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The Library Lockdown is Coming…WHOA

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GizmoIt’s Friday night. It`s after dark. The doors are locked. The windows are barred. Cellphone batteries are running low. From 7 until the stroke of Midnight it is just yourself, a gathering of teens, and the librarians….somewhere in the dusty stacks of the library. There is no way out.

No way out.

You hear a creak. Or was it a groan? Could it be the heating kicking in or something else? You could swear you saw something move out of the corner of your eye.

Who’s that? Who’s there? What…what is THAT?!?!

Is that….80′s Retro??????

Acid-wash jeans. Big hair. Blue eyeshadow. Synthetic music. Shoulder pads. Legwarmers. Catchy one-liners. Neon. So much neon! It honestly hurts to look at it. The 80′s mothership is touching down at the Bathurst Clark and Pierre Berton Resource Libary for one night and one night only. Mark it down in your electronic calendars people because on Friday February 20th from 7:00pm- 12:00pm teens are being locked in the libraries. LIBRARY LOCKDOWN! But don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

The physical embodiment of all things 80′s will be there in full force for an interactive MuvChat screeing of the one, the only….Ferris Bueller!

Ferris PicWitness the reason why teens turned cutting class into a form of high art during the Neon Era and go to town with the texting commentary. Whip out those witty remarks while chowing down on some seriously rad noms and see who can come up with the most creative and ingenius way to skip school in today’s high-tech world. Who knows? Maybe you could be crowned the next Bueller.

After all, there can be only one in each generation.

(Ten points and a scrunchie to whoever gets these retro quotes)

But wait! What’s this? There is more to this lockdown than meets the eye?

At the library, we always go whole hog for these events. So get ready to venture off the beaten track because where we’re going we don’t need roads. Just Smartphones. And your minds.

There are prizes to be won! Prizes! Trivia Games! Scavenger Hunts! Maker Kits! And Pizza! AND IT’S ALL FOR THE LOW LOW COST OF FREE!

Say what now?

You heard me. Free. As is nadda. You get all of this awesome and all you have to do is show up ready to rock socks and take names. Because we all know how intense library-wide scavenger hunts can get. You thought Hunger Games was tough? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

So if you ever wanted to get locked in a library and try your hand at the sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die…(can anyone finish this line?)….aspect of the 80′s teen years then c’mon down! Give us a call, our digits are 905-653-7323, come on in and chat us up, grab some friends and plan a carpool for the night. I can promise you this. You don’t need a license to drive in order to have a wicked time on the library’s dime.

Be seein’ you at the Lockdown. And remember, be excellent to each other.

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Ferris1 300x169 PhotoSoooooo, exams are done – YAY! And I’m sure you’re all looking for a way to celebrate. Fear not, VPL has you covered with our……LIBRARY LOCKDOWN after-hours program! It all goes down on Friday, February 20th at 7pm at the Bathurst Clark and Pierre Berton locations.

We’ll have our Maker Kits for you to explore (green screen, Makey-Makeys, etc), FREE FOOOOOD, a movie with MuvChat, prizes, trivia and a scavenger hunt. Oh wait, did I mention there will be FREEEE FOOOOOOOOD?!?

Sign up today by calling 905-653-7323



A light in the darkness

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A rather melodramatic sounding title, huh??  Well, never mind that.  The point that I as wanting to make was that I all of a very sudden, just 5 minutes ago, had a thought that made me feel much better.  Now, to preface that with a back story so those of you who are all ‘what are you talking about??!?’ can follow along…

For the past couple weeks I’ve been rather down in the dumps, as it were….sad, angry, frustrated….in some ways it looked like I was jumping around through all the different stages of grief (without ever really getting to ‘acceptance’) and I think I may have just reached that last stage today!  That, or I’ve just reached another level of bargaining.  I suppose I won’t know for sure just yet – time will tell!

Anywho, I figured that it might be worthwhile to talk about this here….

I read in the paper today an article about this student helpline that is run in downtown Toronto for university and college students that feel like they’ve reached the end of their rope and are seriously thinking of self-harm or even suicide, or maybe for those who just need someone to talk to because they don’t know what else to do.  The hotline is called Good2Talk, and they have a partnership with the Kids Help Phone.

So why mention this here.  Well, because I want you guys to realize that this site, and the library in general, are a place where you can find information on pretty much anything.  We do keep a good list of links to various organizations that you might find useful on everything from how to understand student funding (like OSAP) to how to find a job, to how to get help in a difficult situation.  Take a look at all the links on the left-hand side of the screen…take a gander at what is under the Life and School headings.  These are sites that we – the staff here at VPL – have searched for and decided were worthwhile and trustworthy.

And, on a different note – a lot of people don’t know or realize this, but ANYONE is allowed to actually write and post stuff here on the blog. It doesn’t have to be just the Teen Book Reviews, and it doesn’t have to just be the librarians and other VPL staff who post things.  If you’ve found something really cool that you want to share, or if you think/feel that there’s a topic or something that should be brought up and talked about, by all means, go for it!

stuff sucksWhen you register for the Vortex, you create a username – it’s your choice what you want to call yourself (alas, we do require that it stays clean =P), but you can have as much or as little anonymity as you’d like.  The posts do have to get approved by myself or another VPL staff, but basically that’s just saying that we have to keep the language clean, and just send me an email (or any other staff member you know) to let us know that there’s a post waiting to be approved and we’ll get that posted.

So, yeah.  Sometimes things really suck…like really, really suck.  I guess, the thing is that we just have to keep trying to find that thing – whatever it is – that helps us get through it.

Month of the Macabre Last Week: The Conjuring

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For one last time before Halloween, cue music…

That’s right, BOILS and GHOULS, as our friend the Crypt Keeper would say.  Halloween is nearly upon us.  And that means a wrap-up to our Month of the Macabre for the Pierre Berton Resource Library’s Movie Break program.

To cap everything off on a fine Halloween afternoon, we’ll be screening The Conjuring tomorrow at 2:45pm.  Based on ‘real events’, it’s a true haunted house/ghost hunter type of story.

So spend an afternoon before your ghoulish activities getting in the mood with a creepy chiller.  Hope to see you there.


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Month of the Macabre Week 4: Warm Bodies

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And again, cue music…

Noticing a theme with my posts?  Something along the lines of spooky anthology shows?  You can’t get much scarier than The Twilight Zone.  Though more Sci Fi based than horror, and with lots of commentary lurking behind each story, a trip to the Zone can still scare the heck out of you on the right night.  Much like what we’re trying to accomplish with our continuing saga of the Month of the Macabre Movie Break programs here at the Pierre Berton Resource Library.

*clears throat and puts on best Rod Serling voice*

Submitted for your approval; a world ravaged by a zombie outbreak, with humans forced into isolated strongholds while the infected undead roam the larger cityscapes.  One of those undead, a young man known only as R, is about to cross baths with the woman of his dreams…though she is very much alive and he is, for all intents and purposes, dead.  Can their comedic and horrifying bond be sustained amongst a world divided?  Perhaps it can…in the Twilight Zone.

That’s this Friday at 2:45pm.  Just a little over a week before Halloween.  Try to hold in the creepiness until then smile face icon

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