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Random Vids: Cookie Monster and friends…

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You know what I like?  Cookies.  (Though, really, who doesn’t?)

You know who else likes cookies?  Cookie Monster.  You remember him, right?  The adorable blue guy from Sesame Street who loves cookies more than anything in the whole world?

So in honor of it being Saturday and in the spirit of randomness, here’s some vids featuring our favorite cooking-munching monster.  He learns, he tries new things and he, eventually, gets the cookie.

Week of Geek: I didn’t choose the Fandom Life…

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Hello again Geeklings.

How’d you spend your weekend?  Family stuff?  Friend-hanging-out?  Homework?  Movies/TV/reading/gaming, etc?

Well, I just got back from Toronto Comic Con this weekend.  S’awesome!  I saw both Rob Liefeld (creator of Deadpool) and Jason Isaacs (Lucious Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, starting with this one, as well as many other things) in Q&As.  I saw a couple of great panels on Cosplay.  And I got SO MANY buttons!  It was a good weekend 😉

And, as these events so often do, it got me thinking about the Fandom Life.  Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I do have a little first-hand knowledge of it by this point.  The fandom life is an interesting one.  It involves a lot of love, a lot of passion and a lot of time.  It defines your quiet moments, hanging out on Pinterest or Tumblr or YouTube, or putting on a movie or TV show you’ve been dying to watch.  It can be a major part of your social life, going to movie debuts, holding viewing parties, joining bookclubs or going to conventions or exhibits.  Many would say that the fandom life is not one they chose but one that chose them (I say that too).

One of my favorite expressions when talking about my geeky interests has always been “It’s not just a passion, it’s a lifestyle.”  And it is.  Between the communities that exist online, the many ways you can wear and use things with your fandoms on it (I’m drinking from a Kylo Ren mug as we speak), the events and clubs, the new movies, shows and books that are constantly being released…it’s a full on lifestyle.  And that’s why we look at non fans and wonder what exactly fills their days (but don’t worry, you can be a fan of lots of things; sports, nature, ceramics, whatevs).

Is the fandom life always an easy and fun road?  Nope.  Hate to break it to you, but definitely not.  You’re basically at the mercy of those who create your fandoms.  Your favorite show could be cancelled.  Your favorite series could end.  Your favorite ship could break up.  Your favorite characters could leave.  Your favorite characters could (please no!) die.  Anything could happen that could bring about a wave of feels.

Plus it could feel kinda lonely, on account of the reactions of people IRL (In Real Life).  It’s hard when you absolutely love something and the people around you couldn’t care less about it, or worse think you’re bizarre for having such strong reactions to it.  Thankfully we have the internet to help with that, and you can often find a community there, which then translates to real life as you go to conventions and other events.  But there’s a reason why the old stereotypes of geeks had them holed up in basements.  It’s because the people in our immediate vicinity didn’t get it, and before the internet came along we had to keep mum about those things we loved that others thought were weird.  Thank heavens it’s a bit better now.

But, regardless, this kinda life fits me like a glove.  And I’m willing to wager that everyone has at least ONE fandom.  Even if it’s just a casual love, just something to do while you’re hanging out in between homework or sports or friends or whatnot.  Come on!  At least one show or book that makes you smile nice and wide.  You’re thinking of it right now, aren’t you?

I could list my fandoms, but then we’d be here all night…  Well… Should I…?  Meh, maybe just the top current ones (yes, they wax and wane, just like any other interest).  Let’s see, I’m a (in no particular order and with varying degrees of obsession)…

Gryffindor, SpringfielderWhovian, Jedi (not-so-secretly Sith), Trekker (2nd generation), Sherlockian, Hunter, Night Valian, DC/Marvel Girl, FannibalFaller, Crystal Gem, Ringer, Pegasister, fledgling Phantomhive

*whew*  Yep, that’s all i can think of off the top of my head.  But those are just a few from the master list.  Believe me, I’ve got plenty in my back pocket, and they can pop back out at any time.  ANY TIME!  (Just the other night I did a quick out-loud ‘woo!’ in the middle of a super grown-up meeting because the guy running it made a reference to The Princess Brideso, really, the meeting couldn’t have been that super grown-up).

And a fandom you’re a part of can be HUGE or it can be a party of one.  It’s all about whatever strikes your fancy.  What fandom/fandoms are you into?  Or even just what are you a fan of?  Post away in the comments section.

Check out this list on PaperFury about the different types of fangirls (could also apply to fanboys too).  Which category do you fall under?  It’s many for me.  I’d say I’m a good mix of Creative Crumpet, Repeat Offender, Recruiter (be careful with that; you could freak newbies out if you come on too strong), Fandom Collector and Offended Defender.  And in some situations I gotta be a Part Time Fan or a Closet Nerd, not often but sometimes.

A few last words of wisdom, for what they’re worth; everyone’s fandom is valid.  Skip the fandom drama and remember that what speaks to someone is as unique and awesome as the someone themselves.  Be kind, be understanding, and remember that as long as no one’s hurting anybody, it’s all good.  Remember, our love of fandoms is what unites fans, not necessarily the fandoms themselves.  *big pile of hugs*

And check out some books on the subject here, here and here; the first two include some helpful tips on how to find other fans.  Until next time, you geeky people of varying degrees, End of Line.

Random Fandom Presents: Bat vs Tights

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So you may have heard that the Batman vs Superman is coming out in theatres on Friday March 25th. Fans seem to be pretty stoked for this latest installment of the DC media franchise. The last time people got to see Batman was when he brooded on skyscrapers in the Christopher Nolan Batman Origins Trilogy. (Heath Ledger you are dearly missed.) As for Superman he totalled a city in Man of Steel, not his finest hour seeing that now Bruce Wayne is gunning to bring the hurt onto Clark Kent for playing Jenga with city skyscrapers. City skyscrapers filled with people. One of which probably belonged to Wayne Enterprises.

