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Fictionality: The Master Plan for Tackling the Hard Stuff That Life Throws At You

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Hello folks! Hope all is well across the Netscape and that you are geared up to enjoy the holiday break coming up. T’is the season to sit back, relax, and catch up on all that reading you haven’t done because homework, Fallout 4, and Star Wars have laid claimed to what free time you did have. We’ve all been there. The books have missed you.

Speaking of books, I can now finally unveil to you my master plan for world domination via the usage of literary characters!!!!!

Wait…hang on…wrote that out wrong. Okay, let’s try this again. Ahem.

Speaking of books…I can now finally present to you Fictionality: The Master Plan for Tackling the Hard Stuff That Life Throws At You via the Usage of Literary Characters!

Much better.

Come the new year, also known as 2016 Year of the Nerd/Endless Possibilities, I will be posting a six-part blog series that will deal with issues. Major issues. Ones you may have heard of, experienced yourself, or know of someone who is dealing with them. I’m talking Real Life stuff that you whisper about on anonymous social media apps but can never get any sound advice or answers to those questions people are too afraid to ask out loud in Real Time. Why? Because it needs to be said.

Believe it or not the Library is a place where the Knowledge of the Universe is kept. In this place of the sacred understanding of space, time, and all things of this world librarians have access to information outlets that go above and beyond whatever Google can bring up. Open a book and words are there. Dive into a database and the outlook is infinite. Questions that have always been harbored in the back of your mind, or under your bed, can now come forward and be answered. I’m just going to be the one to hold open the door and let the breeze in.

So what is with the Usage of Literary Characters then?

Good question. Each subject discussed will be represented by a fictional character. Some you may already know of. Others you may not. Each one is a literal representation of the issue at hand. Through them words take on a clearer meaning and can be easily relatable because who on this rock we call Earth doesn’t have a fictional character or ten that they see and value as a close personal friend? Friends that you can trust and who always have your back even if they only exist in the realms of your imagination.

Me? I’ve got an entire Lord Of The Rings sized cast taking up residence in my brain matter. They are my version of a Patronus that I conjure up whenever Life throws a hand-grenade my way. I’ve slogged through that barbed wired stretch of No Man’s Land that exists from the moment when Things Get Real Due To Getting Older so I’m sending over some experienced reinforcements to help you navigate whatever pitfalls may lay in your path and they will be bringing along information you can access from the library, your keyboard, and even your smartphone. And I’m pretty sure that they have some funny stories to tell along the way.

So without further ado I’d like to introduce to you a few close fictional friends of mine and the important and sometimes difficult issues that they will help me tackle in the telling of it all. Meet…

-Toothless: Bared Teeth, Bold Heart (Bullying/Cyber Bullying)

-Fili: Learning to Rule (School/Careers/Personal Finances)

-Scrat to Skywalker: Attack of the Stress Squirrel (Stress/Stress Management)

-Gandalf: The Battle with the Balrog (Depression/Mental Illness)

Inigo Montoya: Waiting for Vizzini (Anxiety/Social Stigma)

Regina: Forging the Dragon Lady (Self-Esteem/Self-Actualization)




Week of Geek Holiday Edition: The Festive Season on the Satellite of Love

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Hello again Geeklings.

Well, the holiday season is in full swing yet again.  Hanukkah is this week.  Christmas is just over 2 weeks away.  Kwanzaa is just after that.  Star Wars is just over a week away (yes, I’m counting it).  December is a magical month, my friends; a time to celebrate, take stock of one year as it comes to a close and welcome a new, to see family and friends and to just have good old-fashioned fun.  My favorite time of the year 😉

But I’ve noticed that this year there seems to be two fandoms kinda dominating my Festive Season.  One I’ll save for next week (though I’m thinking you can all probably guess what it is). The other one being Mystery Science Theater 3000, which as I’m sure you recall I’ve spoken about a few times lately.  Actually it was about this time last year that I first became a MSTie (that’s pronounced ‘misty’, and is the generally accepted term for MST3k fans), holed up with a cold right before Christmas and watching their take on Santa Claus Conquers the Martians in order to console myself.  And boy did it ever.  I’ve loved the series ever since.

Well this is the final week of their Kickstarter campaign to bring it back.  As of right now they’ve raised over 75% of their goal, and are hoping to get enough for a full 12 episodes by the end of the day on Friday.  It has been so fascinating and exciting to watch this over the last few weeks.  To watch as each goal was met, how the new cast and writers came into play, the epic Turkey Day marathon, and just the fan love that has emerged here.  So much love!  If that doesn’t say Holiday Season, I don’t know what does.

