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I know it’s exam time and everyone’s stressed and miserable, so I thought I’d share something fun with you guys. And I figured since misery loves company I’d share the best, most miserable thing I could think of… a card game.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a card game can be awesome, fun, hilarious and miserable all in the same time, so let me explain.

This is not just any old card game. This is Gloom: The Game of Inauspicious Incidents & Grave Consequences. (BTW, did you know you can check out games from the library now?)

Gloom combines character cards, action cards and storytelling, and in a wonderfully gloomy twist the winner of the game is the person with the least amount of points.

So how do you play?

Each player gets a family of characters (five character cards per family). All the characters and families are unique and weird and wonderful, but my personal favorite Dark’s Den of Deformity, (for no other reason than I used to want to run away and join the circus…though maybe not this circus). You decide who goes first by determining who has had the worst day.

Now that you have your family and you know whose day sucked most the game can begin. On your turn you make two plays, which at face value means you play two cards. The cards you play could be modifiers which effect your Self-Worth (or someone else’s if you so choose), event cards which make things happen, or untimely death cards…I think you know what those do. But what makes your two plays, and the whole game, so great is that you are obligated (and the rules state this) to explain how these things happen.

For example: If on my first play I put down the “was beaten by beggars” modifier on my character Samson O’Toole, The Bearded Man, not only does her Self Worth drop to -15 but I have to explain how she got into that situation. So I would tell you that the beggars came to the circus gates to, you know, beg for food and Samson challenged them to a game of cards and the beggars won which made him really sad because up to that point he thought he was quite the card shark. See What I did there? And if my second play is to put down the “was delighted by ducklings” modifiers on one of your characters, giving a self-worth of +10, you have to figure out how that happened (MWAHAHAHAHA mine is an evil laugh).

The game ends when a player successfully kills his or her entire family and the winner is the player with the lowest Self Worth.

All this to say that this is the BEST game on the planet and if you don’t believe me here is Will Wheaton and friends delightfully torturing characters:

Week of Geek Breaking News (Kind Of): First Last Jedi Trailer!

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Welcome back Geeklings!  How was the long weekend?

OK, full disclosure, this isn’t exactly ‘Breaking News’.  What I’m about to post here came online last Friday from last week’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, and as of this writing this vid has had almost 28 million views since then.  Old news by now, but still worth freaking out about, so I’m posting it.

Behold, our first look at Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi!

Aaaaaaaaaand freaking out now!

(BTW, there’ll be some slight spoilers from this point on, so if you haven’t seen the last film, The Force Awakens, and want to remain unspoiled, you have been warned.)

So yes, truly a tease, but there’s still a lot to unpack here.  Since Episode VII there’s been speculation on what Rey‘s next move is, and it seems like it’s been somewhat confirmed here that she’ll be doing some training with Luke Skywalker (we finally get to hear him speak!).  I squealed when I saw Poe and BB-8 again, as they were two of my favorite characters from last time, and Finn and Kylo Ren are back as well.  And what’s with that new planet with all the red?  What’s Finn doing in that pod?  What are Poe and BB running from?  What is Kylo up to now?  So many questions!

One of the biggest things to wonder is what Luke means when he says the Jedi must come to an end?  Now some people have interpreted this as Luke being bitter and disillusioned when his attempt to revive the Jedi proved to be a disaster (we assume; all we know for sure is that his force-strong nephew is now firmly on the Dark Side, so that’s bound to sting for someone like Luke, who was looked at as the Jedi’s last hope).  But I wonder if it could mean something else.

You see, and this might be a tad blasphemous, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the Jedi (surprise surprise).  I’ve always been a little more into the Sith, which are the Dark Side practitioners.  And this is not just because of my love of villains (see link above), but because I’ve never really jived with the Jedi philosophy; all the cold, emotionless dedication they expect and insist from their pupils.  They’re a little too set in their ways and not fans of gray areas, and I think that’s one of the reasons why they didn’t last.

This is why I would be a GREY JEDI and not a member of the Corruscant Jedi Order. There MUST be different orders of Jedi aside from the one seen in the prequels. Or at least once would have been other orders with slightly different philosophies.:

So if the Jedi ended but not necessarily the Force or those who wield it, I would not have such an issue with that.  Rey mentions in the clip that whole thing about balance, which is something the Force has apparently needed for a long time.  That means Light Side AND Dark Side, not just one or the other as Jedi and Sith have been trying to insist on for millennia.  Maybe the Jedi will fall, but something new and perhaps better will rise?  Food for thought.

What do you think Geeklings?  Excited or need to see more?  Post away!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Star Wars movies so you’re all caught up…

…and then read our many Star Wars books.  I have handy lists of what order you should read the novel tie-ins…


… and the Marvel graphic novels, ya know, just in case.

Keep the force flowing you guys, and until next time, End of Line.


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The clock is ticking. Your heart is racing. Your hands shake as you fumble with the lock.

Can you follow each clue, solve each puzzle and ultimately- ESCAPE?

That’s right Teen Vortex-ers. Escape The Library is back! VPL is more than excited to be hosting a teen-only, after-hours event on May 6th, 2017 from 7pm-midnight at Maple Library for teens aged 13-18!

