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Alone across the Arctic / Shoalts, Adam

Follows Canadian explorer Adam Shoalts as he travels across the Arctic part of Canada.

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Best main events of the decade, 2010-2020. / World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
WWE best main events of the decade, 2010-2020
Televised sports events
Wrestling matches
Wrestling -- Tournaments

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Cuba's cancer hope / David, Keith

NOVA explores the fascinating history of Cuban biomedical research and follows the journey of two cancer patients, one from the island and one from the U.S, receiving new vaccines. As they prove effective in some patients, Cuban scientists are teaming up with a leading U.S. cancer institute to develop an even more effective treatment by combining the best of both countries' research and medical technologies. But can they overcome the embargo?

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Cuba's wild revolution / Crossing The Line Productions

"In the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, Cuba is an island teeming with exotic biodiversity: from coral reefs pulsating with life to five-foot-long Cuban rock iguanas. As international relations ease, what will become of this wildlife sanctuary?"--from www.pbs.org.

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Decoding Da Vinci / Hamilton, Doug

On the 500th anniversary of da Vinci's death, NOVA goes to Italy to explore his life and work. Then, in the basement of the Louvre, scientists and art restoration experts deploy cutting-edge technology to (digitally) peel back the layers of da Vinci's works. Ultimately, they'll reveal the impact of his science on his art and his art on his science.

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Diana Kennedy : nothing fancy / Carroll, Elizabeth
Nothing fancy
"Cookbook author and environmental activist Diana Kennedy reflects on an unconventional life spent mastering Mexican cuisine"--www.imdb.com.

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Eagle power / Baxter, Simon.

Eagles dominate the skies. But what makes these predators so special? Researchers put one eagle to the test, and stunning up-close footage reveals her incredible strength, eyesight, and flying skills.

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Heading home : the tale of Team Israel / Kramer, Seth

The story of the 2017 Team Israel baseball team as it competes for the first time in the World Baseball Classic.

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Human nature / Bolt, Adam.

"A string of discoveries beginning in the 1990s has led scientists to a revolutionary tool known as CRISPR. It comes from the immune-like response of bacteria that can chop up the DNA of invading viruses and incorporate it into their own, creating a 'memory' of the invader in case it attacks again. This simple but powerful gene-editing tool has now been harnessed by humans to edit DNA -- including our own. The ability to make targeted edits to the genome could mean a cure for genetic disorders like sickle cell disease. It could also lead to editing of human embryos for specific traits. But how far should we go? Is it wrong to engineer soldiers to feel no pain, or to resurrect an extinct species? Is there harm in allowing parents to choose their children's features, like eye color or height? And is something lost, even in editing out 'harmful' things like disease? The scientists who pioneered human genome studies and CRISPR grapple with the ethics of editing the very code that makes us human."--Container.

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Keto diet in 30 minutes / Wownow Entertainment (Firm)
Learn with Verne, Keto diet in 30 minutes
An introduction to the keto diet, including what foods can be eaten on the diet, and the health benefits and considerations of following the diet.