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Zombies. A New Romance?

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Yeah. You heard me. Zombies and romance – whodda thunk??
Admittedly, this really does not seem to leap out as an obvious pairing of genres, nonetheless, it seems to be the latest trend in YA fiction…

Allow me to introduce to you a few of our latest in the wonderful world of zombies:

Die For Me by Amy Plum Die For Me by Amy Plum is book 1 in a new series (book 2 comes out May 2012).  What I really enjoyed in this one wasn’t as much the story, but the setting.  The book takes place in Paris and EGADS! do I now want to visit the place!!! This is the first book that I came across where zombies and romance collide.  I will say that for this one, they definitely played the zombie role into more of a vampire-esque character, having them called ‘revenants’ rather than ‘zombies’ and also not having them rot or want to eat people.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion Now after learning about this potentially disturbing new take on zombies (though really, vampires are dead too, so does it make any difference?  I mean, necrophilia is necrophiia o_0), I started looking to see if others have gone this direction….and low and behold!  Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.  This story features R, a zombie who after eating the brains of a guy absorbes his memories and falls in love with his girlfriend.

I Kissed A Zombie and I Liked Itcover image

cover imagecover imageAnd then it just seemed like there really were quite a few of these books out there!  And then the cincher – even some adult fic was looking toward the dead direction:   Working Stiff by Rachel Caine (author of the Morganville Vampires series) is book 1 in her new series that combines secret government mysteries with the reanimated dead and – of course – romance.

cover imageAnd then the latest in this field – the first that actually makes you both disgusted and want to say ‘awwwww!’ – Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel.  Book 1 in her new series creates a futuristic world where our civilation has essentially wiped itself out and the remaining population has reverted to Victorian-era etiquette regarding dress, manners, society and social classes.  And of course there’s the big secret that the ruling government has failed to mention: The Laz.  A virus that reanimates the dead.  Nora Dearly, our young protagonist, finds herself abducted by a militant group of zombies.  In her new surroundings she then has  to try to reform her understanding of what the truth is.  In her journey towards unveiling the secrets and lies she’s been told, she finds herself conflicted with her growing feelings toward the dashing Captain Griswald – brave, handsome…and dead.

What a world, eh??  Kinda makes you hungry….mmmmm.  brains.