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Music Minute – This Is Halloween Everybody Scream

by Sarah  | Category: Randomness

Man dancing imageIt’s Halloween. All Souls Night. The pagan new year. The creepiest date on the calendar when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest.

Tell me something.

Do you know where your parents are?

Because if they’re not at home then turn up those speakers, dim the lights, press play, and rock your face off. You’ll be glad you did. After all, this is Halloween….

Nothing brings on the spook and creep-ness quite like a Tim Burton original on a day like this. Add in the ear-piercing chill factor of Marilyn Manson and you’ve got yourself one heck of a freaky time. Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those movies that you have to watch twice, once on Halloween and once right before the X-mas factor. Better still, crank up the killer soundtrack whilst driving through those dark empty country side roads in the cold dead of night. See how long you last. Mwahahaha!

Don’t you just love Halloween?

Man riding on a horse image

Have a Happy Halloween everybody.


And remember, don’t loose your head!


David Bowie is…Making his mark in Toronto (and also probably an alien)

by Ali Cat  | Category: It's here!, Movie Madness, Pop Culture, Randomness, What's Going On

AGO Photo

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hitting up the Art Gallery of Ontario (aka the AGO) in the city.  Amidst the beautiful exhibits of paintings, photographs and sculptures (I saw, among other things, works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Emily Carr and O’Keefe), there was one attraction that caught my interest imensely.  That would be the David Bowie is… exhibit, running from now until November 27th.  This is the first North American stop for the exhibit, on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  It coveres the many decades Mr. Bowie has been a pop culture icon, from the 1960s to today, and all the work he’s done in music, movies, fashion, painting, etc.  In short, it was super cool, just like the man himself.

david+bowie Photo

Allow me to bring you up to speed for all of you who may not be familiar with Bowie.  He was born David Jones in 1947, and during his teens he began to break out with the wave of musicians coming out of Britain in the 1960s.  He really began to leave his mark during the Glam Rock era of the 70s and 80s.  He was basically like Madonna or Lady Gaga way before creating personas, being androgynous, changing your musical tastes, borrowing from lots of different art styles and being completely wacky was cool.  He paved the way for all of that.  He’s created a lot of different names for himself; Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke, etc.  He’s acted in several movies.  He’s used Kabuki Theater, Mime, Gospel, Berlin Dance Hall and other styles as influence.  One of his quotes I saw at the exhibit says it best; that he doesn’t just want to be a radio, he wants to be a color television.

To give you a taste, here’s a few of his songs, starting with one of my very favorites, a song that actually had a TV series named after it.


Here’s a fun fact for you.  A lot of people think Bowie has heterochromia, which is a fancy way of saying two different colored eyes.  In reality, as you can see from the video in close ups, both of his eyes are blue, but the pupil of his left eye is dilated.  This happened back in 1962 when a friend of his punched him in the eye in a fight over a girl.  After a series of operations doctors saved his eye, but the damage was permanent, and his pupil is now forever dilated.  So from a distance it looks like his left eye is brown.  Interesting enough, he stayed friends with the guy who punched him, and that friend went on to design some of Bowie’s early album covers.  Anyway, fun fact.

Next up is one of the best songs ever to get dressed to.


Next is a scene from A Knight’s Tale, which proves that Bowie’s music belongs as much in a medieval dance hall as anywhere.

And, for a more modern take, here’s the Glee cast singing “Heroes”.


There are soooo many more songs, too many to put here.  You can check out some of his albums at the library. 

But I gotta add one more, and at the same time give a shout-out to Bowie’s movie career.  He’s had small and starring roles in over 20 movies, such as The Prestige and Zoolander.  But there’s one movie that fantasy fans love with a passion, and that’s Labyrinth, in which Bowie plays Jareth, the Goblin King. 

here's my labyrinth, I stole your baby

The movie was created by Jim Henson, and features puppets, 80s music and a young Jennifer Connely.  It’s weird and wonderful.  Here’s the official video for one of Bowie’s songs from the film.


So there’s a little taste.  With a music and pop art career spanning about 50 years, there’s much more to see.  Bowie appeals to the ground-breakers, the definers, the freaks and the ecclectics in all of us. 

BOWIE1000 500x363 Photo

So let that freak flag fly.

So, I hear you’re back at school..

by Vee  | Category: Randomness

spark of vivacity174 Photo

Heya buckos!  So, back to school again, huh?  Wowzer, does time fly – summer is already gone and we’re about to start welcoming in that lovely season people often refer to as ‘fall’…or crazy-glorious-leaf-colour-changing-awesomeness-time, as I like to call it  =P

chuckle, chuckle.
Seriously people, if you can’t laugh at yourself….well, if you don’t know the saying, never mind then.

