Week of Geek Breaking News: First Trailer for Civil War AND more news on MST3K

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It’s here geeklings!  Our first look at this May’s next Marvel blockbuster Captain America: Civil War.



There’s a lot to absorb and dissect here.  Entertainment Weekly does a really great breakdown of the trailer, but a couple of highlights: more Bucky! (YAY!) But people are out for Bucky (BOO!)  Cap tries to intervene (YAY!) but there’s something called the Sokovia Accords, which may be the cinematic version of the Registration Act featured in the graphic novel version of Civil War this film is based on (Boo?).  Clearly everyone is divided (BOO!) and Iron Man is clearly on the side of ‘let’s get Bucky and prove we’re good guys by falling in line’ (ALSO BOO!)  We get glimpses of various characters here (YAY!) including Black Panther (YAY!) but also Thunderbolt Ross, who we last saw in The Incredible Hulk (BOO!)…as you can see, I’m clearly torn on several parts.

But there’s fighting amongst the good guys.  Just…so much fighting!  And it breaks my little Marvel fangirl heart!  You guys are friends!  Don’t fight!  You’re making me sad!  The one line that really stuck with me after watching the trailer came from Iron Man.  After Cap says “I’m sorry Tony.  You know I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have a choice.  But (referring to Bucky) he’s my friend.”  Tony replies “So was I.”  And the look on his face when he says it?  BOOM!  Right in the feels!

So yes, this is going to be intense.  What do you think readers?  Are you stoked for Civil War?  Who’s side are you on?  Post away in the comments and don’t forget to check out Avengers: Age of Ultron and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Switching gears (’cause I need some happy after all that sad) we got some very exciting news from the ongoing saga that is the revival of MST3K (I may have mentioned it, once or twice).  One of my all-time favorite people in entertainment is coming aboard.  Who could it be?

EEEEEK!  Felicia Day!  That is so AWESOME!  OK, this has to be a thing now!  If I wasn’t rooting for this revival before (and let’s face it, I totally was) I certainly am now!

Ah, that’s better.  I needed the happy!

Until next time, End of Line.

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Week of Geek: Pentatonix CRUSHES the Star Wars theme

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pentatonix amas performance Photo

Acapella group Pentatonix, who I’ve discussed a little before in this very blog, had a pretty awesomely epic and thoroughly geeky moment this last weekend at the American Music Awards.  In honor of the upcoming release of a little movie you may have heard about called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pentatonix brought their instrument-free musical stylings to the original films classic score…before being joined by a full orchestra.  The whole thing gave me chills and made me even MORE excited for the new movie.  Let’s watch…

WOW!  A truly awesome moment for fans of music, Star Wars and movie soundtracks alike.

Also, LOVE the outfits they wore.

Stay tuned for more Star Wars news as it develops, and don’t forget to sign up for Escape the Library, coming this week!  Until next time, End of Line.

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Week of Geek: Random vids for your amusement

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Well the weekend is almost here, and we’re in that nice little November lull in between the wacky fun of the holiday season and the start of school/fall/fall holidays.  So what better way to enjoy this time off than to watch some stuff online and sign out some books and movies?

First up, let’s look at some trailers that came out this week from upcoming movies that look completely and unapologetically bonkers.

Seriously, what are these?  One’s a prequel of Snow White and the Huntsman that doubles down on it’s evil queens, and the other is an all out war between Egyptian gods played by Scottish and Game of Thrones actors.  As we wait for their respective release dates we’ll have plenty of time to contemplate how they came to be.

In honor of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 out in theatres today (place holds on the books here, here and here and the movies here, here and here), let’s throw down with an epic rap battle between Katniss and Hermione Granger.

And, a little update on my last post about the return of MST3K.  They’ve already hit their first funding goal!  YAY!  And they’ve announced their new host!  YAY!  And they’re gearing up for their annual (US) Turkey Day marathon that you can watch online!  YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

Fan happiness!

So enjoy this weekend, whatever you’re up to.  Don’t forget to sign up for Escape from the Library next week.  You won’t want to miss that!  And until next time, End of Line.


Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery of the Locked Rooms (Escape The Library)

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Come John! They have issued us a challenge. We accept!

John Watson: We do?

Sherlock: Yes, yes. Come on! Time waits for no man so devil take the hindmost and let us be off!

John Watson: But where are we going? Sherlock, details! I can’t read your mind remember. And will you slow down!

Sherlock: Slow down? The countdown is on! We are running out of time! We need to get to the library! There are mysteries to be solved John. Mysteries!

John Watson: Well, yes of course, but what mysteries? Which library? What time? And why are we running? For heaven’s sake Sherlock for the last time I am a doctor not a psychic!

