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Music for your weekend; A Cappella style with Pentatonix

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Since the weekend’s coming, and it’s time to crank some tunes, here’s a mostly a cappella group you may have heard of before and might want to give more of a listen to.  Here’s Pentatonix.

If you’d like to hear more, put a hold on their albums here.  And for a great movie featuring a cappella groups you can’t go wrong with Pitch Perfect (and then listen to the soundtrack by placing a hold here and here).

Acca-believe it!

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Week of Geek: #wewantwidow gets worlwide flash mob

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The weekend before last, the power of fangirldom took on a whole new level, and this blogger could not be more proud.

#wewantwidow is a movement that began online not too long ago.  It was inspired, as you may have guessed, by the Black Widow, Marvel’s high-profile Avenger portrayed on screen by Scarlett Johansson.  The hashtag was born not just out of fans’ long-time desire to see Widow in her own film (that’s been a long, winding road, let me tell ya), but from the fact that fans noticed pretty quickly that the hordes of Avengers merchandise that was released around the time Age of Ultron came out in theatres had almost nothing to do with Widow.  The rest of team was portrayed on t-shirts, bags, toys, etc. but even when the team was shown as a group, Widow was often nowhere to be seen.  It’s part of an ongoing problem with marginalizing female characters, and further proof that Marvel may just not know what to do with the character.  (There was a great article on Entertainment Weekly about it here).  Regardless, fans were not happy, and when fans aren’t happy, you hear about it.

Well, on June 6th, we heard about it.  And in one of the most awesome ways possible.  Try a worldwide flash mob, held in order to bring awareness to everyone’s favorite red-headed super spy.  Fans got together at various places on the same day and snapped pictures of themselves in their best Widow gear.  Red hair and spy suits EVERYWHERE!

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Click on the links to see more photos, but CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  How awesome is this?

So while it can safely be said that the fans have spoken, the question remains, what’s the future for this character?  Though both Marvel and DC are releasing female headlined movies in the next few years, and Widow will definitely be around (seeing as how she’ll be in Civil War, along with pretty much everyone else), still no talk of her getting her own movie and who knows what the merch will look like when Civil War arrives, seeing as how Cap and Iron Man will be the headliners of that one.  Do you guys think this sort of display by the fans, however awesome, and the online chatter will have any kind of impact on the people who make the movies?  Post away in the comments, ’cause I know you got ‘em.

And we can bask in some butt-kicking awesomeness by rewatching all of Widow’s movies, starting with Iron Man 2, then The Avengers, then Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and then when we inevitably get Age of Ultron.  And we got graphic novels.  My gosh, do we have graphic novels.  Kick things off with Black Widow: Deadly Origins, then peruse the always entertaining team-up of Captain America and Black Widow then dive into the current comic storyline with Black Widow Vol. 1: Finely Woven Threads.

(And while we all eagerly anticipate the 2nd season of Agent Carter, we can all bask in the feels knowing that Hayley Atwell will be in Toronto for Fan Expo!)

And keep your eyes peeled this fall, as it’s been announced that Marvel is publishing a brand new YA series featuring Natasha, starting with Black Widow: Forever Red.  She may not be getting her own movie anytime soon, but she’s definitely not going away.  And the fans clearly don’t want her to.

Until next time, End of Line.

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Christopher Lee: the Man, the Myth, the Legend

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Christopher LeeToday it was announced that the legendary actor Sir Christopher Lee has passed away.

Now I could write a twenty-page summary as to why this man was truly an Epic Legend Among Modern Men but it would take me all night to write it. There is just too much stuff that has happened throughout his life that it almost seems impossible, like he could be a main character in a Dark Horse comic series or something.

Here’s why…

- was a member of the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (think Kingsmen only in real life)

-fought in the Second World War

- could probably kill someone ten different ways in the amount of time it would take you to sneeze (real life James Bond)

-flipped off his desk job to become an actor because why sit when he could act

-married for 53 years

-world champion fencer who did all his own stunts

-only person to play both Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes

-only person to appear in more films than anyone in the history of ever

-is considered the reigning king of Vampire actors with his portrayal of Count Dracula

-known for his ionic roles of unforgettable villains in numerous film franchises such as Bond Villain, Supernatural Monster, Evil Scientist, Sith Lord, Middle Earth Wizard to name a few

-worked alongside Hollywood Legends that no longer walk this earth and became one himself

-had a sword fight with Errol Flynn once and had his hand slashed open…if he ever was in a Pirates movie Johnny Depp, his stunt doubles, and everyone else in the film would never have stood a chance

-was a die-hard Tolkien fan (sniff)

-wrote a book about British History

-could speak more languages than I can count on one hand

-recorded a heavy metal album about Charlemagne when he was 88. Yes he could wield the Metal as easily as the Force. You will never listen to X-Mas music the same way again.

The list just goes on and on and on and on.

Yes he will be missed but his legend will continue. Some day it’ll probably grow into an epic saga that will be sung in ballad form by future metal-heads in space.

This man has my deepest and utmost respect.

Rock in Peace Mr. Lee. \m/

Pop Culture Discussion Question: Who’s Your Disney Persona?

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Disney logoSitting on the information desk, typing away, I have one ear tuned to the movie that is currently being screened in the Reading Room at the library. It’s a Disney movie, old school style with 2D animation and clever voice work. You may have heard of it. It’s a fun spotted number called 101 Dalmatians. Talking dogs, an iconic villainess in furs, and two bumbling lackeys who just can’t seem to get the job done. A good time to be had by all to be sure.

So it got me thinking.

If you could be/or voice any Disney animated character ever created who would it be? And why?

There are countless of “Disney Quizzes” online that can help you narrow things down however they only deal with only a small amount of characters. So think long and hard about this. Hand-drawn or digital? Villain or Hero? Talking animal or singing human? Side-kick or main character? Who would you be? Please share in the comments!

Maximus TangledAs for myself I am Maximus from Tangled.  He and I are both masters of the “Arched Eyebrow of ORLY” and the “Judging You Stare”.  Nothing comes between us and our goals. Especially if those goals are food related. Bad guys beware. (Snort)

Disney Broadway Airport Weather Delay Sing Off!

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A little something to perk up your weekend.  Basically, this is what happens when Broadway cast members from The Lion King and Aladdin get stuck at an airport together and are on a weather delay.  They SING!  And freestyle rap, in the case of the Genie.  Enjoy!

Oh yeah!

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