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Tolkien Denied! (Banned Book Week)

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Only a wizard can wield the power of the ”You Shall Not Pass”.

Have you ever wondered about the impact your favourite piece of literature might have? All good things right? After all what could be better than a collection of written words that have the power to inspire generations and launch the imaginations of a thousand artists? Well the world is an interesting and complex place where opinions tend to vary among collective viewpoints. That being said it should come to no surprise that over the course of the existence of published works there have been a number of titles that have ended up banned, burned, challenged, or exiled for many reasons.

Thus I would like to shed a ray of phosphorescent light on the seven day stretch that libraries like to call Banned Book Week which runs from September 21 to the 28. This is the week where we acknowledge the freedom of literature and open access to information. Down with censorship and up the book count!

Speaking of which check out the Banned or Challenged Books Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century. These are just some of the titles that have ruffled feathers during the last century. As for books from the millennium and beyond…you will be very surprised to see what made the list. I know I was.

ThorinFor example, did you know that The Lord of The Rings was thought to be satanic? This was my face upon discovering just why copies of Tolkien’s life work were used to make bonfire s’mores back in 2001. You read that correctly. 2001. So yeah, that face along with a few choice words in Khuzdul.

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Week of Geek: The Star Wars animated show we may never see :(

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Hello again Geeklings.  Sorry for the lack of posting last week.  I was traipsing around Orlando trying to get my interactive wand to perform magic at the Wizarding World (I’m just gonna silently squeal with delight for a second.  Okay, we’re good).

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about Star Wars.  Not for the first time, I admit, but always a good subject to spend some mental energy on.  I just started reading Star Wars: A New Dawn, which is a prequel to the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels that I mentioned in my previous post.  With the new movies looming on the horizon, it’s only natural to dwell on that galaxy far, far away.

But here’s something you may not know about.  Have you ever heard of Star Wars: Detours?  I’m betting you haven’t.  I hadn’t until just a few weeks ago, and most people I’ve asked in person haven’t heard of it either.  So what is it?  It’s an animated comedy created by the guys from Robot Chicken and Star Wars creator George Lucas.

Yeah, you heard me.  The guys who made this, this and this worked with the creator of the series to produce more kid-friendly but still hilarious episodes featuring a loving skewering of the characters we all know.

Here’s a trailer.

You can hear a lot of the same voice actors from Robot Chicken working their magic here.  I crack up every time.

So why, you may be wondering, haven’t we heard about this before?  Is it upcoming?  Has it just not aired yet?

Well, yes and no.  You see, Seth Meyers and company, who created Robot Chicken, were working on this, chugging along, and reportedly made about 40 episodes before the whole franchise suddenly was under new management.  I think we all remember a couple of years ago when Disney bought Lucasfilm and then became the new owners of the whole Star Wars universe?  That was crazy, wasn’t it?  And then they announced a seventh movie and the world collectively lost their minds?  Pretty memorable.

So what happened with Detours?  In essence, Disney decided that with the next trilogy coming up and this opportunity to introduce Star Wars to a whole new generation, Detours just didn’t set the right tone.  If people are seeing these characters on the big screen for the first time in dramatic situations, but they’d already seen them doing hilarious things in a cartoon…well, as Meyers pointed out, would Darth Vader still be scary if you saw him trying to talk street about the Empire?

And while I can totally understand their reasoning, there’s 40 completed episodes of potential comedy gold just sitting on a shelf somewhere.  That…just doesn’t seem right.  Right?  And the question that remains is; will we ever get to see this?  After Episode 7 is released, would they consider airing it then?  Would it not be until after the new trilogy is complete?  Will it be ever?  EVER?

In the mean time, we only have YouTube clips of what might have been.

Perhaps one day.  In the mean time, there’s still Star Wars: Rebels.  Apparently that sets the right tone.

However you get your fix, be it solemn but fun space drama or hysterical genre parody, may the force be with you!  (And I’ll see you December 18, 2015).

Finito!! The Teen Summer Reading Challenge

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spark of vivacity185 Photo

Hey guys,  so summer is officially over (that went by waaaaaaaaay to quickly for me, I don’t know about you, jeez!)  Anywho, you are all now back in school, some of you have maybe started high school for the first time, some of you are now in university..Boy O Boy!  What changes!

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve now emailed our winners for the Teen Summer Reading Challenge, as well as our winners of the draws from the different contests we ran this summer.  So, check your email!!!  Fingers crossed that I emailed YOU!!!

For those crazy curious folk, our top reader managed to squeeze a grand total of 63, 152 pages this summer.  Yeah, that’s right.  WowEE!

