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Week of Geek Breaking News: New Justice League Trailer! And Death Note!

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Hiya Geeklings!  How we all doing this gray but double-digit temperature day?  (It’s still March, we take warm weather when we can get it).

Some exciting news this last weekend.  DC’s culmination of their own cinematic universe, Justice League, will be out this November.  The first footage we saw was from last summer’s San Diego Comic Con.  Here it is if you need a refresher (plus Ezra Miller‘s Barry Allen is just fun to watch).

Well, this weekend we got a full-on trailer!  Check it out!

Whaaaaaaa?  *excited noises*

Now, DC’s had some bumps in the road trying to establish the DC Extended Universe, which is what they’re calling their intertwined films.  Man of Steel was alright, but nothing to write home about.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice broke my darn heart (and a lot of other people’s).  And while I disagree with a lot of the reviews that suggest Suicide Squad was worse than BvS, it still was not great.  *Sigh*  I love these characters, and I want better for them.

But what do we think from the footage of Justice League so far?  Though it still looks dark and dreary (Zack Snyder is still directing it, after all) there at least appears to be some humor and lightheartedness, which BvS was sorely missing and that Suicide Squad tried to clunkily throw in at the last minute.  Hopefully it’ll be more organic this time around, with great chemistry among the teammates and with plenty of high stakes and action.  That’s not too much to ask, right?  (And while Aquaman is often mocked in pop culture, this version doesn’t look like someone you could make fun of and get away with it.  I like!)

On June 2 Wonder Woman arrives in theaters, and there’s a lot riding on it.  It’s the film just before Justice League, so we’ll see if DC can get one good film in before bringing everyone together.  Also, it’s the first film from any company to feature a top-tier female superhero.  How it does could set the standard for how other films featuring female heroes are made.  Seriously DC/Warner Bros, don’t mess this up!

Shifting gears for a moment, let’s talk about manga adaptations.  One of the most popular manga series out there right now is Death Noteit’s about a high school student named Light Yagami, who discovers a notebook from the Shinigami, which are Japanese spirits that invite humans to their death.  This notebook will kill anyone who’s name is written into it.  Light takes the opportunity to play God and cleanse the world of evil, but he then has to contend with a detective on his case and the Shinigami Ryuk, who owns the notebook.

Well, there’s a live-action film version coming in August on Netflix.  And we got a trailer!

What do we think?  Any Death Note fans out there who want to sound off?  Any novices who think they’ll give the series a shot?  Post away.

That’s all for now Geeklings.  Stay tuned for more news, find more on the Justice League here, and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek: Comics on your computer screen? What an age we live in!

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Happy March Geeklings!

We got an exciting kick off to the month this morning with the release of a new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, complete with a peak at Star Lord’s Dad!

A lot to love here, but I think my favorite scenes are with Gamora.  Her with that MASSIVE gun or her saying hi to a waving Baby Groot while in the middle of battle.  Just… love!  But I’m happy to see everyone back.  I love these guys.

Another thing I’m loving these days that kind of ties into this is Hoopla.  What’s Hoopla?  This is Hoopla.

For those of you who love technical stuff (and I know you do), Hoopla is one of our digital resources that can be accessed with a library card number, a computer/tablet/smartphone and an account you create one time and your done.  It’s totally free to use with your library card, just like our physical items, and you can download items to your phone or tablet or computer to read without using data (they’ll delete themselves when their loan period is up.  No, really.)  And my goodness, does Hoopla have some stuff.  Audiobooks?  Yup.  Movies? Yuh huh!  Music?  So much music!  Ebooks?  Got those too!  Even TV shows?  As a matter of fact, YES!  (Including The Librarians.  Just sayin’)

As awesome as all of that is, I think my favorite part of Hoopla is one of it’s newest additions.  COMIC BOOKS!

Oh yes!  DC!  Vertigo! (DC’s more mature offshoot)  Archie Comics!  Archie Horror Comics!  IDW Comics!  Image Comics!  Dark Horse Comics!  SO MANY MORE FOR ALL AGES!  AAAAAAAAH!

