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Week of Geek: I’M BACK! So what did I miss?

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Greetings once again Geeklings!

Sorry for the Radio Silence.  Been off the last couple of weeks.  But just because I take a vacay doesn’t mean the rest of the world does.  So, since I’m sure you’re all busy settling in to March Break fun and whatnot, allow me to quickly throw a bunch of stuff at you.

New trailers (yay!).  We’ve got Tomorrowland

Inside Out

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Hotel Transylvania 2

Netflix’s Daredevil series …

And in theatres right now there’s the one-two punch of Cinderella

And the short preceding it, Frozen Fever


‘Course you can!  Have fun this week and stay tuned for more fan-related news heading your way smile face icon

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Animation Station: Foxy Animation in 2D

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Colour? Anthromorphic characters? Music? Flare? Is that 2D hand drawn animation?

*jaw drops with a clang*

For the love of cheese toast and fries! I haven’t seen something like this since…since…before Pixar won all the Oscars! It’s so beautiful. I can’t even right now. Just let me love this on repeat!

The animator and her team made this amazing video….for fun.

My mind is just blown away by the amount of time, effort, frustration and creativity that went into creating this little slice of heaven. I can’t stand the Kesha music video but this one makes me want to get up and dance through the stacks flipping my hair like I just don’t care. Such emotion, energy, and motion. And it’s all hand drawn!

Now I need to watch favourite old school 2D animation of my youth. Like Treasure Planet, Lilo & Stitch, Anastasia, Animaniacs, Land Before Time, and The Last Unicorn. Also check out The Secret Of Kells to witness the new evolution of beautiful 2D animation. It will astound you.

Random Fandom Presents: Hail the Mighty Dinklage!

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Game of Thrones. You have heard of it, right?

Dragons, battles, political power plays, giant dire wolves, throne made of swords, Sean Bean not making it past the first season, Khaleesi…you’ve heard of it.

Everyone who has any sort of emotional connection or interest to the Song Of Ice And Fire Series knows that to become attached to a character is to set yourself up for a world of hurt. Author George R.R. Martin is infamous for Grim Reapering just about everybody he puts down on paper. And it’s not just the bit-part players. Mighty king, lowly serf, gallant warrior, scary-as-heck villain, fire breathing winged terror, protagonist, antagonist, fore-runner and filler, no one is safe.

With one exception.

Now that’s a theme song that makes for a fantastic ringtone. But it will get stuck in your head on loop for the next six hours. You’re welcome.

Peter Dinklage (also known as Tyrion Lannister in the television series) is the one reason why I bother trying to make sense of anything in the Martinverse. It’s not just the character (who ranks somewhere on my “Top Ten Fictional Men Who Actually Have A Personality And Know How To Use It” list) but also the actor who brings him to life. Peter Dinklage has Tyrion’s portrayal down to a science and he could honestly run circles around CGI dragons and make it look good. So many memorable moments are attributed to him.  Like this. Or this. Oh and especially this. (Warning: Spoilers ahead)

I could watch those all day.

Everything and anything related to the Game of Thrones television and book series can be found HERE. I had no idea that there was even a graphic novel series but any chance to look at more dragons and dire wolves is not to be passed up. Read more…

Week of Geek Bonus: Valentine, be my Player 2

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Hey Geeklings

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Whether coupled up, gloriously single, hanging with pals, significant others, family, pets or if you just like lots of pink, red and chocolate, here’s hoping it’s an awesome day!

<3 smile face icon

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Week of Geek: New Avengers: AOU Trailer, plus Superheroines to watch

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It’s okay Hawkeye, we still love you!  Even if your weapon of choice hasn’t been regularly used in battle for a good few centuries smile face icon  You make it work!

Speaking of which, a little something came online on Jan 12th.  Without further ado…


So some pretty awesome stuff, including more footage of the Hulk Buster armor (sooooo stoked to see that!).  The trailer’s got quite a few sites scrambling for comic theories due to the split-second appearances of two women (one seen by what appears to be an underground lake, and one that can barely be seen behind Thor, apparently attacking him with lightning).  There are plenty of theories about this (click on this link to MovieWeb for a more detailed rundown), but I’ll give you the cliffs notes version.  Most people are speculating that the woman by the lake (and the appearance of Andy Serkis, who most fans agree is likely playing villain Ulysses Klaw, though Serkis’ character has not officially been revealed yet, so don’t quote me) may have something to do with the inevitable introduction of the Black Panther and the fictional nation of Wakanda.  So who is she?  One of the Dora Milaje?  Shuri?  Some have argued she’s Death herself, though that doesn’t make much sense to me.  And what about the woman behind Thor, possibly wearing green?  Moondragon?  Hela? (Boy, that would make for some family drama in the next Thor movie)  Enchantress?  SO MANY QUESTIONS!  And no answers until May smile face icon

But with these new head-scratchers, plus the introduction of the Scarlet Witch and a possible hint we’ll see more of Black Widow’s past, AOU’s got me thinking about all the butt-kicking women unveiled in Marvel and elsewhere.  There are some up-and-comers to watch, so let me break it down…

Firstly, have you seen Agent Carter yet?  ’Cause it’s AWESOME!  And Carter’s going to make an appearance in AOU in a flashback.  She’s kicking the patriarchy in the 1940s right where it hurts.

Then there’s my new favorite comic series, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

the unbeatable squirrel girl erica henderson concept art 108686 Photo

The first issue was just released last week.  I’ve read it, and I love it.  Marvel took one of it’s lesser known characters, someone who’s a bit of a joke amongst comic fans, and gave her a brand new, really funny series about Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl starting college and trying to maintain a secret identity while still fighting crime.  BTW, she’s ‘unbeatable’ because, despite her squirrel powers sounding a bit silly (OK, really silly) she’s stood her ground against villains like Doctor Doom, MODOK and even Thanos.  Plus, for this new series, illustrator Erica Henderson draws Doreen as, you know, an actual human woman instead of the airbrushed supermodels that often populate the superheroine and villainess ranks in comics.  Brava!

And, just to prove I’m not completely biased towards Marvel (I swear I’m not!), there’s the new TV series iZombie, due March 17th and inspired by the DC comic of the same name.  It features Liv (get it? ‘Live’?), a med student who now “lives” as part zombie and works at the coroners office to feed on brains…which, incidentally, gives her a glimpse into people’s memories and helps her solve crimes.

Super cool, huh?  It’s starting to look like the people who make these comics, shows and movies are starting to realize there are fangirls out there and we want some representation.  And it’s about time!

For a bigger look, try checking out The Secret History of Wonder Woman, the graphic novel Girl Comics or Action Chicks: New Images of Tough Women in Popular Culture.  And for a bit of an introduction to the rise of fangirls, try Geek Girls Unite: how fangirls, bookworms, indie chicks and other misfits are taking over the world or Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Lexicon of Life Hacks for the Modern Lady Geek.

Can’t wait for the Wonder Woman movie or the Captain Marvel movie.  I so wanna be part of the Carol Corps.

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Join the corps by starting here and here.  We salute you Captain!