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31-day food revolution : heal your body, feel great, and transform your world / Fuhrman, Joel
Thirty one-day food revolution
Cooking (Natural foods)
Diet therapy
Large type books.

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Alternative ageing : the natural way to hold back the years / Grant, Suzi.
Subtitle on cover:
Aging -- Prevention
Self-care, Health

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Bitten : the secret history of lyme disease and biological weapons / Newby, Kris.

Lyme disease -- Diagnosis.
Lyme disease -- Treatment.
Lyme disease -- History.

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Celery juice : the most powerful medicine of our time healing millions worldwide / William, Anthony

Detoxification (Health)
Self-care, Health
Vegetable juices

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Dealing with depression : simple ways to get your life back / Marsh, Jan

Depression, Mental
Depression, Mental -- Treatment

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Eat, live, thrive diet : a lifestyle plan to rev up your midlife metabolism / Demetre, Danna
Lifestyle plan to rev up your midlife metabolism
"Eat, Live, Thrive Diet shows women how they can not only lose excess body fat permanently but also improve their overall health in critical areas such as brain function, resistance to disease, slowing down external aging, and increasing energy. This highly effective eating plan is presented in a compassionate voice by two experienced health coaches who share personal experiences of battling weight and emotional eating issues. Whereas most diets are short-lived or require substantial upkeep to maintain, Eat, Live, Thrive Diet is a viable eating plan that women can adhere to indefinitely. In addition to minimizing sugar intake, the plan emphasizes the importance of short-term intermittent fasting--a simple lifestyle change that makes it easier and more effective for many mature women to reach their health and weight loss goals. The book also highlights health risks and drawbacks of many popular fad diets that can be harmful on a long-term basis."--Amazon.com.

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Fast track to aging backwards : 6 ways and 30 days to look and feel younger / Esmonde-White, Miranda
Six ways and thirty days to look and feel younger
"Drawing on her groundbreaking anti-aging movement principles, bestselling fitness expert Miranda Esmonde-White walks you through 6 ways to rejuvenate your body and mind, paired with 30 days of stretching-and-strengthening workouts that effectively reverse the aging process. Miranda Esmonde-White has already given us the Bible on movement as a way to reverse aging with her New York Times and Globe and Mail bestseller, Aging Backwards. But getting started on something that will change your life is always the hardest part! The Fast Track to Aging Backwards is Miranda's master class on how to begin her healing, revitalizing and scientifically endorsed programme of stretching and strengthening--and how to make it stick. First she outlines, step by step, 6 ways to change your attitude to aging and reverse its effects, from describing helpful small changes to your daily routine that will help you form new habits; to how to find the balance between moving like the Tin Man and flopping like the Scarecrow; to showing that for maximum painfree living, our bodies need a gentle approach to exercising that is all about respecting the way our bodies are designed to move. As Miranda says, "Relaxation is the new strengthening." Exclusively for this book, she has also created 4 workouts designed to carry you every step of the way through the first month of her programme, targeting every part of your body. Laid out with clear instructions, black-and-white photos and insider's tips on how to make every movement count, these workouts will give you the edge you need to quickly achieve your best results. The Fast Track to Aging Backwards is a countdown to a healthier and more youthful you."--Provided by publisher.

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Fit strong lean : build your best circuit training plan / Diehl, Mike.
Fit -- strong -- lean
Aerobic exercises
Circuit training
Physical fitness

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Funny, you don't look autistic : a comedian's guide to life on the spectrum / Mccreary, Michael
Funny, you do not look autistic
Canadian stand-up comic Michael McCreary talks about growing up with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).