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A good kind of trouble / Ramee, Lisa Moore

Friendship in adolescence -- Fiction.
Middle school students -- Fiction.
Middle schools -- Fiction.
Race relations -- Fiction
Student protesters -- Fiction.

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Mistress Pat / Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)

On Canada's Prince Edward Island in the 1930s, twenty-year-old Pat must choose between the possibility of a lonely life at Silver Bush and leaving her home for romance.

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Peasprout Chen : future legend of skate and sword / Lien, Henry
Future legend of skate and sword
Peasprout Chen dreams of becoming a legend of wu liu, the deadly and beautiful art of martial arts figure skating. As the first students from the rural country of Shin to attend Pearl Famous Academy of Skate and Sword, Peasprout and her little brother, Cricket, have some pretty big skates to fill. They soon find themselves in a heated competition for top ranking. Tensions rise when the dazzling pearl buildings of the academy are vandalized, and outsider Peasprout is blamed for the attacks by her rivals... and even some friends. Now she must uncover the true vandal to ensure peace between Shin and Pearl--all while becoming a champion.

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Pippa Morgan's diary / Kelsey, Annie

Best friends -- Fiction
Diary fiction.
Morgan, Pippa (Fictitious character) -- Fiction.
Schools -- Fiction
Singing -- Fiction.
Talent shows -- Fiction
Truthfulness and falsehood -- Fiction

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Sapphire the Great and the meaning of life / Anderson, Tara

Nine-year-old Jeannie buys a pet hamster (who shares narrating duties) after her parents separate due to her father's newly revealed homosexuality. Jeannie and her mother befriend a transgender neighbor, and the hamster becomes a calming influence on the characters, despite its own difficult quest to find the meaning of life.

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Song for a whale / Kelly, Lynne

Twelve-year-old Iris and her grandmother, both deaf, drive from Texas to Alaska armed with Iris's plan to help Blue-55, a whale unable to communicate with other whales.

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Starring Sally J. Freedman as herself / Blume, Judy

While spending the winter of 1947-1948 in Miami Beach with her family, ten-year-old Sally makes up stories, casts herself in starring roles in movies, and encounters a sinister stranger.

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The chosen ones / Thomas, Scarlett

Post-worldquake, when electricity is infrequent and the Internet is extinct, but magic is flourishing, five students at the Tusitala School for the Gifted, Troubled and Strange pool their resources and magical abilities to defeat an evil publisher who intends to use the power bound up in books to destroy the universe.

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The great big paw print / Bell, Jennifer 1977-

Sophie and her friends find a great big paw print near Forget-Me-Not Lake. They follow a trail into town, where they learn that food has gone missing from Mrs. Mouse's bakery and part of the library has been destroyed! What kind of animal could be making these huge paw prints?

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The journey through time / Barozzi, Danilo

From the Jurassic period and the dinosaurs, to a medieval castle, Geronimo Stilton and a few members of his family embark on an adventure through time in Professor von Volt's new time machine, the Mouse Mover 3000.