A Guitar Named Bob

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I’ve got the blues…those cold winter dark day blues! Brrrrrr.

Do you know what is a great cure-all for that tooth numbing chill that makes it feel like it’s minus 22 instead of minus 12? Music. Sweet, sweet music. Here at the Create It! Space in the Civic Centre Resource Library we happen to have a lot of that to go around.

Case in point. Meet Bob. Dylan that is. Our newest member of the Create It! Space Guitar Family. An acoustic Yamaha guitar that has a great sound for strumming and a folksy twang that will transport you far away from the blistering cold to the warm soundscape of rambling tumbleweeds.

If this is your cup of hot chocolaty goodness then make sure to reserve your spot in the Recording Studio today!

A Guitar Named Bob


Sarah is a Digital Creation Specialist who abides in the heart of the Civic Centre Resource Library. Not a fan of direct sunlight she can be found chasing after way-ward patch cables and tinkering on a broad spectrum of technology in order to figure out how it all works. Her work motto is: "There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Guitars".