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Down-to-Read with Daniela: Fly Boy by Eric Walters

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Nominated for:
2012 Red Maple Fiction Award

Age Group:

Canadian Literature, Adventure, War, Coming-of-age, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction

The year is 1943 and the second world war is raging across the world. Seventeen-year-old Robbie McWilliams can’t wait to join the Royal Canadian Air Force in the fight against the Nazis. There is only one problem: Robbie is still too young. Determined as ever, Robbie develops a plan that will enable him to enlist early and avoid detection. With the help of his good friend Chip, Robbie is soon on his way to becoming a pilot.

As the youngest recruit, Robbie is sure to face some challenges. But he soon learns to adapt, even becoming top of his class. When he is given an early promotion to navigator, Robbie finds himself on the way to England. Soon he’s participating in treacherous bombing missions in enemy territory. Every mission is a death wish and when one flight goes awry, Robbie must discover his inner courage and fast!

My Thoughts:
A light and energetic read, Fly Boy transports the reader back to a time of great unrest and turmoil. Robbie is an intelligent but naive character who only wants to serve his country and realize his dream of becoming a pilot. What he fails to comprehend are the realities of war: the death, the destruction and the day-to-day uncertainties.

Robbie handles it all with passion and enthusiasm, and for that reason I recommend Fly Boy! Borrow a copy today from your local Vaughan Library!