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Down-to-Read with Daniela: Home Truths by Jill Maclean

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Age Group:
Young Adult

Canadian Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Child Abuse, Coming-of-age, Mental Health

Nominated for:
2012 Red Maple Award and the 2011 Snow Willow Award

Brick MacAvoy has a desperate secret, one that he’s kept bottled inside since the age of six. It’s a secret he’s not ready to share, so Brick tries to be a normal 14-year-old: finding work, saving money for his stash, and planning his big escape.

Cassie is Brick’s four-year-old sister. She’s innocent and impressionable. She loves puppies and her stuffed skunk Rover. Brick is determined to protect her at all costs.

In between their happiness lies a terrible monster. A monster living right at home. That monster is their father.

My Thoughts:
Brick is the type of character that wraps you in chapter by chapter. Starting out, Brick is just a one dimensional bully. But then we see he is just a normal kid trying to make things right in a cruel and unforgiving world. His persistence, courage, and the help of some compassionate neighbours help Brick re-invent himself. Soon he is ready to confront his biggest enemy: his father; and he’s determined to come out on top!

To learn the truth about Brick MacAvoy, borrow Home Truths from your local Vaughan Library today!