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Much ado about a whole lot of nothing…

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 Heya guys….so, yeah.  Not much going on today, you?  How’re the exams going??  Hopefully the first one (or two…or three) have gone well so far – never give up!  Never surrender!

I believe I can fly!!!!

Yeah – that’s right…appreciate the R Kelly!  In fact, appreciate it so much that you watch the music video:

w00t w00t!  Boy-O!  Wow, there’s a whole lotta Space Jam going on there…heeheehee, Bugs Bunny =P

Annnnnywho, yeah.  Other than exams, hope all’s going well for you.  I’ve not really been up to that much lately – I did read Marie Lu’s Legend the other day.  Not too shabby.   I’m gonna say I think I’m getting bored by the books where the main protagonist is all that and so much more.  You know what I mean?

It’s all fine and dandy for the main character to succeed – but when they’re the best at everything it starts to get a wee bit trivial….Meh.  Despite that, the plot line was well executed and I’ll probably read the second and third book.  I think the most unique thing about this take on a dystopian – in my humble vopinion – is the militaristic overhaul.  Again, worth a read, I’d say!

Yeah – so other than that, I’m SOO TIRED!!!!!  I shouldn’t be complaining right now – I just came off a 3-day weekend, but GAH!  You know how it feels when you come back froma vacation and you feel like you need another vacation to recover from the previous one???  Yeah.  Like that.   Totally beat.   -_-

Mk – so to go on to more awake things..I can’t resist:  =P

Hit em high!  One more week of exams and you’re done!!

So….Exam time, huh?

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Heya peoples….actually, I’m going refine that term for today to “peoplewhoarestuckinthatunfortunatetimeintheirliveswhere they’restillstuckinhighschoolandthereforearehavingtotake examsrightnow”.

Yeah. You know who I’m talking about. That’s right. You poor souls…le sigh.

But seriously. Exams really aren’t that bad, and so long as you aren’t really, ya know, being – hmmm, how shall I put this nicely – unwise about it – they’re actually a very easy going two weeks that essentially, you have off school!

Ok. So, tips time:
#1 – Make sure you know when your exams are….it realllly sucks to miss your exam.

#2 – Get enough sleep. Don’t try and act cool and go all “yeah, I pulled an all-nighter and now I’m running on caffeine and my eyeballs are bleeding…but that’s ok cause I’m cool”. Yeah. Not so much. Even if your sleep schedule is out of whack, get some sleep! Your brain will thank you.

#3 – Follow an outline. Make sure the time you spend studying is actually on the content that you’re being tested on….your teachers should have provided you with some kind of outline on what the exam will cover. Make sure you go over those things…pretty simple.

#4 – Give yourself a reward. Make deals with yourself “I’ll study for 2 hours and then get an hour break” Or something like that….But make sure to take breaks! Straight on studying doesn’t necessarily help your mind remember the information you’re feeding it!

And the rest is more or less just personal preference.
So good luck to you all – happy studying, break a leg, and don’t let the text books beat you up….that would be embarassing. Seriously.

Oh My…..

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  Soooooo, yeah.  A friend of mine just sent me this.  Wow. And that’s all I can say.

Vivacious vopinions on virtually anything… Fav Reads of 2011

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Heya peoples of the interweb!  So how’s everyoneses 2012 going so far??  Not bad?  Perty good?  Fantastically, stupendously, amazingly awesome???

Well, I truly hope it’s the last one on that list. =)
Anywho, so a friend of mine recently posted a note on Facebook with a list of her favourite YA reads of 2011.  And so I’m copying her….

In alphabetical order:



…and I’m probably missing some but can’t quite remember…..and of course there’s a few that I’m not sure if I want on the list *cough* Angelfire *cough* but feel free to mention anything that was super awesome that I may have missed!!  Maybe it’s supposed to be on my favs!

Read it 1st! Take the pledge!!!

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Yo peoples! Sooo, how’s everyone doing this fine, somewhat chilly and yet decidedly fresh, Saturday morning??
Awesome possum! Glad to hear it!

Hey – did you guys read Mel’s post down below?? I haven’t read Legend yet, but I’m still gonna – if only to make my vopinion known =)

Ok, so here’s what I wanted to talk to you fine folks today: The Pledge.
And no, I’m not talking about the book (which was actually pretty darn good, if you wanna give it a try – though I will say the ending was rather abrupt, but still).  What I’m talking about is this:


Seriously guys – there are SOOO many books out there that are absolutely phenomenal books, and then of course they really only get the attention they deserve once someone decides to make a movie of it. And then people watch the movie and then find out that there’s a book, too. And then they say “Oh, that books based on the movie” And to thems that do this terrible, terrible thing, I say PHAW!
Get your story straight! Nine times out of ten the movie’s based on a book – and trust me, the book is almost always better.

So do it – take the pledge. Be a man. Do the right thing!
(and for those of you who haven’t seen that Russell Peters sketch, let’s leave it at, Take the Pledge!)