessa can’t help understand her sister’s death, fearing that it was more than an accident. Vanessa returns back to her family’s holiday home in Winter Harbour, searching for answers from Caleb Carmichael, Justine’s summer boyfriend who was with her diving. But she learns that Caleb has been missing after Justine’s death; she and Simon Carmichael, Caleb’s older brother team up to find him and unfold Justine’s tragedy.

Soon, this water tragedy becomes abuzz in all of Winter Harbour, when another body washes ashore and panic sets in when the small town becomes host to a string of fatal, water-related accidents in which all the victims are found, horrifically, grinning from ear to ear.Vanessa and Simon uncover secrets and mysteries that draws a connection between Justine’s death and the sudden rash of creppy drownings in Winter Harbour. This mystery will change everyone’s life.

Siren by Tricia Rayburn was a very scary, suspenseful, an edge of your seat adventure. Siren began with a very common teen romance, which became boring. But Rayburn took a very sharp turn in story line that couldn’t satisfy me without ending it. The character descriptions were very perfect that gave them a three dimensional sense. Even though a lot of things were quite predictable, I never once lost interest as I was fully submersed (no pun intended) in this world. The plot of this was proved to have me hooked, as it will to any reader who loves mysteries, siren stories, and romance. I was always rushing through the pages, eager to find out what happened to Justine and whether or not Simon and Vanessa would ever get together, as well if the two of them would ever overcome each road-block thrown in the way to figure out the mystery. This novel was very fun to read and I recommend it to all teens who are interested in a suspenseful adventure that includes a pinch of summer romance and adventure.

Wow…so, time – I hear it’s relative

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spark of vivacity184 Photo

Welll laa dee daa!  Wowzer, time has been freaking FLYING by!!!

I hope you guys are all enjoying your summer vacation thus far???  I’m guessing a bunch of you are actually doing a summer semester, aren’t you?  Lol, I was so surprised the first summer I worked up in Maple and found out how many of you were willingly (and not be necessity!!!) attending summer school..Ah well, to each their own =P (I tease, I tease)

Sooooo, as you probably have been noticing, the Vortex has been more or less  bombarded with some pretty wicked reviews that YOU have been writing!!  *sniff* I’m just so proud of you guys *sniff*  Haahaa!

Now, seriously, for those of you who’ve been wondering ‘What’s up with that??!?!?” basically, we’ve had a TON of people sign up for Teen Book Reviews, which is one of our volunteer programs that we offer year-round here at VPL.  Feel free to create an account and comment on any of the reviews – maybe you have a question for the author, or maybe you want to say how much you loved (or hated) that book, too!

Annnnnd, because apparently it wasn’t common knowledge, Guess what guys?!?!??!  YOU can post your own random musings whenever you want!!!  That’s right, this whole site is for you, the teens (or maybe even a few pre-teens) of Vaughan.
Now,  posting on the blog is not a volunteer program, so you’d be just doing it for fun or to share stuff if you fee like it, just in case that was unclear.   To see a full listing of all the volunteer opportunities that are offered check this out here.

Ok, now back to the other stuff – the Teen Summer Reading Challenge!!!!  
That’s right guys, the TSRC is back once more for another year of online contests and – you guessed it – the Challenge.  This year’s contests include Book Trivia, Guess the Covers, and Who Said It – each correct answer gets your name in the draw that we’ll be holding at the end of the summer.  And for the Challenge, we have prizes for the top THREE readers in Vaughan, so, if you’re a keen reader and think you’ve got time on your hands this summer, sign up!!!

If anyone has any questions, give me a shout.
Stay Classy guys,