I’m finding things on here I didn’t even know existed.  Tie in’s for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth or Tron, both movies I love (we have the films in our branches too ;)).  Remember I was talking about the new Archie comics?  I’ve been reading many of them on Hoopla.  Just… so much there!

So give it a try, is what I’m saying.  Read comics, love comics, watch movies made from comics.  You can’t go wrong!  There’s something for everybody!

Download the app today (if you’re not sure about anything come and ask us, we’re happy to help), get ready for Guardians and other comic films coming soon, and until next time, End of Line.


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 3,000 years after Henry H. Neff’s first amazing magical series: The Tapestry, magic now rules the world. Ever since the Cataclysm, all modern technology has disappeared and is forgotten as humanity reset, and the Faeregine dynasty governed all of Impyrium with their magic. However, it is fading and the Faeregine kingdom is beginning to collapse.

Hazel, the youngest princess has no interest in being empress and will gladly let her sisters rule instead. She would much rather practice her magic but that has caught the eye of her grandmother, the Divine Empress who has dark plans for Hazel’s magic talents. Hobson Smythe, a clever commoner with an unexpected past from the cold town of Dusk is recruited by a mysterious stranger to be a spy for an organization called the Fellowship and is sent to work as a page for the Faeregines.

However, there are darker forces at play. A traitor from within, assassins and murder, it this all part of something bigger? Two destinies brought together by coincidence or by fate? When Hob and Hazel form an unexpected friendship, they are both forced to make a decision, as their bond may be the kingdom’s salvation or it may write the doom of the Impyrium.

This book was extremely captivating and magical! Brilliant with its rich plot and characters, Henry H. Neff has given us yet another spectacular novel! Mystery mixed in wonderfully with fantasy kept me reading way past my bedtime. This book was skillfully written, constructing a world both beautiful and corrupt as there is both happiness and heavy burdens in the life of the characters. Shocking plot twists, suspicious events and impossible decisions, all keeping me at the edge of my seat. I personally love the relationship between Hazel and Hob as what started as page and princess blossomed into inseparable friendship. For some, this book may be a little clearer with its vocabulary and history if you’ve read the Tapestry series as there are some connections but it’s not very hard to understand even if you haven’t read the previous series. This epic fantasy is best suited for teens between the age of 12 and 14 but I still recommend this to everyone.

The Female of the Species

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The Female of the SpeciesThree years ago, Alex Craft’s sister was raped and murdered – a crime that left little evidence to convict the perpetrator. Taking matters into her own hands, she seeks revenge. At school, Alex keeps to herself, not just because she doesn’t mind being lonely, but because she fears she has a killer’s instinct. Isolated by choice, Alex soon finds herself befriending Peekay – the rebellious preacher’s kid – and falling for Jack – the most popular boy in school. Can Alex hide what she is from her friends, or will her instincts lead her to strike again?

Do not be fooled by its bright cover, this book is dark and dangerous. Exploring rape culture, sexual objectification, and the effects of sexual assault, The Female of the Species is not your typical YA novel.

Pokémon avec un accent

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Pokémon. La seule franchise qui excite autant les jeunes que les vieux, dure depuis plus de 20 ans et est réellement un phénomène mondial. ET vous savez quoi? On n’avait même pas les mangas en français! J’ai donc rectifié le tir et vous pouvez désormais les emprunter dans une bibliothèque près de chez vous~ Les mangas sont très passionnants à lire et beaucoup plus matures que la série TV.

D’ailleurs, les différences entre les noms des Pokémons sont très intéressantes à étudier. Pikachu a le même nom en japonais, anglais et français mais plusieurs ont été complètement changés. Par exemple, Iwanko est le nom japonais du nouveau toutou trouvable dans la zone de départ. C’est un Pokémon roche comme son nom l’indique : ‘iwa’ = roche et ‘wanko’ = chiot. En anglais, il est Rockruff et en français, Rocabot. Le jeu de mot reste le même en français : ‘roc’ = roche et ‘cabot’ = chien!

Voici les séries que nous avons

Or et Argent
Rubis et Saphir
1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
Noir et Blanc
X et Y
Soleil et Lune
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