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Quidditch At The Library Update

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Yes she can Oliver, yes she can. And she just did.

Due to the likelihood of the heavens opening up above our heads and chucking lightning bolts at anything that moves the Quidditch Match today has been cancelled. The new date for the tournament will be announced in the near future.

HOWEVER all is not lost. There are still prizes to be won and a major photo-op to be had. The Daily Prophet has been all a-buzz (or a hoot in this case) as to just who will be Apparating into Kleinburg at 2:00 pm and it seems that the Dark Lord himself will be passing through the area.

Yes you read that right. Voldemort is coming.

Today was not the day to leave my wand at home.

So grab those cameras, double check your wands, shake out those House scarves because it’s not every day you get the chance to take a Selfie with He Who Must Not Be Named.

Most. Awkward. Hug. Ever.voldemort Photo

Quidditich At The Library!

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fc,550x550,creme PhotoOi! You Lot!


See there’s this game called Quidditch. Some people call it the Sport Of Wizards. Others call it a Way of Life.

Now me? I’m what you call a Quaffle Hound. I see a hoop, I guard that hoop, and heaven help the sorry sod who tries to score a point on my watch. Yep, I’m a Keeper. (wink)

But this isn’t about me now. It’s about you. All of you. Ever wonder what it’d be like to try your hand at chasing Quaffles across a pitch? What about dodging bludgers at a high velocity with only one hand to keep you and your team mates in glory and not sprawled face first in the turf? How about that illusive little golden pest called the Snitch? Ever tried to catch one? Ever wanted to?

Well, now’s your chance!

The Quidditch Tourney is going down tomorrow afternoon. Now it’s more of a scrum than a full-on International Universal Quidditch Match for a single important reason. Broken bones and cracked skulls will be avoided at all costs. So not crazy antics or head-on collisions.

Here are the particulars that you need to know before I go any further.

Location: Kleinburg Library

Date: Tuesday August 11th, 2015

Time: 3:00-3:30

Where: To be played in the field behind the library

B.Y.O.B: This event is a BYOB (BRING YOUR OWN BROOM) If you forget then expect to fly on a pool noodle. You have been warned.

go slytherin love oliver baston oliver wood quidditch 296037 Photo***IMPORTNAT NOTICE*** Now it calls for some serious rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. Bring a change of clothes, shoes, towels just to be on the safe side. If lightning is in the sky then we will have to postpone the match for another day.

Now, there’s something else that you need to know. There will be a random draw for a very Potter specific prize. But that’s not all. Whoever comes decked out in their Hogwarts House colours and really impresses the flying robes off the Ref (aka Me) they have a chance to win a different prize. I wonder what it could be? Also if you come early you’ll have the chance to see the younger crowd scuff their brooms for the first time in Kiddie Quidditch and hollers of support are always a welcomed bonus.

****THIS JUST IN: I’ve just received an owl that tomorrow’s event will be entertaining a very special guest. Someone from the Wizarding World will be Apparating into the library between 2:00 and 2:30. A representative from the Daily Prophet has informed me that the Muggle device known as Camera should be utilized to the utmost advantage. Translation: Major Photo Opportunity.

So tape up those broom handles, lace up the cleats, don your team colours and get your House Pride on because tomorrow we’re getting our Quidditch on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Teen Summer Reading Challenge: Challenge Met, but it is STILL ON!

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photo fireworks_gif.gif data-

We asked you guys to collectively read over 500 000 pages and YOU DID IT!  As of this posting we are up to 510 110 pages in total.  You guys totally rock!

So does that mean you should stop reading?  Pffffft, HECK NO!  It is still ON people!


We are still looking for our top reader of the summer AND the more pages you read the more your name goes into the draw for the grand prize, an iPad Mini.  So keep devouring those books (not literally!) and keep reading your favorites and new favorites over the next few weeks.  We’re going until August 30th.

5552702 orig Photo

500 000+ pages.  AMAZING!

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Can You Read Half A Million….Pages?

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GooniesHEY YOU GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS! (If you’ve never seen the Goonies before check it out and watch it like now. Trust me. Best. Summer. Movie. EVER!!!!)

Anyways, guess what? No seriously. Guess.


You read that right. The annual “read ‘em till you can’t read no more” bonanza is back and this time it’s better than ever. This year we at VPL (Vaughan Public Libraries) are challenging YOU (the collective you as in all of you) to come together and read 500,000 pages. That’s half a million if my mathematic skills are correct.

But why half a million?

Well, it’s a pretty big number see? It’s got a lot of zeros see? And saying that the Teens of Vaughan read half a million pages in two months is bragging rights for all see? There’s this thing called an iPad Mini that’s up for grabs to one lucky reader see? All worthwhile endeavors.


I thought you’d be.

Alright, hold those horses until I give you all of the particulars about this epic community read-a-thon. Here are some things you need to know:

1. You do not have to read 500,000 pages on your own. The goal is for ALL teens across Vaughan to read a TOTAL of 500,000 pages by the end of the summer (August 30th)

2. For every 100 pages that you read you earn 1 ballot that will go into our iPad draw. Meaning: The more you read the better your chances are of winning!

3. The contest is open for teens 13-18 years old (12 if you’re turning 13 in 2015).

4. Every week you can try your hand at the Guessing the Cover contest for a chance to win a prize pack.

5. In order to win you need to create an account on the contest page and submit your pages throughout the summer. ESP does not count people! We’re librarians, not psychics! Well….we could be psychic librarians…..

And that’s it! Pretty easy peasy super simple no? Excellent. After all these five hundred thousand pages are not going to read themselves you know.

Well then what are you all waiting for? GET READING PEOPLE!
Hocus Pocus gif

So long, farewell….

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spark of vivacity

…and this is the end, there ain’t no more.

For those of you that I’ve known over the past years (and to those of you I’ve never met – either in-person or otherwise), a great goodbye to you!

see you later