Week of Geek: The Star Wars animated show we may never see :(

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Hello again Geeklings.  Sorry for the lack of posting last week.  I was traipsing around Orlando trying to get my interactive wand to perform magic at the Wizarding World (I’m just gonna silently squeal with delight for a second.  Okay, we’re good).

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about Star Wars.  Not for the first time, I admit, but always a good subject to spend some mental energy on.  I just started reading Star Wars: A New Dawn, which is a prequel to the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels that I mentioned in my previous post.  With the new movies looming on the horizon, it’s only natural to dwell on that galaxy far, far away.

But here’s something you may not know about.  Have you ever heard of Star Wars: Detours?  I’m betting you haven’t.  I hadn’t until just a few weeks ago, and most people I’ve asked in person haven’t heard of it either.  So what is it?  It’s an animated comedy created by the guys from Robot Chicken and Star Wars creator George Lucas.

Yeah, you heard me.  The guys who made this, this and this worked with the creator of the series to produce more kid-friendly but still hilarious episodes featuring a loving skewering of the characters we all know.

Here’s a trailer.

You can hear a lot of the same voice actors from Robot Chicken working their magic here.  I crack up every time.

So why, you may be wondering, haven’t we heard about this before?  Is it upcoming?  Has it just not aired yet?

Well, yes and no.  You see, Seth Meyers and company, who created Robot Chicken, were working on this, chugging along, and reportedly made about 40 episodes before the whole franchise suddenly was under new management.  I think we all remember a couple of years ago when Disney bought Lucasfilm and then became the new owners of the whole Star Wars universe?  That was crazy, wasn’t it?  And then they announced a seventh movie and the world collectively lost their minds?  Pretty memorable.

So what happened with Detours?  In essence, Disney decided that with the next trilogy coming up and this opportunity to introduce Star Wars to a whole new generation, Detours just didn’t set the right tone.  If people are seeing these characters on the big screen for the first time in dramatic situations, but they’d already seen them doing hilarious things in a cartoon…well, as Meyers pointed out, would Darth Vader still be scary if you saw him trying to talk street about the Empire?

And while I can totally understand their reasoning, there’s 40 completed episodes of potential comedy gold just sitting on a shelf somewhere.  That…just doesn’t seem right.  Right?  And the question that remains is; will we ever get to see this?  After Episode 7 is released, would they consider airing it then?  Would it not be until after the new trilogy is complete?  Will it be ever?  EVER?

In the mean time, we only have YouTube clips of what might have been.

Perhaps one day.  In the mean time, there’s still Star Wars: Rebels.  Apparently that sets the right tone.

However you get your fix, be it solemn but fun space drama or hysterical genre parody, may the force be with you!  (And I’ll see you December 18, 2015).

The Dean’s Teen List: Empire Records

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Empire Records Poster

The Dean’s Teen List is back and this time we’re making the jump to a generation that is a little closer to home. Long hair, baggy clothes, flannel, Doc Martens, and the high waist/bare midriff ensemble, the Nineties was a decade that issued in a major flux in the world of Teenage Culture.

Empire Records is a film that has become a generational cult classic. If there ever was a film that captured the sound and the essence of the mid-90′s teen era this is that film. It is not another high school romantic comedy with a side helping of teen angst added to the mix for kicks. There is no lead underdog with the classic awkward side-kick who longs for an out-of-reach crush from afar.  There is no John Hughes or a scrap of pink to be seen. Instead this is a film that looks into the complex lives of a group of teens who are all interwoven with each other because of where they work. An old record store is the hive and hub of some of the most eccentric characters ever to band together to put up a fight against “The Man”. The indie music chop shop, the home of the misfits and all things inspiring, is on the chopping block. When a big music retail conglomerate decides to buy the ailing place the co-workers, despite their differences, have to band together to figure out a way to save the place.

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Finito!! The Teen Summer Reading Challenge

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spark of vivacity185 Photo

Hey guys,  so summer is officially over (that went by waaaaaaaaay to quickly for me, I don’t know about you, jeez!)  Anywho, you are all now back in school, some of you have maybe started high school for the first time, some of you are now in university..Boy O Boy!  What changes!