So in honor of the season and their epic last week of launching the Satellite of Love back into orbit I thought I’d post a couple of the ‘carols’ MST3K has come up with over the years.  The first one comes from their classic 1991 screening of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.  Crow uses his favorite movie as inspiration to get Joel and everyone else on the Satellite into the holiday spirit.

The second one comes from their 1993 screening of 1959s Santa Claus.  In this one Mike and the Bots try their darndest to be all inclusive.

So sign out those MST3K DVDS we have here at VPL, stay tuned on their YouTube page, check back next week for the OTHER fandom making it a jolly holiday in 2015 and until next time, End of Line.

Music Minute: Andrea Bocelli

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There are times when music has the ability to surprise you to no end. Other times it just blows you straight into the stratosphere and you end up orbiting the planet with the likes of Major Tom and the Beatles. And then a singer will appear and the moment they start to sing the world kind of slows down and you forget what is going on because you suddenly find yourself lost in a song.

This is one of those kind of moments. Absolute stillness while soaring high above it all.

Italian operatic superstar Andrea Bocelli (He of the Legendary Vocal Projection) has released his newest album called Cinema on which he has taken on some of the most beautiful songs to come from the Silver Screen and put his own spin to them. He solos, he soars, he sighs, he smiles, and he even does a wonderful duet with Ariana Grande called E Più Ti Penso (The More I Think Of You) to the tune of the great spaghetti western Once Upon A Time In America. Take a listen.

Not bad my friends, not bad at all.

However this album comes with an Epic that brings the album to a close. I do not use that term lightly. I have been blasting this song on repeat in my car for three days straight because the sound quality makes me feel as if Maximus is going to come charging down the highway at a dead gallop leading a legion of Roman cavalry.


When you listen use headphones and make sure the volume is on high for maximum vocal experience. There is only one way to listen to this song and that way is Eleven. Now VPL does not have the album in yet but it’s coming and when it does arrive make sure to check it out!

(I wonder if anyone called Russell Crowe to tell him that John Travolta just cameo-crashed his theme song?)

Week of Geek: Pentatonix CRUSHES the Star Wars theme

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Acapella group Pentatonix, who I’ve discussed a little before in this very blog, had a pretty awesomely epic and thoroughly geeky moment this last weekend at the American Music Awards.  In honor of the upcoming release of a little movie you may have heard about called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pentatonix brought their instrument-free musical stylings to the original films classic score…before being joined by a full orchestra.  The whole thing gave me chills and made me even MORE excited for the new movie.  Let’s watch…

WOW!  A truly awesome moment for fans of music, Star Wars and movie soundtracks alike.

Also, LOVE the outfits they wore.

Stay tuned for more Star Wars news as it develops, and don’t forget to sign up for Escape the Library, coming this week!  Until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek: The return of MST3K and why you should care

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Wazzup geeklings?  Happy Friday the 13th!

Anyone remember how last holiday season I posted a little something about an obscure cult TV show called Mystery Science Theater 3000?  What?  You don’t?  OK, that’s fair.

Well guess what?  THEY’RE BRINGING IT BACK!

Or they’re going to try to, anyway.  Announced just this last Tuesday, the creators of the show are hoping to make new episodes through the awesome power of crowd funding.  They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign, as many artsy types looking to make a movie or show are doing these days, to reach a certain goal to start with, and then if more money comes in they’ll create more episodes.

Here’s the amazing, mind-blowing thing.  This campaign has been live for, oh, four days or so.  Know how much they’ve raised?  Their original goal is 2 million dollars.  As of the time of my writing this they’re at over 1 million 6 hundred thousand!  In four days!  And there’s still 28 days to go in the campaign.  This is the power of fandom, geeklings.  If we love something we will find a way to bring it back!  And if this keeps going, I think it’ll be pretty clear that the fans have spoken and we want this back!

So why should you guys care?  Well, aside from what I talked about in my holiday post, or the fact that MST3K constantly makes lists of top cult shows, it made Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Best TV Shows.  Basically, if you’re fans of sarcasm, glib remarks, gentle ribbing, zingers and just snarky commentary in general, and you like to take it with a dose of sci fi, this show is SO for you!  They do whole Thanksgiving marathons of it in the states!  It’s tradition!

This is internet and YouTube commentary before either of those were things.

Want to give it a try and hop aboard the Satellite of Love?  We here at VPL have got you covered.  We have two DVD collections featuring episodes covering such classic films as The Leech Woman, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die and Future War.  We also have the feature-length movie, ’cause yay!  And you can find a few episodes on their official YouTube page (I watched The Lost Continent the other night; stock-motion dinosaurs, the guy who would eventually play the Joker on Adam West’s Batman and so much rock climbing.  S’awesome!).

It’s a good week for snark, geeklings, and until next time, End of Line.