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Space Question of the Day: Is There Life On Mars?

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1a97a03261d43bde728398f8a1389cf8 PhotoHello folks!

You know, the more I think about it the more I believe that David Bowie is in fact some sort of space prophet. Or maybe an Intergalactic Postal Messenger?

Well whatever he is his songs have a tendency to come true when Space is involved. The eternal Ziggy Stardust will always have historic bragging rights of being the first artist in the history of ever and always to have his work sung, recorded, and a video filmed and produced in space. And now today the scientists at NASA have released a statement that pretty much rocks our world down to the bedrock.

So, it turns out there’s liquid water on Mars.

Houston cue in serious freak out in 3…2…1…


And everyone take a deep breath and let it out. Ok. Grounded now? Then let us continue.

Scientists are still puzzled as to where this liquid H2O comes from but they are certain that is it there, on the surface of the Red Planet, defying the numerous odds that the harsh Martian landscape and atmosphere throw at it. Landing a human mission team on the surface of the planet is still eons away but now humanity has a new Da Vinci code to puzzle out from behind the relative safety of their computer screens. Now don’t kid yourself. Matt Damon isn’t going to get stranded on Mars any time soon, no matter how many Oscars the man wins. If you haven’t read the book The Martian by Andy Weir yet I suggest you do so because it’s the greatest thing to happen to Space Pop Culture since Chris Hadfield’s moustache won the solar system.

So what all this boils down to is this. Water, in whatever form, is a building block of life. So that begs the ultimate answer…is there Life on Mars? Was there ever life on Mars? Can there be future life on Mars?

What do you think?

To explore or not to explore, that is the question.
The Martian

Week of Geek: Happy Batman Day!

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superman funny batman forever funny quotes 2372x3260 wallpaper 40 Photo

Happy Batman Day everyone!

Yes, that’s a thing.  As it should be.  Any opportunity to celebrate one of the most iconic characters in fiction should be embraced wholeheartedly.  76 years later and he’s still one of the most recognized and prolific superheroes to grace our screens, pages and just about everywhere else.

So in honor of the occasion, let’s watch some Bat-related stuff and read some Bat-related books.

First up is a vid DC released for Batman Day letting you know about some of the stories you may not have read yet.

If you’re looking for some of their suggestions we have Venom, The Black Mirror, The Cult, Gotham by Gaslight, and No Man’s Land.

Next up is an animated short from the 75th anniversary, created by Bruce Timm, who was the man behind the beloved Animated Series.

And to remind us what we all have to look forward to, let’s see the latest trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice as Ben Affleck gets ready to take the Cowl.

(Just a side note; that scene where Bruce Wayne is running into the dust cloud from the collapsed building…that is so Bruce Wayne and so Batman.  No body armor, no way to protect himself or his identity, but he still charges head-first.  Just no fear.  *sigh*)

And I know I’ve posted this already, and recently, but it’s just too fun, let’s play it again!

And we have A TON of Batman and Batman-related items in our library, from books to comics to movies to TV shows to video games.  Go ahead and place all the holds!  And what are your favorite interpretations or stories of the Caped Crusader?  Post away!

Thanks Bats, and until next time, End of Line.

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Week of Geek: The Doctor is in! Also, “Bat Blood”!

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eyebrows Photo

At long last Geeklings, Doctor Who returns today!  Huzzah!

Fans have been waiting since last Christmas to see the Doctor in action again (funny enough, the last episode we saw is called “Last Christmas”).  Season 9 is shaping up to be something pretty neat, what with Daleks and Missy and Game of Throne actors and whatnot.

One detail we do know for certain; this will be Clara Oswald’s last season as the Doctor’s companion.  Actress Jenna Coleman has confirmed she’ll be leaving after series 9.  Sad news for Clara fans.  Who knows who will be traveling with the Doctor after that?  I hope it’s someone super cool.

To give you a taste, here’s a mysterious prologue to Season 9′s first episode.

Hmmmm.  We haven’t seen the character the Doctor’s speaking with since The Night of the Doctor, the prequel to the 50th Anniversary special that gave a bit of closure on one of my favorite Doctors, Paul McGann.  WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?  We’ll have to wait until tonight to find out.

That’s one of the things you’ll discover about being in a fandom; the endless waiting.  In the mean time, place a hold on Season 8 here.

Here’s something you don’t have to wait for; the AMAZING new video from How It Should Have Ended.  It takes Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and revamps it for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, with a whole bunch of other characters tossed in (and one nod to Civil War too).

If I could have that song on my iPhone, I would.  Watch all the way to the end and don’t forget to check out the Villain Pub too.

Until next time, End of Line.

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Ode To The New School Year

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Ladies and Gentlemen…it is here.


One last long weekend before the 2015/2016 term begins.

It is a time of quiet reflection on how quickly this summer has flashed by, of remembering those wonderful warm nights when the sun did not set until well past nine o’clock. You will reminisce over the quiet nightly cricket chirps and being able to sleep in for however long you wanted with no one to tell you that you had to get up in time to take a test. Sadly those wonderful laid back days of summer are almost at an end and you may find yourself excited or wary of picking up that backpack that you stuffed in the back of your closet. When you do will you ask yourself this question?

What will this new school year hold?

The answer is unknown. Unknown by you, by myself, and by the teachers who are gearing up to step back into the classrooms with you.

However don’t worry.

If you are feeling nervous or anxious, don’t be. If you are exciting and elated then take a deep breath.

Why? Because your Teachers are just as nervous, anxious, excited, scared, driven, and elated as you are. So that evens the playing field a bit.

Remember folks, your academic career is what you make of it. Teachers are the ones that hold all those fragile futures in their hands and do their best to mold, shape, inspire, and set foundations for lifetimes of unique adventures and mountain-scaling challenges. For you school is the vehicle that you use to get yourself going in life. For Teachers school is their lives.

And on that note here is a wonderful Flash Mob rendition of Les MiserablesOne Day More” as sung from a teaching point of you. Not bad for a bunch of tie-sporting pen wielders that are secretly dreading the mountains of grading papers coming their way.

So sing on my friends and until next we meet, have a wonderful long and glorious weekend.

Week of Geek: Another Quick Shout-Out for The Twilight Zone

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The Twilight Zone 78524 Photo

I’ve said it before, Geeklings.  I’ll keep saying it, ad nauseum.  Watch The Twilight Zone.

We’ve got DVDs of the classic series at our libraries, including a recently acquired collection of episodes on Blu Ray.

But, another word of caution…you might not want to watch this after dark.  Just sayin’.

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