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TSRC Week 6!

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Rolling into week 6 of the Teen Summer Reading Challenge, we’ve got two new in-library missions.  This week we have Canadian Anagrams and Bibbliocommons Reviews, so stop by your local branch and give them a try.

Only 4 weeks left to go, so keep reading those books!  I’ve got a list here for everyone who loves teen novels, but is tired of all the romance that tends to come with YA books, so give these ones a try.

Week of Geek: Summer Scares

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Hiya Geeklings!  How’s the summer goin’?  Did you hear all the awesome news that came out of SDCC?  Still reading for the TSRC?  Keep going!

You know what I’ve been into lately?  Scary stuff!  I’ve been reading up on Creepypastas and watching spooky videos online.  And yes, some of you might be thinking ‘It’s not October, why you getting your scare on?’  Because scares are for ANY TIME OF THE YEAR!  You think there’s nothing scary about summer?  How many beach horror movies are there?   Or how many creepy tales are set at a summer camp?  Or what about the crazy stuff our ancestors got up to during the Summer Solstice?  Do you think horror movies or scary books take a break during the summer months?  Do you think evil takes time off just because school does?  NO!  For horror fans, you can be scared anytime, any day.

So, in that spirit, I’ve got a few suggestions for you.  I’ve whipped up a new list, with some help from our pal Sarah who is a reader of creepy stories extraordinaire, of YA horror books to check out.

Our friend Kasey has also come up with a list of YA ghost stories.

And I’ve got some PG-13 scary films.

So read or watch something scary, and watch out for summer camps.  Put those pages read towards our TSRC total, and until next time, End of Line.

Creative type? WE WANT YOU!

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Community Creative Collaboration


As part of Critique Week, VPL is running a Community Creative Collaboration, and we want the teens of Vaughan to be a part of it.

So what does that mean?  Basically, if you’re the creative type, say you make art or take pictures or play music or act or dance or film, etc. we’re looking for you.  The program itself starts August 14 and runs until school starts.  It’s open to everyone between the ages of 13 and 19 and you’ll get the opportunity to showcase your work and work with other artists and creators.

To join, write up a resume and send it to by August 7th.  A select number of participants will then be chosen.  If you have any more questions come talk to us at the library and we’ll do our darndest to answer them (it’s what we do).

Good luck and have fun!

Lights! Cameras! ACTION!!!

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Hey there filmmakers in training! I have a super exciting opportunity to tell you about! Civic Centre Resource Library is hosting Critque Week this summer – a filmmaking challenge that will give you the opportunity to learn some new skills, meet some new friends, and create an amazing film. The best part? That film will get some constructive feedback not just from your peers, but from leading experts in the industry. And who doesn’t want to get discovered? Oh and prizes of course! Did I not mention those? Lots of awards and prizes coming your way! The grand winner will receive a prize related to the Art of Film and Television Production. Pretty awesome!

Of course, this year’s theme is Canada 150, so the challenge is to create a 3-5 minute video highlighting the historical importance of this milestone, as well as diversity and multiculturalism in Canada. Feeling up for the challenge? Submit your application by August 7! And for more info, CLICK ME!

Week 5 of TSRC!

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Hiya guys.  We’re entering Week 5 of the Teen Summer Reading Challenge, which means we are just about at the halfway mark.  Keep reading!  All the reading!  And the missions!

And for reading ideas, here’s some YA fic with a road trip theme for that special summer feel *thumbs up*