The Goddess Legacy- The Goddess Test Series

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The Goddess Legacy cover imageThe 2.5th book of the Goddess Tes series, The Goddess Legacy by Aimée Carter, chronologically follows the stories of the powerful Greek gods and goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite, Persephone, Hermes, and Hades, from a time before the Goddess Test series.

*Proud and ambitious Hera, struggles to make herself queen and to be treated equally, but the only way to do that is to marry Zeus, who is known for his cavorting ways. Staying loyal to your partner is something she greatly values and she also has feelings for someone else, but that person is growing more distant each day. Which will come first? Her power, her beliefs, or her heart?

*Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, and lust so it’s only natural that these three points come naturally to her. But when she starts loving two people at once, nobody understands her. Can the goddess of love herself choose between love?

*The dark and gloom of the Underworld is no place for bright and sunny Persephone, the goddess of spring growth. Trapped in a miserable marriage and stuck in a world without the sun, Persephone cannot return the love that Hades feels for her. Realizing this, Hades gives her what she craves most- her freedom. For half the year, Persephone is free to go back to Earth and do as she pleases. Will this merely be a breather for her, or is she planning to do so much more?

*After an incident with Persephone, Hermes is given the cold shoulder by the Council of deities. But minor gods and goddesses keep mysteriously disappearing and the Council is forced to turn to Hermes for help. Hermes embarks on a journey not just for the survival of his family, but for recognition and acceptance for himself as well. Surprisingly, he finds out that the cause of all this isn’t so sinister after all.

*Hades, the god of the Underworld, had everything ripped away from him when his wife, Persephone, left. Dreading the eternity that lies before him , Hades makes the choice to fade. But the Council is reluctant and they make him a deal. Will the Council succeed on time, or will they fail, resulting in Hades fading from existence?

I have loved Greek mythology ever since I was a child and I knew all the tales front and back. Or so I thought. These versions are completely different and I was shocked at the perspectives, but I enjoyed the spin put on these even more. Technically, this book comes before the others, but personally, I found it better to read the Goddess Test series first. It’s like looking into a foggy mirror: you see certain parts but not the whole picture, then suddenly it’s wiped away and everything becomes clear. You understand the characters’ motivations, and their backgrounds. Suddenly, the victim doesn’t seem so innocent after all, and the villain isn’t quite so cruel. No matter who you are, this book is a must-read for all.

Week of Geek Comic Con 2014 Edition! Vol 2: Final Thoughts

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So Comic Con 2014 came to a close this last Sunday night.  Videos were screened, celebrities answered questions, props were on display, vendors shared their wares and people geeked out hard enough to send reverberations through the rest of the planet for a few short days.  What came out of it, you might ask?  My first post on the subject will bring you a little up to speed, but here are a few more highlights.

First and foremost we have to give it up for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesAs our pal Sarah mentioned before, they released a first trailer for their December release.  Oh, what the heck, here it is again, ‘CAUSE IT’S THAT AWESOME!

Not only that, Flicks and the City also posted the panel for the Hobbit held at the Con this year (Flicks and the City has posted other panels for this year’s Con on YouTube, so check them out!).  So if you have about an hour to kill, watch Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyen and cast members discuss their experiences while making the movies and then answering fan questions.  The panel is also moderated by Stephen Colbert, who happens to be a massive Ringer in his own right.

PREEEECIOUSSSSS!  We heard Smaug and Gollum in that panel.  Happy day!

The CW will be unveiling The Flash this fall, so the cast and crew were there this weekend.

Arrow revealed a new villain during their panel.

And of course, our leader the Mockingjay made a proper debut.

So…WOW!  Again, nothing quite as earth-shattering as what happened last year (seriously, you just can’t beat Loki showing up; they set the bar too high with that one), but still a solid offering from the entertainment industry for us loyal geeks.

There’s much more, of course, including much news in the world of comics (’cause, you know it’s Comic Con); too much to put down here.  Check out sites like Entertainment Weekly for more info.  But let’s give a moment of silence for all the things we will likely never see, such as the first footage of Dawn of Justice or Age of Ultron.  *sniff*  We’ll have to wait, like the rest of the mere mortals who did not make it to San Diego, but we can dream in the mean time.

I leave off with this picture, ’cause I really like it.  It’s the cast members of Age of Ultron who could make it to Comic Con this year.

Avengers Age of Ultron 612x380 Photo

We’ll see you guys next May!  Can’t wait!

Avengers Age of Ultron Poster 001 800x615 Photo

And get ready, geeklings… Fan Expo is coming!

Naruto, Vol. 61

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Naruto, Vol. 61 cover cover imageVolume 61 continues the Shinobi War arc of the Naruto series, written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The series is a shōnen, action-and-adventure fantasy. It starts off with Sasuke chasing after his reincarnated brother, Itachi. His brother was a very mysterious person, and Sasuke wants answers about Itachi’s decisions. Meanwhile, the 5 Kage are facing a problematic battle against Madara Uchiha. Being reincarnated, his body will just regenerate if it is destroyed, and his abilities are extremely powerful. He mocks Tsunade, his former adversary’s granddaughter, knowing she can hardly hit him back. The only way to stop him, is to stop the jutsu (technique) used to reincarnate him, the Edo Tensei, and that is Itachi’s goal. He and Sasuke end up facing the mastermind of the Edo Tensei, Kabuto, in a heated battle.