Sherlock: John, do you not know? How can you not know? Faster man!Sherlock John

John Watson: To be quite honest I don’t. Would you mind explaining? What are you? Part gazelle? Will you please slow down!

Sherlock: The library John! The Vaughan Public Libraries have issued a challenge to solve the mysteries of the Locked Rooms! They expect people to solve whatever maniacally clever contraptions they have devised in hopes of preventing us from escaping. They want us to Escape the Library John. Do you know what that means!

John Watson: For once spending Saturday evening locked up with nice regular people instead of ones trying to kill us?

Sherlock: YES! You always go on about how we should get out more often so now we can. It’ll be fun John. Just think of the possibilities! Think of the riddles. The codes. The cypher keys. The encrypted messages. The ticking time bomb!

John Watson: Wait…what?!

Sherlock: I meant that metaphorically. It adds to the suspense.Johnlock

John Watson: I’m sure it does. But what time does it start? Or rather when?

Sherlock: Saturday. The 28th. Of November. After hours only. At the Bathurst Clark and the Pierre Berton libraries. The message said they lock the doors at 7:00pm and it is supposed to end at the final stroke of midnight. Five hours locked in with strangers, books…and librarians.

John Watson: Really?

Sherlock: Yes. Really. Also, there will be food. And some sort of prize. And a movie, for those that prefer that sort of thing.

John Watson: So a regular Saturday night out then?

Sherlock: Indeed.

John Watson: Well. That doesn’t sound so bad. But, do they know we’re coming?

Sherlock: Of course they do. I have signed us up months ago. I do not leave situations like this to mere chance.

John Watson: And you’re only telling me about this now?

Sherlock: You have always said you wanted a surprise that would not be the death of you. So…surprise.

John Watson: How considerate of you Sherlock. I do believe you’re starting to grow as a person. But before we go promise me that you’ll give others the chance to solve some of the problems.

Sherlock: What? Why? No!

John Watson: Sherlock. We talked about this.

Sherlock: sigh Fine.  

STAR WARS: And So We Begin…In A Galaxy Far Far Away

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Star Wars'
Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope you have prepared yourselves for this. If not, do so now. Because the countdown is on and there is no turning back. In exactly one month from now, on December 17th at 7:00pm, theatres across North America will be packed full of movie goers.  Star Wars. It’s coming. Do you have your opening weekend tickets?

Countdown to SW Day: 4 Weeks

And we begin….

The Good Ol’ House of Mouse and Lucasfilm dropped this on the international playfield and there was a collective sighing of the fans around the world. I have it on good authority that a few of them may have even shed a tear or two. In no time what so ever everyone scrambled forces and took to the internet like a bunch of Rebel fighter pilots before going off in every direction imaginable. Fan theories and intense debated discussions flew left, right, and centre while nay-sayers NAYED and the yes men YAASED as loudly as cap locks would allow for. Many groups of Bothans combed through every microsecond of every screen shot to find those hidden gems that are easily missed the first ten times you watch it. Across the globe Star Wars became the hot key topic and you couldn’t go anywhere without smacking into a Wookie.

So what do fans do when they’re excited about something so grand of scale that waiting patiently is not a preferred option?

Enter the Spoofs. Those glorious internet vids that provide hours of amusement for those who have perfected the art of procrastination.

Here’s one of my favourites so far. Take a look.

Though when spoofing just isn’t enough the round robin table discussions are the next must dos. Maybe you’ve participated in one yourself by now. I walked into a Starbucks the other day and eavesdropped on no less than three separate conversations regarding some aspect of the galaxy not quite that far away going on simultaneously. Lucky me. So when I shouted “Where the Hell is Luke? Did Disney manage to misplace a Jedi Grand Master or what!” out into the crowd heads swivelled and eyes focused as a collective hush happened. Yep, just like in the movie. Happily no one decided to whip out a blaster so the lightsabered arm removal trick was not put into play. Honestly you never know who’s carrying a lightsaber under their robes these days.

It’s interesting how something like a movie can set social media, phones, emails, and personal discussion on fire. After all, why the big deal? Isn’t it just some sort of space opera movie with laser swords and old people limping around right? Movies come out all the time. It’s getting people talking to each other even if they’ve never met. Thoughts, emotions,  observations,  critical thinking happening all at once and people are actually listening to each other instead of talking at one another….when was the last time you saw this outside of a school setting? And let’s be honest, right now the world needs something happy to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Which is why I say we take a moment to appreciate the impact of the Jedi figure and why in times of crisis the Beards of Hope always make an appearance. Search your feelings, you know this to be true.

Follow Up Reading Materials that need to be read before December 17th: Star Wars: Lost Stars, the Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars: Aftermath, Tarkin, Ultimate Star Wars, Star Wars: Kenobi, and so many many more. So get reading and May the Force Be With You.