Fairest – Levana’s Story (The Lunar Chronicles, Book 3.5)

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Fairest - Levana's StoryAs a prequel to the Lunar Chronicles, Fairest – Levana’s Story, written by Marissa Meyer, is a roller coaster of crazy incidents that will have you sitting on the edge of your chair with shock and anticipation. Join Levana throughout her painful childhood and the ugly truth of her adulthood. Her sister became Queen after their parents died and Levana suffered even more at her hands. Then, in some of the darkest times of her life, Levana finds someone who shines through the veil of despair – someone she had loved since a child. What starts off as innocent pining and muffled envy soon turns into a maniacal, desperate grab at his affections. Levana changes – becomes darker and more manipulative, deceiving herself the most. You will discover why she uses her glamour – why she values it so much – and why mirrors or any reflective objects will send her into a frenzy. It will shock you to the core, but whether it will change your view is yet to be determined.

Warning: it is not advisable to read this before reading the rest of the Lunar Chronicles, or you won’t really understand anything.

This book is a roller coaster. It starts off by explaining Levana’s situation – her family, her status, the Lunar community. Her situation isn’t all that different from ours and she had to deal with many of the problems we face today, including but not limited to being second best to a sibling.

The reason I say it’s a roller coaster is because it makes you feel so many different things throughout the book. See, Levana is the villain in the Lunar Chronicles, so when I first began reading, I was edging into the story cautiously. I start off with this negative image of Levana in my head and I’m expecting some sob story about a sad childhood or something.

And I got it.

I couldn’t help but sympathize with Levana when the author showed what her childhood was really like. But then Levana would do something crazy and I would be appalled once again. Then something tragic would happen and I would feel sorry. It just kept going like this. In the end, I came to a conclusion.

Some say that this story redeems Levana because it showed her motives. But personally, I do not feel that her motives justify her actions or make her any nicer. Sure we understand why she did the things she did and why she behaves the way she does. However, ultimately she’s deranged and some of the things she did were too extreme. No amount of sob stories and pathetic childhoods will ever excuse that.

The book was so action-packed and filled with plots and schemes. It was also slightly dark in the sense that a lot of terrible things happened – not so much that it would be considered a horror story, though. Everyone should read this book when they’re done the Lunar Chronicles. Brace yourselves for this worthy, riveting masterpiece.

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