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve now emailed our winners for the Teen Summer Reading Challenge, as well as our winners of the draws from the different contests we ran this summer.  So, check your email!!!  Fingers crossed that I emailed YOU!!!

For those crazy curious folk, our top reader managed to squeeze a grand total of 63, 152 pages this summer.  Yeah, that’s right.  WowEE!

Kudos to you all. I hope you had fun, and are kicking things off to a good start this fall at school.
Stay classy, Vaughan

The Mark of Athena

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The Mark of Athena cover imageAs the third book in “The Heros of Olympus” series written by Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena is another of one of those books with demi-gods fighting off evil. When the story first starts, Greek demi-gods (those who are children of a god and human) Annabeth, Gleeson, Leo, and Piper arrive at a Roman Camp known as Camp Jupiter to find their friend Percy. After the reunion, they must fight time to thwart a powerful god, Gaia, as she sends giants and other mythological creatures to attack them. All while the Roman demi-gods are threatening Camp Half Blood (the Greek Camp). Told from the perspective of four different characters, it captures all the information that readers are dying to know.

I loved seeing Annabeth and Percy finally together in this book as they have been apart in the last two books. Readers got to understand Annabeth and her story a bit more as she was one of the four people who narrated the story. Annabeth was the only who went on missions by herself, and her bravery and intelligence is without a doubt admired. Additionally, readers will notice that the days of twelve year old Percy his crew are maturing, and the funny moments weigh equally with the emotional parts. As always, Riordan is able to entwine mythological elements with a story, making each book better and better.

One of the things that caught my eye on the cover of the book are the words “New York Times Bestselling Author” printed on top of the author’s name. This got me thinking on why out of so many books, Riordan’s stories are so popular and many people’s favorites. And not only Riordan’s books, but also series such as “Harry Potter” and “Twlight”. I noticed a similarity that they all shared. Most people today enjoy traveling to a different location in another time and place. Whether it’s to live in a world with high level technology or to be able to fly on a broomstick, I’m sure most people would want to give it a try. Through these stories, it gives its readers an opportunity to do so. Or if it’s not fill characters fighting off bad guys, it’s usually a hit because it’s something most people can relate to, want to experience, or gives away loads of meaningful messages.


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Matched cover imageMatched is the first book in the trilogy written by Ally Condie. In a dystopian world, the Society is seemingly perfect. Crime rates are low, and everyone is living their lives to the fullest. However, if one is to commit a crime, they are almost always sent out to live in the Outer Provinces, a mysterious place in which citizens of  know very little of. Protagonist Cassia Reyes along with other citizens of the Society are also “matched” at the age of seventeen with their life partners by authorities who compare the compatibility of people. The system is suppose to be work. And it’s perfect, until it meets Cassia. A loophole is soon found in the utopia when Cassia is “matched” with two people (Ky and Xander).

I had very high hopes for this novel, but the story just didn’t cut it. I didn’t have trouble getting through the actual novel, but I did comes across problems in terms of understand it. I found Cassia to to very dull and without a personality. Many of the decisions that she made gave me reasons to dislike her. Starting with her relationship with Xander, it was very impassive, and I couldn’t quite understand why they were chosen for each other. Then moving on to Ky, it felt like Cassia’s head was always so preoccupied with Ky. Not in that cute adorable way, but the creepy way like she was obsessed with him. So to sum it up, I definitely thought the characters weren’t developed enough.

Lastly, the Society and the background story of the setting was explained well. Although the knowledge of the Society is kept from citizens in the story, readers still should have gotten a bit more information on it. How was it established? Who runs it? Was there a war going on? If so, with who? I especially wanted to know more about why it even existed in the first place, and see the inner works of this civilization. Furthermore, I was very curious about the Hundreds items. I wanted to understand what caused those artifacts to be banned, or why the maple trees were cut. I have to admit that I loved the concept of the story, but just not its delivery. Compared to other YA dystopian novels, this didn’t quite meet the bar.