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Sacrifice: The Stupification of Quality

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Ok. So here’s the deal. I am peeved – no wait – I am beyond peeved. I am frustratingly ticked off. I am royally irratated AND aggrivated. I am so disparingly dissatisfied and discouraged that if I was in a Shakespearean play I’d be BITING MY THUMB (at you, sir!)!!

Ok. Breathe. So the problem is this: for some strange and peculiar reason, the powers that be who control the media feel that the younger generations are stupid.
…at least that – in my humble opinion – must be why they continue to do this thing because I can think of no other explanation that fits.

And what is this “thing” you might be wondering?? It is the stupification – the dumbing down – of ideas/stories/communication/entertainment for children in today’s society.

The Lorax cover imageAnd what got me going on this today is the cummulation of a lot of things, but it particular – I saw a poster on the TTC for the upcoming film production of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

For those of you who aren’t familar with this story I highly recommend you take  gander at it.  It is, put simply, a cautionary tale about taking care of the environment and the animals that live there…of course, obviously written in that charming way that is Dr. Seuss.
I read this book (well, actually had it read to me by my teacher) back when I was in grade 2 and it became one of the BIG and MEANINGFUL books of my childhood…in fact I bought myself my very own copy of this book a few years ago because of how important it was….

And so imagine my surprise when I saw the first poster for the upcoming film!  I was excited – who wouldn’t be – this is an amazing book we’re talking about and we all know that movies can often reach more people than books, and so this would be great way to introduce this phenomenal (and important!) story to a new generation!!!

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I saw the preview.   They have made the Lorax – a character who is both sad and yet hopeful – into a stupid sounding, silly weird orange fluff ball.   I am not amused.  Why do they consistently do this with the new movies (or the remakes) for kids’ films??  Are the younger generations actually so stupid that they can’t understand meanings without having a goofy, stupid, main character who spouts incessant nonsense??!?

Arg.  Danny DeVito, you’re hilarious and I loved your movies, but you are not the Lorax.  That said, I’m still going to see the movie…I’m such a hypocrite.  Le sigh.