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A change in pace….musical interlude, anyone?

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Heya peoples!  How’s life?  Good, I trust?  Just figured I’d drop you a line and see what’s what in the world of you =)

Soo, it’s just about March – already a month in to second semester!  Wow, time sure does fly, huh?  I just realized yesterday that the Oscars are coming up – this Sunday (March 2), should be for an interesting show…we’ll see if poor Leo finally gets his Oscar!  Has anyone seen any of the other flicks up for nomination?  I’m kinda assuming that 12 Years a Slave is walking away with Best Movie, but we shall see!  It seems like another given is Best Song, and it would seem that that particular title is likely going to Frozen’s “Let it Go” (personally, I quite enjoy this cover).

Annnnnywho, I recently came across this little gem and loved it so much I wanted to share it with you!!

Ready to turn your ideas into a Summer Business?

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Summer Business PhotoIf you are a student aged 15-29, you can receive up to $3,000 to start your own company over the summer.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • start-up money to kick-off a new summer business
  • advice and mentorship from local business leaders to help get the business up and running

Attend an information session at the Pierre Berton Resource Library on Tuesday March 4th from 3-5pm and learn how to get your application ready.

Please sign-up at the information desk.

Application deadline is May 23, 2014

Visit  for more information about the program.

Time To Thrive

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spark of vivacity179 Photo And this just in – Ellen Page – the Canadian actress whom many of you know from movies such as Juno, X-Men, and Whip-It (which happens to be based on a bookREAD!!!) was a keynote speaker at the inaugural Time To Thrive conference which is a human rights campaign focusing on equality and the LGBT community.  Now, the big thing that all the news releases are saying in the headlines for this event is the fact that Ellen officially came out during her speech.  And I think that’s all fine and dandy – good for her, that must have been quite intimidating to do in front of such an audience….but what I think is so amazing is her actual speech.

Take a listen.  Well said and something I think – regardless of who you are or what you believe in – is a very important truth on how we need to really start taking care of each other by respecting each other.  When we look at all the horrible things that have made the headlines in the past year, it really seems like this is something that a lot of people have forgotten.  Anywho, Ellen Page:

Bonus screening for Month of the Macabre! Brad Pitt and Zombies!

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So it’s November 1, the day after Halloween.  You’re all jacked up on sugar, probably all partied out or exhausted from prowling the neighborhoods.  Maybe feeling a little bit of post-holiday blues.  What’s a girl/guy to do?

Well, because we just like you guys, we’re adding one more week to Month of the Macabre and adding one last scary movie to our repertoire.  This last round we’re going with zombies, large-scale destruction and Hollywood hunks with World War Z.  Here’s a trailer.


So come get one last fix of Halloween this Friday at 2:45pm at the Pierre Berton Library. 

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Month of the Macabre Week 4 – An Exorcism in Found Footage (AAAAAAAAA!)

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Well, we’re in week four of our Month of the Macabre here at the Pierre Berton Library.  My apologies for last week’s unexpected cancellation of Movie Break, but we should be back swinging this week.

This Friday’s selection is The Last Exorcism.  First released in 2010, Exorcism is about a minister famous for his exorcisms (obvious) who decides to perform one last one as part of a documentary.  The only thing is his previous exorcisms have all been…questionable as to their authenticity…and this one might be the real deal.  Eeep!  Check out the trailer.

Looks like this has three ingredients that make a film scary; demons, freaky effects and ‘found footage’, which just adds a sense of realism to the whole proceedings.

So come on out this Friday, 2:45pm.

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