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In the Jungle?

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Heya peoples!

Sooo, just found this little bit for your entertainment purposes……enjoy!

A change in pace….musical interlude, anyone?

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Heya peoples!  How’s life?  Good, I trust?  Just figured I’d drop you a line and see what’s what in the world of you =)

Soo, it’s just about March – already a month in to second semester!  Wow, time sure does fly, huh?  I just realized yesterday that the Oscars are coming up – this Sunday (March 2), should be for an interesting show…we’ll see if poor Leo finally gets his Oscar!  Has anyone seen any of the other flicks up for nomination?  I’m kinda assuming that 12 Years a Slave is walking away with Best Movie, but we shall see!  It seems like another given is Best Song, and it would seem that that particular title is likely going to Frozen’s “Let it Go” (personally, I quite enjoy this cover).

Annnnnywho, I recently came across this little gem and loved it so much I wanted to share it with you!!

Time To Thrive

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spark of vivacity179 Photo And this just in – Ellen Page – the Canadian actress whom many of you know from movies such as Juno, X-Men, and Whip-It (which happens to be based on a bookREAD!!!) was a keynote speaker at the inaugural Time To Thrive conference which is a human rights campaign focusing on equality and the LGBT community.  Now, the big thing that all the news releases are saying in the headlines for this event is the fact that Ellen officially came out during her speech.  And I think that’s all fine and dandy – good for her, that must have been quite intimidating to do in front of such an audience….but what I think is so amazing is her actual speech.

Take a listen.  Well said and something I think – regardless of who you are or what you believe in – is a very important truth on how we need to really start taking care of each other by respecting each other.  When we look at all the horrible things that have made the headlines in the past year, it really seems like this is something that a lot of people have forgotten.  Anywho, Ellen Page:

Music Minute: Mumford, the Oldest Latest Fad

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Music Minute LogoHey! Ho! Eh! Oh! Whoa! Banjo! Go!

Music today is different than the music of yesterday which will change with tomorrow. That much we know. But it is interesting to see the flare and tone of tunes from yesteryear reappare in a modern context. Think turn of the 20th century folk tunes but add an accouistic guitar, indie rock tempos, and some Apple devices into the mix. Shake, stir, stomp, and pour. Instant nouveaux niche success.

One of the biggest bands to trend this nature currently riding the airwaves is hipster heaven sent Mumford and Sons. They are a multi-talented all lad band who rock out on banjos like it is 1899. With a distinctive olde tyme twang about them this band has skyrocketed into the musical limelight and pushed aside the techno-enhanced songs of Kanye, Nicki Garglemouth Minaj, wrecking ball Miley Cyrus et al. And you know what? That is a good thing.

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With hit songs like Little Lion Man and I Will Wait what’s not to appreciate and enjoy about these guys? Sure their sound may seem to reach far back into the technological void known as the past but today’s reality is built on yesterday’s foundation. Taking something old and giving it a good polish to make it new again is just a wonderful way of cycling in a bit of history. And let’s be honest here, today’s pop culture landscape could use a bit of spruching up with the golden olden days. Mumford has kicked open the barn door and where they lead others, like The Lumineerswill take up strumming instruments and follow.

Until next time, Happy Listening.

Mumford Meme

Music Minute: Oh Canada…Our Home of Hockey Nuts

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Bugs Bunny Music Minute LogoOh Canada!

What is the first thing that pops into your mind whenever you hear that?

The Maple Leaf, Flag, The Beaver, Cultural Diversity, Universal Health Care, Prime Minister, Mounties, Immigration, Maple Syrup, CN Tower, Peacekeeping, Timmies, Snow, Hockey. Those were just a few off-the-cuff examples given by people at random when asked that question.

The reason I ask is that unless you have been cozying up with a grizzly bear in full hibernation mode all winter you have probably heard about the Winter Olympics that is about to kick off this month. Canada’s greatest are going to be competing against the rest of the world to bring home Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the winter games. But there is no denying that most eyes are focused on one sport in particular.

Hockey. That sportsman glue that binds us from sea to sea. Canada’s favourite winter feel good coffee purveyor has just released a commercial to get Canada “in the zone” for the upcoming games.

It doesn’t matter what age, race, creed, religion, gender, political view, social outlook, people are. Hockey is hockey.  When Canada plays for gold an entire nation holds its breath. And when that puck slides into the net to cinch that winning goal the entire country shakes as people from coast to cost stand up and cheer. It happened in 2002. It happened in 2010. Can this happen again in 2014?

The stuff of legend. What other event could cause that sort of wide-spread reaction and intense outpouring of raw joy that doesn’t involve moon walking or ending a world war?  Think about it.

So here’s to all of Canada’s Olympians who are taking part in the 2014 games. May they compete with grace, dignity, honour…and show the world what the land of the Maple Leaf is all about!


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