Daily Archive – March 2nd, 2012

So Long to a Monkee – Davy Jones

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So we had some more sad news in music and pop culture yesterday. Davy Jones – the frontman of the original created boyband, The Monkees – died of a heart attack yesterday at age 66. So here we are once more, a (re)education for you…

Davy Jones on the set of the television show The Monkees in March 1968.The Monkees: Created in 1965 and bought and in production by 1966 (most likely due to the huge success of the Beatles), The Monkees was a comedy show/band, probably the equivalent in entertainment as we got from the reality tv shows a few years back about the hunt for creating a boy/girl band, as well as the continuous – and highly successful – follow up shows such as American and Canadian Idol, as well as _______’s Got Talent. The show ran for 2 seasons, won two Emmy awards and went on to be a MAJOR impact on the future of pop culture.

Regardless of whether you knew that some of the songs were originally by The Monkees, almost everyone knows at least ONE of their iconic songs….observe: