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Vivacious vopinions on virtually anything… Tiger Lily

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 Heya peoples!  So March Break.  Good times, as I do recall.  Alas, it unfortunately no longer has the same fun times for me…apparently people like taking their kids to the library as entertainment – whodda thunk?!?!

Anywho, so yesterday I read what was probably one of the best books that is coming out this year.  I’m kinda worried that it’s not going to get it’s due attention amidst all the other books out there, so here’s me shouting at the top of my lungs:


Did you get that??

In case you didn’t, I said that you should be sure to read Tiger Lily, a stand-alone novel by Jodi Lynn Anderson.  The only catch, you have to wait until July for it to come out.  Trust me though, it’s worth the wait.

As the name suggests, this is a telling (or re-telling, I suppose..though nobody’s ever really actually told her story…meh) of the story of Tiger Lily.  For those of you who can’t quite recall just who that might be, she’s one of the minor (ish) characters from Peter Pan.  Remember Neverland?  Well this book is going to take you back there and look at it in a whole new way.  Personally I now hate Wendy, but that’s jumping ahead.

Tiger Lily, the teenaged adopted daughter of the village shaman, has never quite fit in with the rest of the people in her village.  She’s always been a bit too independent, too strong, too proud, too quiet.  When she meets Peter Pan, the mysterious leader of the savage Lost Boys, she finds possibilities that have never existed to her before.  What they have is rather hard to describe in a way that makes it sound as powerful as it actually is…It’s love.  A First love that makes everything even more than any other love.  And it’s doomed before it begins, as Tiger Lily’s engaged to be married to another man in her village.
Between her secret relationship with Peter (and the lost boys), scheming pirates, her engagement to an abusive man that she is honour-bound to uphold, and turbulent changes that are running through her village, Tiger Lily has to somehow find her way.

Vopinion: Seriously, in case you couldn’t tell, I loved this book.  Very well written.  I think what the author did most impressively is write emotions so truly that it hits you in your gut while you’re reading it.  Let ‘s just say that I nearly started bawling on the bus while I was reading this book.  Poignant.  Beautiful.  And so very true.  I highly recommend Tiger Lily.