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Read it 1st! Take the pledge!!!

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Yo peoples! Sooo, how’s everyone doing this fine, somewhat chilly and yet decidedly fresh, Saturday morning??
Awesome possum! Glad to hear it!

Hey – did you guys read Mel’s post down below?? I haven’t read Legend yet, but I’m still gonna – if only to make my vopinion known =)

Ok, so here’s what I wanted to talk to you fine folks today: The Pledge.
And no, I’m not talking about the book (which was actually pretty darn good, if you wanna give it a try – though I will say the ending was rather abrupt, but still).  What I’m talking about is this:

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Seriously guys – there are SOOO many books out there that are absolutely phenomenal books, and then of course they really only get the attention they deserve once someone decides to make a movie of it. And then people watch the movie and then find out that there’s a book, too. And then they say “Oh, that books based on the movie” And to thems that do this terrible, terrible thing, I say PHAW!
Get your story straight! Nine times out of ten the movie’s based on a book – and trust me, the book is almost always better.

So do it – take the pledge. Be a man. Do the right thing!
(and for those of you who haven’t seen that Russell Peters sketch, let’s leave it at, Take the Pledge!)