Dangerous Lies

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Low expectations, guys, low expectations. Years ago, I read the highly recommended angel-love-story, Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick herself. I seriously expected a beautiful story that would have me obsessed as I was with, say, Divergent, but I ended up having mixed feelings about it all, especially because of the instant romance that fluttered with love and hate coming back and forth with each other. Later on, I was excited to hear that Becca moved from writing paranormal romance to thrillers. If you don’t know me by now, I LOVE THRILLERS.Everything about them just make my heart flutter and I occasionally get these outbursts where I need to read a hundred of them in a row. I still need to read Black Ice, which I own, but for now, Dangerous Lies did it for me. I really enjoyed everything about it, and it’s one of those books that you’ll want to spend a day reading because you constantly feel this outrage of tension, making you feel like something could happen at any moment.

Dangerous Lies has been getting mixed reviews on Goodreads, and I expected the worst, because I rather be pleased than disappointed in the end. There is a strong romance in this book, mixed with real-life events that could happen to anyone. Our heroine, Stella, who I adored, is in the Witness Protection Program, and that could seem like a minor detail in the plot, but I loved how Becca centred the story around that. Stella moves to a small town in Nebraska, which is a setting I have seen for the first time in a book, and it makes us readers feel this tension that anyone could find her. It’s interesting to read about settings like this because we don’t know what to expect. Some would prefer to hide in big cities where they won’t be found, while other prefer small towns in the middle of nowhere.

As mentioned, Stella is in the WPP after she witnessed a crime in her own house committed by her mother’s “boyfriend” drug-dealer, after he shot another man in Philadelphia, her old home. She moves to Nebraska and lives with a woman who she immediately feels connected to. And then she meets a cute guy, Chet, and their connection becomes bigger but of course, there’s a guy at home.

This book makes you think about how life brings surprises all the time. You could be living your life in a certain, ordinary way until something unexpected happens and everything you’ve ever known is taken from you forever, it seems. You could just have to move, like Stella had, out of nowhere for something that wasn’t your fault. This novel was part mystery, part contemporary, and I liked how there was just a bit of everything: mystery, romance and the life of a senior in high school. There was the looming tension that Stella’s mother would come out of nowhere, leave rehab and come and get there. There was the other part looming where Stella’s boyfriend from home, Reed, would show up. Every chapter literally brought something new up and I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages.

Becca Fitzpatrick’s writing is very simplistic, and for this type of novel, that’s the kind of thing I’m looking for. I look for a pretty interesting plot, mixed with good characters and a mystery that’s different—not your typical best friend murder story.

Some people have mentioned how Stella’s character is bit*hy. Yeah, she definitely is, but I actually loved that side of her, the arrogant, confident side that made readers be obsessed with her and wonder how she will solve her own problem. She’s extremely independent, perfect for this small-town-setting. I loved how Becca made her have a relationship with her coworkers at the diner. Agh. This was just so great and refreshing, my friends.

Now, let’s get to the romance. CHET AND STELLA ARE ADORBS TIMES A HUNDRED. Their relationship was not forced, as I have frequently read lately, and I love their carefree feeling, and how they could confide in each other. Go couples that tell each other their secrets and don’t create drama that gets in the way of the real point of the book! *cheers*

Dangerous Lies, from its cover (which defines the book perfectly), to the last page, is just satisfying. It’s one of the better mysteries I’ve read lately, and certainly one of the better books. I am seriously looking forward to what else Becca will be releasing in the future, and I just can see how this will make other readers go crazy. It took me long enough to read, though. By the way, there are tons of dangerous lies hidden in between the lines of the story, and you will be extremely shocked!

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