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A fantastic woman / Lelio, SebastiáN
Original Spanish title:
Marina, a transgender woman who works as a waitress and moonlights as a nightclub singer, is bowled over by the death of her older boyfriend.

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Alias María / Clavijo, Carlos.

A vision of Colombia's inhuman armed conflict, seen through the eyes of a young and pregnant girl soldier.

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Becoming : mi historia / Obama, Michelle

African Americans -- Biography -- Spanish language.
Lawyers -- United States -- Biography -- Spanish language.
Obama, Barack -- Family -- Spanish language.
Obama, Michelle, 1964- -- Spanish language.
Presidents' spouses -- United States -- Biography -- Spanish language.

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Cápsulas / Alebrije Home Entertainment.

Depicts the extreme economic realities that coexist in society today: wealthy lifestyles afforded through illicit activities and the plight of the poor who are immersed in a world of violence void of opportunities. The convergence between the two is the commercialization of drugs and all of its deadly ramifications.

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Casa de espias / Silva, Daniel

While hunting down Saladin, Gabriel finds a former British fashion model living with a French drug dealer who works for a terrorist and convinces them to help him.

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Inseparables / Carnevale, Marcos

After becoming a quadriplegic a wealthy businessman hires his gardener as his assistant.

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La familia / Film Movement (Firm)

A dramatic thriller about a father and son forced to flee the violence in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Ladrónes / Colunga, Fernando

After a ruthless businesswoman steals land deeds from a community of Mexican families, two former thieves come out of retirement to steal them back. With a ragtag team that includes a spiritualist, a clumsy ranch hand, a struggling actor, and an amateur meteorologist, the modern-day Robin Hoods attempt a caper for the ages.

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Mambo cool / Indiepix Films.

A dispossessed drug dealer and his derelict companions are part of a cool generation confronting displacement, sickness, and cultural decay in the back alleys of a city in Colombia.

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Más allá del invierno / Allende, Isabel

A minor traffic accident introduces Richard, a sixty-year-old human rights scholar, and Evelyn, a young, undocumented Guatemalan immigrant in the middle of a Brooklyn snowstorm, and he approaches his tenant, a sixty-two-year-old Chilean lecturer, for advice in helping Evelyn.