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A Night to Dismember A.K.A Zombie Prom

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A night to dismember

On Saturday October 15th at 7pm the Pleasant Ridge Library will be hosting A Night to Dismember. Get your “prom-posals” ready because this is like a real prom. With suits, prom dresses, corsages, dancing, but all with a bit of a zombie flare! There will be a DJ and dancing, Zombie themed activities including trivia and the Thriller dance, and at the end we will crown the zombie king and queen. Food! Did I mention food? No not just brains, we’ll have pizza, drinks and snacks. Sound awesome? Either contact the library at 905-653-7323 or email me to reserve your spot. It’s FREE!



New Program – Teen Issues Council

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Teen Issues Council is a new program being piloted at the Bathurst Clark Resource Library and Civic Centre Resource Library locations. Teen Issues Council is for teens 13+. We will discuss issues that matter to teens in an open and safe environment. Teens will gain public speaking skills, presentation skills and even debating skills. A librarian will be present at the meetings to guide teens to authoritative sources and also to help teens set up community speakers to present at their sessions. We are hoping that you will be able to promote this program to clubs in your school as well as in the guidance office. It will be held every Thursday night 7:00 – 8:30pm at Bathurst Clark and 3:30-5:00pm at Civic Centre. They can register either by emailing me @ (please let me know which one you want to join) or calling 905-653-7323 and asking to speak to the information desk.

Teen Summer Reading Challenge End of Summer Party: Escape the Library 2

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GoPro winner

GoPro winner

Howdy Teens,


As many of you know we held an after hours event for the end of the Teen Summer Reading Challenge: Mission Impossible (TSRC). It was held at the Civic Centre Resource library on September 3rd. Twenty-five enthusiastic teens descended on the library from 7 – midnight to test their escape room skills. There were three different rooms; The Dojo, The Library (of course) and Declaration House. For a teen perspective on this event have a look at Katia’s blog post.

On September 3rd we also presented the TSRC grand prize to the draw winner Beata. Congratulations Beata!

We are starting a mailing list for teens who want to know about upcoming events, programs and services. If you would like to be on the list please email me :

That’s all for now folks!


Pokemon League @ CCRL starting Today!

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Hey Pokefans,

Lonnie from the Library here, better known as Pokemon Professor Freedman (that’s a real rank, I passed a test for it).


Starting September 8 at the new Civic Centre Resource Library, we are holding a Pokemon League every other Thursday from 6pm-7:30pm! The schedule for the next three months is:

Sept. 8 & 22

Oct. 6 & 20

Nov. 3 & 17

If you have Pokemon Cards, old or new, bring them with you and battle other players to win free cards! If you don’t know how to play, no problem, we’ll teach you. If you don’t have cards, no worries, you can borrow the library’s decks. Be sure to bring your 3DS to battle other trainers too or play Pokemon Go in the library — the #pokepossibilities are endless.

See you trainers then!


Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)

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Glass SwordGlass Sword, picks up right where it’s predecessor Red Queen left off. Our heroine Mare Barrow, lives in a world where the colour of your blood determines your status. People with red blood, like Mare, live in poverty and harsh conditions. People with silver blood on the other hand, live in excessive luxury. They don’t have to fight in the war, while the Reds get conscripted when they come of age. However, the main reason why the Silvers believe that they are above the Reds, is the fact that they are born with powerful, supernatural abilities. The Silver Queen Elara, for example, is able to control people’s actions, while her son Maven is able to manipulate fire. The world accepts this power unbalance unquestioningly, until the discovery of Mare. Mare has red blood, but posses Silver-like powers. She can create and manipulate lightning, which, in the eyes of the ruling Silver class, is detrimental to the social order that they’ve worked so hard to create. While on the run from the Silver crown, Mare discovers that there are others like her, more people with red blood and Silver abilities. So, she enlists the help of The Scarlet Guard, a rebel group who aims to overthrow the Silvers, to find and protect these “newbloods,” as they have come to be known.

What I enjoy most about this series, is the world that it takes place in. The Kingdom of Norta is described so well, that it’s very easy to picture it in your mind. Aveyard also narrates the story in a beautiful way, with lots of great imagery and smart dialogue.

Glass Sword quite similar to a lot of other YA books that are on the market right now, so if you are a fan of them, I’d definitely recommend giving the Red Queen series a shot.