Since it is National Teen Week, we are pulling out all the stops to make this night completely and utterly awesome. It will be jam-packed with activities from the moment you walk in, until the moment you leave.

Button making? YUP!

Board games? YUP!

Graffiti wall? YUP!

The coolest 3D colouring program you’ve ever seen? YUP!

That’s not all- we will also be providing free pizza, snacks and refreshments! Free, my friends!

Join us on May 6th to participate in one of three themed Escape Rooms, Trivia, a library-wide Scavenger Hunt and the chance to win some sweet prizes!

It is now time to reveal the themes of each Escape Room *drumroll, please*:

Navigate your way through priceless masterpieces in this ultimate test of knowledge. Only a true Escape Artist can slip away without a trace!


Beware of the ancient curse that flows through the Pharaoh’s tomb. Connect your body, soul and mind to the relics of the past in order to escape, or live with the mummies for eternity!


Use your intuition to follow the clues and reconnect with your stolen camera gear. Be careful what you wish for- you may find a dark past hidden in the corners of the darkroom that prevent you from leaving.


Pre-register at any VPL branch, fill out a photo permission form, and return it the night of the event to be entered in a Grand Prize draw!

The competition is ON!…

and the final question is:


Week of Geek: Make Fandom-Related White Noise Videos and our Study Break activities your new Study Buddies

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Hi again Geeklings!

Well, it’s exam time around here.  (Cue ominous music).  We’ve had a lot of studious students coming in to use our study spaces, our study rooms and our study atmosphere.  At the Civic Centre, where I work, one can nary take a step without running into someone with a computer, a bunch of books and some paper and pens strewn all about a desk as they desperately try to cram.

Image result for exams funny

We get it.  It’s stressful.

Well, we’re gonna try and help with that (it’s kind of what we do).  First, a bit of a plug for Civic, as all this week we’ve got spaces set up for study breaks.  Things like using the Green Room for meditation, or making some noise in the recording studio (please check the signs we have posted when you come in or ask at the info desk to find out what’s going on).  And you’re never going to believe what we’ve got going on tomorrow night; DOGGIES!  Yep, tomorrow night at Civic at 7pm we have therapy dogs coming in.  We can have a small group of people in the room at a time with the dogs, so come on in and ask us at the info desk and we’ll let you know how it works.  Who couldn’t use a puppy break in this stressful life of ours?

And whether you guys are studying in the library or at home, if you’ve got a computer or smart phone and a set of headphones nearby I’ve got something for you to try.  There are a TON of videos online that provide what they call “White Noise”.  It’s noise you can hear without any kind of real form or anything really distracting about it.  I know some people swear by using music to study or work with, but I can’t do it.  It’s just too distracting.  I want to listen to the lyrics or sing along or tap out the notes.  White noise, or background noise, works like a charm for me when I’m trying to get work done at my desk because it helps cancel out other sounds without having to really distract me by doing so.

There’s a YouTube channel I really like called ASMR Rooms (BTW, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; basically, ASMR videos feature sounds that make you feel all tingly or just downright relaxed).  And why do I like ASMR Rooms?  Because they have videos of background noise that are fandom related.  YAY!

Some examples; one of my favorites makes you feel like you’re studying in the Hogwarts Library during a thunderstorm…

…and another makes you feel like you’re hanging out in the Gryffindor common room…

(I’m a Gryffindor, so I’m biased; they also have vids for the common rooms of Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.)

And one vid I was just using today while writing a report featured one of my favorite places in Middle Earth…

Another great channel to try is the ASMR Geek, which features a ton of videos, like this one where it sounds like an apartment on Coruscant.

And there are so many more videos out there.  Give ’em a try!  Focus on your work and feel like you’re in your favorite fandom while you do it.  What could be better?

We’ve got a whole lot more items in our collection that can help with your studying, so place a hold and come on by for all your study needs.

Hang in there Geeklings!  Come check out our study break fun, and until next time, End of Line.

Week of Geek Breaking News: First trailer for Thor: Ragnarok! Break out the Zeppelin!

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Brace yourselves Geeklings!  Not too far behind our first look ever, we’ve got a first trailer!  Commence screaming with all your fangirl/fanboy might in 3, 2…


So many questions!  What happened to Mjolnir?  What happened to Asgard?  As Thor himself asks; “How did this happen?”  What’s the deal with Hela?  How does Loki fit in?  What’s with the Gladiator-type stuff?  How about the Hulk?  How did that happen?

Seriously though, when the Hulk showed up!  *SQUEAL*  “He’s a friend from work!”  Classic!

How about the fonts, with the neon colors and zooming across the screen?  Makes me think of those Sci Fi movies from a few decades ago (yeah, I know, I’m old)… which is probably totally on purpose, given they used a song from a huge 70s band.  Trying to go for a Guardians feel here?

And speaking of which, they FINALLY made use of “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin.  That song has references to Norse mythology all through it.  I’m surprised they only brought it out now for something Thor-related.

What do we think Marvel Fans?  Awesome?  Meh?  Are we liking where this is going?  Post away!

Check out my last post on Thor to put holds on his movies (and to read more of my fangirling).  Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and until next time, End of Line.

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