So if you thought the previous films were dark and edgy get ready for some serious shadow play this time around because the Dark Knight is going to greyscale the blue and red as much as possible…because he’s Batman. However I have a feeling that old Tights won’t hesitate to throw his weight around a bit to prove a point. That point being he’s freaking Superman. How I pity the tax-payers of whichever city is about to get levelled to the ground next.

These two are going to have a hard time sorting out their differences but if there is one thing that everyone can take away from this dynamic duo mash-up is that no one ever listens to Edna Mode’s No Cape rule! Except for Wonder Woman. Be like Wonder Woman.

Week of Geek Bonus: The Wearin’ of the Green

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

I’m a fan of this particular holiday.  Everyone’s Irish for the day, it’s a low-key way to celebrate and we all get to wear one of my all-time favorite colors, in abundance.  So in honor of the occasion, and since capes and tights are kinda my theme this week, I thought I’d bring to light a lesser known superhero from a more… unenlightened time.

Firstly, I’ve noticed that two of the biggest Irish superheroes are both named Banshee  There’s Sean Cassidy, the Banshee of Marvel Comics.  He’s a mutant with a sonic scream that can knock things over and give him the power to fly.  His daughter, Siryn, ended up inheriting those same abilities.

Then over at DC comics, there’s the Silver Banshee.  Siobhan McDougal (or, in the New 52, Siobhan Smythe), tried to become the new leader of her clan, but an interuption of a ritual from a male rival left her in the underworld, and she could only escape by making a deal.  This let her to become the Silver Banshee, with a sonic scream, super strength and flight (plus a knack for languages, for some reason).  It’s been said she can fight Superman to a standstill; not many can say that.

But… have you ever hear of Shamrock?  No, probably not.  She was a short lived Marvel hero from the 80’s.  As a mutant, Molly Fitzgerald can affect the luck around her because (now bear with me here) she’s possessed by thousands of souls who manifest themselves as poltergeists.


She was a little… stereotypical, so she never made a big splash on the page.  But, the neat thing is that she’s popped up again since then, having retired from super heroics.  She’s been both a hairdresser and opened her own bar in New York (yeah, I know, a bar).  Bit of a tough cookie, Molly.

In spite of the narrowness of her persona, I like that Molly’s managed to bounce back.  I think she deserves a little recognition.

So, if you’re all about wearing green today, you can pick from a whole host of green-colored characters and do a little cosplay; Shamrock, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hulk, Loki, Zelda, Yoda, Geen Goblin, the Wicked Witch of the West, Poison Ivy, The Riddler.  The list goes on.

Gonna use Loki whenever I can in these posts.

And for a music moment, our pal Sarah recommends putting in a little Dropkick Murphy.

Thanks guys, and have a lucky day!

I’m Going On An Adventure And You’re Coming With Me!

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As of May 2016 this will be me…..

Middle Earth

(A rather accurate representation of me trying to make it across the full span of an international airport in order to catch a flight after three gate changes and a broken airplane. Funny story that.)

Can you guess where I’m going? It’s not a vacation. Vacations are something you take in order to unwind, relax, get caught up on your Netflix marathoning and To-Be-Read book pile that you’ve been avoiding all year. This is definitely not a vacation.

I’m going on an adventure. Correction. We’re going on an adventure. An honest-to-goodness straight out of a fantasy novel adventure. By air, by land, by sea, by horseback, and quite possibly by eagle. Six flights, seven public transit buses, a decked out party bus complete with a riotous company of hooligan dwarves, a fleet of boats, a raft, a helicopter, a horse, and a wizard will be involved at some point along the journey. Fellow book nerdlings of Vaughan, we are going to MIDDLE EARTH!!!! And Australia. But mostly Middle Earth. Which is also known as New Zealand. Where the Kiwis live. The birds, not the fruit.

So, where are we going?

GandalfNew “Middle” Zealand is a beautiful place consisting of two large islands and more mountains than you can shake a wizard staff at. And we are going to see it all.

The journey will be long (roughly 48 hours of flying time round trip) and arduous (will be sleeping in airports and catching buses at six in the morning) filled with challenges (hiking up mountains).  It will be exhausting (climbing down glaciers), not to mention creepy (meandering through caves filled with glow worms and utter darkness) and quite possibly terrifying (confronting giant spiders). At times it will probably seem unreal (running through the Shire) and downright mindblowing (touring the WETA Cave and all things Peter Jackson) but if one thing is for certain it is that it will not be boring (navigating the Misty Mountains via helicopter is going to be off the chain).

Sound like fun? Then join me as I prepare to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

But be warned this adventure is not for the faint of heart. Intense training is required in order to be fully prepared. I am not a hobbit (despite what popular opinion may say) and I do not possess the Shirelings ability to traverse hills and dales barefoot without serious leg cramping and blistering. I have signed onto a fitness regime and have spent the last week and a half breaking in my new hiking boots. I have perfected the art of limping in mud. Next on the to-do list is upping my stamina and momentum for climbing things with a pack strapped to my back. I honestly have no idea how Samwise Gamgee did it and he actually walked into Mordor. Like a boss. But getting my physical game on is only half the battle. I also need to brush up on my Tolkien, Jackson, and Shore so this is where you come in.

Join me in prepping for all things Tolkien with the following:

Watching: Fellowship of the Ring

Reading: The Hobbit, There and Back Again

Listening: The Lord of the Rings Symphony: Six Movements for orchestra & chorus

Start polishing those blades and stocking up on provisions because once we’re on the move there will be no stopping for forgotten pocket handkerchiefs. Pack your bags and stay tuned because we’re going to get lost! In the Shire! Forth Eorlingas!