Annnnywho, so how’d the first day of class go??  Niners, everyone had their shoes all shined up nicely for first day of high school?  Anyone get lost?

And you old timer’s, we’ve got some people doing their final lap – happy university/college hunting!  A word of wisdom, if you want to think of it as such – going to an out-of-town school and moving out of the folks’ place was one of the best things ever.  You really get quite the jump start by being out in the world and not have mum and dad as easy access security blankets.

That said, to each their own!

Ok, so things are getting busy right away, teachers handing out homework right from the get go and assigning projects…remember to come by and ask us for some help getting yourself organized and going when you need to start cracking down on school stuff.

And for those of you who are starting to think about doing volunteer work, we’ve got tons of volunteer programs for you here!

And because you should always have music…Avicii!

Be-Bop-A-Lula! Music From A Time Gone By

by Sarah  | Category: Pop Culture

rosies PhotoThis morning as I waited many a minute to make the turn out of my driveway in order to get to work I had one of those moments when luck and coincidence just randomly collide. Since I dwell in the historical part of Kleinburg it just so happens that sometimes the historical part comes to life. Instead of waiting for the large line of modern SUV’s, sports cars, and Soccer mom Vans to dissipate as per usual I had the startling realization that the cars I was watching cruise past at 5 km below the average speed limit were not of this day and age. In fact, there weren’t from the late 20th century. Unknown to me at the time a huge parade of vintage classic cars were making their way north to where the Old School Cars congregate to celebrate the awesomeness that is shiny chrome, vinyl seating, and whitewall tires.

For those of you who haven’t the foggiest notion of what I’m talking about (or what a white sidewall is), think Grease. As in Greased Lightning. That tough steel-bodied hot rod with the wicked paint job and custom interior. A thing of beauty to be sure. But the cars of that bygone 50′s era are just some of the wonderful remnants of a time and way of life that doesn’t exist anymore. rock and roll dance PhotoThe closest thing we can get to experience those Friday nights at the drive-in or that late night social gathering over at the corner malt shop diner are the movies, music, and relics that were left behind. In the 50′s things were a-changing. The Baby Boomers were growing up and a teen culture phenomenon was gripping the world from coast to coast, country to country. The likes of The Drifters, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bill Haley and the Comets were rocking the Top Charts and blaring out of AM/FM radios. Then in 1956 the music world changed when Elvis Presley came out with his hips swinging and guitar strumming. Fitted pants, white socks, and a slicked pompadour Ducktail hair do never looked so good.

Times were different then, good and bad, but if there’s one thing that the 1950′s got right was its music.elvis presley car Photo It was the start of when Rock and Roll became “a thing” that was embraced by teenagers of all races and backgrounds. The term “rock and roll” was actually African American slang for doing the horizontal samba (if ya know what I mean). When the blues infused high-paced tempos were picked up by crew-cut guys in sharp suits the record companies started to take notice. Sure the music had to be toned down because it was too “wild” for the average American Teen but the likes of Elvis and Chuck Berry changed all that. In a Big Way. That screaming in the background is real and from a live audience. Bieber fans got nothing on the Elvis mob.

Remember that scene in the first Back to the Future movie when Michael J Fox rips a cover of Johnny. B. Goode at his parents high school prom? That explains everything in a nutshell.

The music from teen culture back in the day still makes for a good time, especially during the summer. There’s nothing quite like cruising down a long road with the windows rolled down and the Top Hits of the 50′s blaring from an IPod hooked up to modified speakers. We may have come a long way since the days of our grandparents (and in some cases parents) but history shows us that rock and roll is here to stay. So I’ll leave you with a few of the top 100 tunes from the 50′s. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

And looking at today’s lastest songs

by Vee  | Category: Pop Culture, Randomness

spark of vivacity168 Photo Alright, alright – so we’ve kind of bombarded you lately with some sweet sounds from the yesteryears, so I figued I’d look at some of the stuff that’s going on right now. Mainly, I really really want to show you guys Guetta’s latest video – love the song and love the video!!

Glorious, n’est pas???

And this one, cause the song’s freakin catchy, and the video, as much as I love the Indian flavour, kinda bugs me just for her wardrobe selection….I mean, I know it’s what Hollywood does, but it really bugs me to see the young(er) artists start doing the skin thing. Thoughts?

That, and I really hope she isn’t singing to Bieber. Really.