Kudos to you all. I hope you had fun, and are kicking things off to a good start this fall at school.
Stay classy, Vaughan


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Well, it’s been a long wait.  241 days come this Saturday.  That’s 7 months and 29 days all told, counting from last December 25th to this Saturday, August 23rd.

Why am I suddenly so wistful about dates? And looking up date conversion calculators on the internet?  Because sometimes, in the life of a fangirl (or fanboy) there’s a lot of waiting for your favorite things to come back.  You learn to be patient.  Exhaustingly, hanging-on-by-your-fingernails,  hyper-aware-of-every-second-that-passes-by patient.  It’s a hard life, but a good one.

But the waiting is almost over.  THE DOCTOR IS BACK!

Okay, deep breath…which is the name of this Saturdays new episode, the first to kick off season 8 of the relaunched series and the first to officially introduce new Doctor Peter Capaldi (long story, see regeneration for clarification).  This is the first taste of Who we’ve had since last December’s Christmas episode, when previous Doctor Matt Smith bowed out of his glorious run and Capaldi stepped in, completing the latest chapter of a long running sci fi tradition.  Let’s watch again, ’cause it’s such a moment.

And now we’ll finally see the 12th doctor (13th if you count “The Day of the Doctor”) take the reigns of the TARDIS (provided he remembers how to fly it) and carry on the journey through time and space with companion/impossible girl Clara.

It would be such a weird life for a companion, wouldn’t it?  Seeing everything there is to see with a half-mad alien with hearts as big as all outdoors, only to have him change his face on you on occasion.  I’ve heard it said that companions aren’t as freaked out by the Doctor as they should be when they first meet him.  The more I watch, the more I think that’s true.  I’d probably have a heart attack if I saw the inside of the TARDIS.

But still, the Paternoster Gang is back too!  Eeeek!

So of course, details are under tight lock and key, as is show runner Steven Moffat’s way, but we do know it’ll be set in Victorian England, one of my favorite time periods ever.  Future episodes promise the return of villains the Daleks and the Cybermen.  Happy Day!

So if you’re missing previous Doctor Matt Smith, or if you’ve yet to meet the last incarnation of our hero, you can place holds on his three seasons here, here and here.  We have some new Whovian friendly books in the collection as well, including a book of quotable quotes, a graphic novel mash-up of two massive sci fi franchises, and a search-and-find that gives Where’s Waldo a run for his money.

So give a grand hurrah fellow Whovians and soon to be Whovians, the Doctor will be back in just a few days!

Now is it too much to hope for that they bring back K9? smile face icon

NyanK9 Photo

Week of Geek: A victor emerges in Marvel and DC’s battle for May 6 2016

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Remember a while back I mentioned that a serious showdown for movie box office superiority was shaping up between two of the biggest production companies this side of Xandar?  Disney/Marvel Studios vs DC/Warner Bros Pictures.  Captain America 3 vs Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Huge heavyweights vying for the same opening weekend.  That magical date: May 6, 2016, the official launch of the summer movie season for that year.  It made no sense from a business point of view for both of them to open that weekend, no matter how much the fans wanted it.  So the question for the last four months has been; Who will blink first?  Who will move from that weekend?

Today, we have an answer!

Warner Bros announced today that they are moving Dawn of Justice to March 25, 2016.  So that’s good news in that we’ll get it a little earlier than expected.  But it’s also the 3rd time that film has switched release dates on us.  I worry.  When a film’s production gets bogged down in problems, it often doesn’t bode well for the finished product.  I worry that our first big screen pairing of two of the biggest, most awesome super heroes to ever grace a comic panel (three if you count Wonder Woman, and I do) will just not be very good.  What will we do?  WHAT WILL WE DO?

movies batman v superman dawn of justice trinity Photo

We will find out how this all turns out a year from March.  Let’s hope the production is running much smoother then all this date-hopping is leading us to believe.  But you know what?  I’m kinda not surprised that DC was the one who blinked.  After Guardians of the Galaxy did $20 million dollars better than projected and broke August box office records it’s first weekend, it’s become clear that this is the Marvel Universe now, and we’re all just living in it.

By the way, if you haven’t yet, go see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Seriously, drop what you’re doing right now and go see it.  I’ve seen it twice so far.  It is that awesome.  Almost as awesome as an Awesome Mix Tape (you’ll see).

This means Phase 2 is almost finished.  Next up is Avengers: Age of Ultron in May.  DC really has it’s work cut out for it if it wants to compete with what Mavel’s managed to accomplish over 10 interconnecting movies.  Let’s recap.

Stay awesome geeklings!