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Rebel Genius

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Written by the co – creator of Avatar the Last Airbender: Michael Dante DiMartino, Rebel Genius takes you on an adventure into a fantasy world of art and friendship.

In a world where art and Geniuses, magical creatures born from artists’ creative spirit, are banned under the rule of the cruel empress. Twelve year-old Giacomo, an orphaned artist living in the sewers suddenly finds himself with his very own Genius. Having a Genius is punishable by death but luckily, Giacomo is brought to a secret studio by young artists where he is protected and trained in sacred geometry. There, Giacomo makes new friends and unlocks his hidden abilities. Life is safe and peaceful until a murderous artist and his Tulpa, a living sculpture, goes after the Sacred Tools that will grant them power to destroy the world. Giacomo and his friends must risk their lives to find the tools first or face destruction. On this dangerous adventure, lives are lost and Giacomo discovers a secret about himself that nobody ever expected.

This was a good book, telling an artful story of survival, friendship and magic. It also contains quite impressive drawings and a good dose of mystery. This is a middle grade novel but still worth the read!

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

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the son of neptune   Son of Neptune is the story about what the title says. Percy Jackson, demigod, son of the Greek god Poseidon, Neptune in roman, has lost his memories. He finds himself in a situation where the Gorgon sisters are avenging their fallen sister, Medusa, and attempting to defeat Percy. Percy then reaches Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-blood’s roman counterpart. In doing so, he meets his new friends Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang. They work together in defeating enemies and monsters, but even with everything going well for Percy, he still runs into troubles that surround himself, his friends, and his past memories. Percy will need to find a way to fix this and be able to regain his previous place in this world of Greek gods.

Themes that arise in this book include friendship and loyalty. Percy’s past commitments come back to haunt him and his new friends begin to split off. The inconsistency between Percy and his new life are a struggle and he must know how to combat this and live through his new lifestyle. He must regain trust again and recognize his fatal flaw so he can progress with his previous life. His loyalty also acts as a boundary so stop Percy from putting his full trust into something unknown. This throttles that potential that he could have and he must defeat his flaw to succeed and finish his prophecy.

Overall the book is an enjoyable read with no difficult language. The novel is quite lengthy so that may cause a problem for many but the interesting plot, details, and story line will keep the reader enticed in the book and continue reading. In a series of 4 books, this is nearing the climax and has many themes and morals that the reader could learn about or follow to be an overall better person.

The Power of Why

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Innovation is decaying and ideas are being reduced with the fast advancements of modern society. The already made products are becoming dull as if there is nothing new to actually innovate or create. It’s like we have it all, we have computers, cars, and all the technology in the world. But, what do we not have? Questions are the answers to innovation as depicted by Amanda Lang, why is this product not perfect, how can we improve on it. These are the questions that influence young thinkers and that everyone should ask. By doing so, we may learn the answers to how to continuously innovate our technology and progress society by making it more convenient while not deteriorating it from the proper path it is currently going through.

The main theme surrounding this entire novel is curiosity. People say that curiosity killed the cat, but that is a thought created by those who are afraid. If individuals did not absorb curiosity, they would never have been able to move forward. We wouldn’t have the things we do today, astronauts, computers, even electricity and fire. Sure these things definitely has risks that may end in a fatal result, but continuing to explore whilst knowing those risks is what will truly come on top. The evolution of mankind depends on curiosity and also asking, “why?”.

This book is a very inspirational read although slightly slow at some points in time. Written by famous economist Amanda Lang, the stories and themes in this book are very credible and can influence many that decide to read it. The novel is not too difficult with a few business terms that may need to be clarified by as a short book, this can have a great influence on the lives of the readers in a positive way.


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By: Teri Terry

SlatedKyla, who is the main character of this book, has recently been slated. The story takes place in the 2040’s and by this point of time the punishment for criminals under 16 is having their memorize erased. They would have a bracelet that would tell their level of emotion, which is called a levo. If their level will drop under 2 it would kill them. The person would need to be angry, scared, or sad, and the only way to make their levels go up would be becoming happy. When a person gets slated, usually the student would not know anything from their past. This would contain the things they dislikes, likes, personality, etc. However, somehow Kyla is not like the rest of the slaters. She dreams of things which she thinks it is her past. She realizes she is a lefty rather than a righty. As time passed by she also realize her level would stay at a normal rate if she is angry or scared. People from her school seem to be disappearing. The lorders who are people from the government take them away and they never come back. Kyla becomes curious and tries to figure out what is happening. Than one day her slater friend Ben also is taken from the lorders. Kyla gets angry and sad and realizes more about her personality and gets a glimpse of who she could have been. Know that Kyla knows she is different she is able to take off her levo without pain and sets off to find Ben.

After the ‘twilight’ series I never had a fiction book that was better than my expectations. I stayed up until 2am just to finish this. It was a book which I thought the author did a great job in explaining, and telling the emotions of the characters. This book is recommendable to those who like fiction books and also to those who don’t. I believe whoever reads this would want to go and grab the next book off the shelf.

the five people you meet in heaven

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The five people you meet in heaven

By: Mitch Albom

the five people you meet in heavenI sometimes wondered what could come after death. This book ‘the five people you meet in heaven’ expanded my imaginations. The main character is an 83 year old man. He works in an amusement park and meets his death after saving a little girl. After death Eddie, who is the main character, meets 5 people that tells him about his life. The first man he met told Eddie about how life worked. The man told how Eddie, as a little kid changed this man’s life and didn’t realize it until now. The second man Eddie meets, is his captain from the army. The captain tells him about sacrifice. He shows what Eddie sacrificed for his life and what the captain sacrificed his life for. The third person Eddie meets is someone he doesn’t know. The woman tells him about his father who he felt hatred to. Then, the fourth person he meets is his wife. His wife, Marguerite tells him about true love. The last person Eddie meets is a little girl. This girl was someone he saw when he was at war. Eddie left the girl in the fire and this caused her death. It did not say what she was there to tell Eddie but I believe it was forgiveness. After meeting all of the 5 people Eddie gets to know more about his life. He realizes things happen because of a purpose. Finally, he gets ready to be one of the five people that tells about life to the little girl he saved before death.

This was a good story to start of the New Year. It was meaningful and it helped me to understand about life. There were a lot of things such as sacrifice, forgiveness, and love that this story told. I also liked the way the author wrote this book. He went to the past and the present and had the readers get to know what happened in the perspective of the character. This would be a recommendable book for other readers.