NEW KANYE WEST – we actually have it…

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the-life-of-pablo-album-cover_art_nbmwimTrue story. We have the new Kanye West album to stream or download.  Take Kanye or leave Kanye (and I mostly ignore any non-music Kanye news and nonsense), I hope most will admit that he is a remarkable musical artist. I’ve liked everything he’s done, but since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and onwards I’ve considered his work to be some of the best that pop music can offer.

So it seems remarkable to me that I only heard The Life of Pablo a week or so ago. It looked like – earlier this year when the album was released on the streaming service Tidal – that the album would never be available on any other service or in any other store. West owns a stake in Tidal and Tidal’s been struggling …so yeah. I was annoyed because I really wanted to hear this new Kanye but no way am I going to be strong armed into a buy-in I don’t want. Kanye doesn’t want to sell me his new album …well, I guess I’m not going to hear his new album.

Thankfully he changed his mind and The Life of Pablo is now available everywhere. Including our Hoopla. And I haven’t yet spent too much time with it, but so far – it’s excellent.

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