What I liked in this volume was the fluidity of the scenes, and the revelations of characters. The artwork is not too detailed, to the point that you have no idea what you should focus on in the scenes, but detailed enough that you can understand how every action a character does reflects on their surrounding and other people, like an attack being launched at an enemy. Each of Kishimoto’s characters possesses a unique design, which allows them to stand out no matter how relevant they may be to the actual plot. The facial expressions carry the mood of the scene, so even if the book were still in Japanese, you could have a basic idea of what was going on. Kishimoto also used former devices he used in previous chapters of Naruto, like living in a fantasy, to show how the characters have matured and developed. I especially liked the idea of gradual brainwashing that was used in the volume, it reflected real life, and how things are “distorted” to make us look at things another way. However, a problem in this book (and Viz’s publication of the series in general) is the inconsistency in translation. Normally, the jutsu characters use are written in English. However, the word Edotensei is Japanese, and that’s the word used to describe the reincarnation technique. Viz should stick to either having Japanese names, or English names so that they can accurately convey the text Kishimoto put in his work. Additionally, the explanation of the technique Izanami  is a little confusing at first. Speaking of the Izanami, I like how Kishimoto put references to Japanese mythology (Izanami is a god), and some of the characters’ name meanings (‘Itachi’ means weasel, ‘Kabuto’ means helmet, etc.).

Overall, I enjoyed this volume in the epic Naruto series. If you’ve read up to volume 60, or watched the anime equivalent of it, this is a book that is definitely worth adding to your collection.


Audrey,Wait! by Robin Benway

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Audrey, Wait!Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
When Audrey Cuttler dumps her boyfriend Evan, self-involved jerk and lead singer of a band called The Do-Gooders, she never expected him to write a song about their breakup. And she definitely never expected it to get popular. Now, Audrey can’t do anything without hearing “Audrey, Wait!” or seeing mobs of paparazzi and fans. Audrey, Wait shows us Audrey’s story, and who the girl behind the song really is.

Before reading this book, I heard a lot of great things about it and I am happy to report that I am officially joining the ranks of people who will want you to read Audrey, Wait!. Now, before you see the pink cover and run away screaming “what is this cheesy rom-com and why does this Shelly person want me to read it?!?”, let me just say that the cover does not the book justice. Yes, there is a romance in the book but let’s face it, most YA books do have a romance in them (side-note: the romance in this book was very cute). More than anything, Audrey, Wait! is a novel about a girl trying to pick up the pieces of her life after a seemingly normal break up went wrong.

Now before you think Audrey is your typical character, she definitely is not. She’s independent, not insecure and definitely sure about who she is and what she wants. But that doesn’t mean that what she wants will always work out for her. Between juggling her long friendship, trying to start a new romance and avoiding the paparazzi, Audrey has her work cut out for her. I loved reading about Audrey’s side of the story and especially how it went down through her eyes. I also really enjoyed reading about her friendship with Victoria and how that all comes into play when Audrey’s life suddenly becomes very public.

Overall, Audrey Wait! is a great novel about coping in the strangest of situations and it really demonstrates how important friends and family are, especially in times of crisis. I highly recommend Audrey,Wait! to contemporary lovers wanting to read something unique. If this book sounds right for you, you can request it at the library catalogue here!

Happy reading!

We Were Liars

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cover imageMeet the perfect American family known as the Sinclairs. Everyone has their lives together: no one is a failure, an addict, or a tragedy. They are all tall, blonde, athletic, and good-looking. Who could’ve asked for a better family? I mean, as long as you have a loving family, life should be pretty great…shouldn’t it? That was until Cadence Sinclair’s life was turned upside down.

She was the first-born granddaughter, blonde and beautiful, she was of the  ut-most significant to her wealthy grandparents, her mother declared. Every summer, her and the four liars which consisted of Mirren, Johnny, and her first-ever love Gat would spend their summers at the family estate in Clairmont with her aunts, cousins, and the family’s beloved golden retrievers since her mother was a part-time groomer. That summer, summer fifteen, Gat and Cadence fell in love which they surely thought would last forever until Cadence’s mother warned her that Granddad clearly didn’t share mutual feelings for Gat and Cadence’s relationship and would end the family’s trust fund. The trust fund was the only source of steady financial income ever since Cadence’s father left. Not only taking valuable possessions, yet Cadence’s trust and love for him.

Life was an on-going rollercoaster for Cadence, but surely sneaking away to Cuddletown on the island with the four liars would give her some closure. Ever since that summer in October, when Granny Tipper died, leaving Granddad alone, the whole family was greiving and missing her notorious blueberry pies and her warm smile. Especially Granddad, who had lost a partial portion of his memory, beginning to call Cadence Mirren. However, Cadence’s mother strictly informed Cadence to be on her best behavior that summer, with Grandma Tipper’s passing. So, Cadence spent time with Granddad, sailing to the main island to purchase her favourite fudge and walk around the dock. That’s when Cadence realized that Grandpa was tired of the aunties drinking too much and quarreling over Grandma Tipper’s possessions such as her pearls, shoes, coats, etc. even going so far to argue in front of the children during meals over trust funds and who would receive the estate. Grandpa clearly made warned that if the bickering continued, no one would receive the estate. Leaving the aunties silent, and the Liars finally pleased.

That was when the four snuck out to Cuddletown and planned to burn down the estate to finally put an end to all of the bikering and drinking. They decided that they would each take a level of the house, douse it in gasoline, and set a flaming roll of paper towel. However, forgetting Mirren, Gat, Johnny, and the family dogs were inside, Cadence set the roll on fire, not only burning the floor, yet her life…leading to the accident that would change her life, her friends, and the perfect Sinclair family, once and for all.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is the perfect summer read for those searching for a thrilling page-turner. However, I would recommend this novel to those in their early-later teens due to the slightly twisted and mature content of this novel that may make it slightly more difficult to understand the dramatic ending to the novel! As one of my all-time favourite summer reads, this book is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more!