Month of the Macabre Last Week: The Conjuring

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For one last time before Halloween, cue music…

That’s right, BOILS and GHOULS, as our friend the Crypt Keeper would say.  Halloween is nearly upon us.  And that means a wrap-up to our Month of the Macabre for the Pierre Berton Resource Library’s Movie Break program.

To cap everything off on a fine Halloween afternoon, we’ll be screening The Conjuring tomorrow at 2:45pm.  Based on ‘real events’, it’s a true haunted house/ghost hunter type of story.

So spend an afternoon before your ghoulish activities getting in the mood with a creepy chiller.  Hope to see you there.


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Week of Geek: First trailer for Age of Ultron – “There are no strings on me”

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Wait, wait, wait.  There’s a little story behind this.  Let me get to that first.

So on Wednesday, Marvel announced that there would be a special treat next week at the end of the Oct 28th episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  They would air on ABC the first teaser trailer for next May’s Phase Two cap-off Avengers: Age of Ultron.  And the internet did a collective Dance of Joy!

But not so fast Marvel execs!  Some industrious and rather sneaky fan managed to post a grainy, bootleg copy of the trailer online first for all the world to see.  Well, what was Marvel to do?  They admitted defeat and released a better, shinier version of their trailer, no waiting (plus the first teaser poster was released too).  And that led to not only more dancing but fan screams of joy heard ’round the world!

Let’s do this!


So what have we learned?  First of all, there’s a much darker tone here.  Hammers are dropped, shields are broken, friends and allies are at each others throats (literally on at least one occasion, when Thor lifts Tony Stark off his feet by his neck), and a super-creepy AI bent on world-domination.  What has become of our favorite team?

Seriously, how creepy is Ultron?  Perhaps it’s James Spader’s voice doing it (and that would certainly do it), but listening to Ultron recite lines from “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio (they can do that in Marvel movies, since Disney owns both properties) and hardly sounding at all like a robot while a spooky version of the song plays in the background just gave me chills (honestly, Pinocchio scared the heck out of me when I was a kid, so there’s some post-trauma going on here).  And with newbies the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver at least starting off on the dark side, we’re in for a harrowing time.

But we seem to be in for a globe-spanning adventure here aw well, with all of our favorite guys.  Plus, the Hulkbuster armor finally makes an appearance, as does Nick Fury.  And more Hawkeye, who we haven’t seen since the last Avengers movie.  Yay!

The only disappointment is that it looks like Loki will definitely not make an appearance. *sigh*


The God of Mischief is not amused!

Can we at least get Coulson in there somewhere?

Seven more months to wait.  If there’s one thing we learn as fanboys and fangirls, geeklings, it’s how to wait.

Here’s to a great follow-up!

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Our superhero themed Murder Mystery after dark is tonight at 6pm at the Pierre Berton Library.  Give us a call for more details.

Music Minute: Goth’N'Roll with the 69 Eyes (Scareliner Edition)

by Sarah  | Category: Pop Culture, Randomness
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Bugs Bunny Music Minute' Greetings music fans. Tell me, what happens when you mix the gloom of Goth with the searing scream of high-powered electric guitars and add in the deep growling bass of a baritone voice? The answer is a long-lived Goth Rock Band that does more than just wear black. It makes bats bleed.

For all you lovers of the Undead meet the Finnish rockin’ Goth band The 69 Eyes. Living proof that Goth is not dead but alive and snarling in the dark places where light does not dare to dwell.

The 69 Eyes have a number of albums that have gone platinum and single upon single that have earned their spot as “Must Haves” on musical playlists. Especially around this time of year. Albums to listen to and cut your fangs on are Angels/Devils, a personal favorite of mine, as well as Back In Blood and X. I have no idea what it is about Finland that keeps churning out heavy metal heavy hitters. There must be something in the water over there that spawns a love for all things metal. Especially long lasting metal that is more than just a mere flash in the musical pan.

jyrki699 PhotoBelieve it or not the founder and front man of the band is far more than just a leather clad Prince of Darkness with a fondness for the guyliner. Jyrki 69 (full name Jyrki Pekka Emil Linnankivi) has more going on under all that hair than meets the eye what with a Masters Degree in Analytical Chemistry to his name, leader of an internationally successful band that has lasted 25 years (a quarter of a century folks) and he is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador of Finland who is campaigning against child trafficking in West Africa as well as bringing HIV-AIDS Awareness throughout Kenya. For a man who looks like Nikki Sixx’s Gothic cousin he certainly keeps himself busy with worldly affairs during the daylight hours. After all you cannot judge a book by it’s cover nor a bat by its wings.

So until next time music lovers, Happy Listening and have a haunting Halloween.

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Vampires or really great hair?

Month of the Macabre Week 4: Warm Bodies

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And again, cue music…

Noticing a theme with my posts?  Something along the lines of spooky anthology shows?  You can’t get much scarier than The Twilight Zone.  Though more Sci Fi based than horror, and with lots of commentary lurking behind each story, a trip to the Zone can still scare the heck out of you on the right night.  Much like what we’re trying to accomplish with our continuing saga of the Month of the Macabre Movie Break programs here at the Pierre Berton Resource Library.

*clears throat and puts on best Rod Serling voice*

Submitted for your approval; a world ravaged by a zombie outbreak, with humans forced into isolated strongholds while the infected undead roam the larger cityscapes.  One of those undead, a young man known only as R, is about to cross baths with the woman of his dreams…though she is very much alive and he is, for all intents and purposes, dead.  Can their comedic and horrifying bond be sustained amongst a world divided?  Perhaps it can…in the Twilight Zone.

That’s this Friday at 2:45pm.  Just a little over a week before Halloween.  Try to hold in the creepiness until then smile face icon

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Murder Mystery After Dark is Almost Here!

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Hi Everyone

Are you eager to finally wear a costume but don’t want to wait another week until Halloween?  Do you want to try out your detective skills before inevitably joining the police force or CSI or starting your own PI operation?  Do you want to hang out with cool people, eat delicious snacks and have a great time?

Well, if you’re between the ages of 13 and 18 then come out to the Pierre Berton Resource Library this Friday at 6pm for our annual Murder Mystery After Dark party.  You can sign up at the information desk on the first floor of the branch this week and choose a character to play during the evening’s murderous festivities.  Our theme this year is Super Heroes! (Cue John Williams!)  Costumes are not mandatory but they are very much encouraged, and there will be food, music and tons of fun!

Please call the Pierre Berton branch if you have any questions.  Hope to see you amateur sleuths there!

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