Adventures in Makeup

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Ok. So I meant to write something about this a while ago, but you know how things go….busy, other stuff, memory like a goldfish….Annnyywho, here it finally is!

So an old school buddy of mine – seriously, I’ve known this girl since we were both 3 years old – has a pretty good knack for artsy stuff. She’s an amazing drawer, she’s handy with a bow and arrow (again, seriously, she has her own bow and arrows. The fantasy geek in me cries and leaps for joy at that), and she’s almost finished (that or just finished? I can’t remember) her Masters in Fine Art History from U of T.
Yeah. Saying she’s good at art is kinda an understatement. Just a bit. ^_^

Annnywho, in her spare time she plays with makeup and has done a bunch of stuff ranging from regular everyday makeup to costume makeup to more artistic makeup for fashion shoots and other artistic photography type stuff….
Mandy Jelsma, ladies and gents!

…if you’re interested in seeing some more of her videos check out her YouTube Channel.

Lastly, any chance you’d be interested in watching her do a demo? Maybe give you some hints and tricks?? Maybe do a demo on you???
If you are, leave a comment below.

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