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Alias María / Clavijo, Carlos.

A vision of Colombia's inhuman armed conflict, seen through the eyes of a young and pregnant girl soldier.

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Bueno y Barato : alimentate Bien a 4 al dia / Brown, Leanne

Cookbooks -- Translations into Spanish.
Low budget cooking -- Spanish language.

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Cápsulas / Alebrije Home Entertainment.

Depicts the extreme economic realities that coexist in society today: wealthy lifestyles afforded through illicit activities and the plight of the poor who are immersed in a world of violence void of opportunities. The convergence between the two is the commercialization of drugs and all of its deadly ramifications.

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Casa de espias / Silva, Daniel

While hunting down Saladin, Gabriel finds a former British fashion model living with a French drug dealer who works for a terrorist and convinces them to help him.

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Cosas que no se pagan con dinero / Marlon (Musical Group)

Cosas que no se pagan con dinero -- Idiota -- Me supo a poco -- Princesas de barrio -- Rubio loco -- Hae conmigo lo que quieras -- Mi macarena -- Comertelo todo -- Contigo / con Leire Ludvc -- Madonna -- Todo va a ir bein -- Marzo en febrero / con Ana Fernandez.

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El cerebro afirmativo del niño : ayuda a tu hijo a ser más resiliente, autñomo y creativo / Bryson, Tina Payne

Child rearing -- Spanish language.
Parenting -- Spanish language.
Resilience (Personality trait) in children -- Spanish language.

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F.A.M.E / Maluma, 1994-
Intro - F.A.M.E. -- Corazón / featuring Nego Do Borel -- El préstamo -- Cuenta a saldo -- Hangover / featuring Prince Royce -- Mi declaración / featuring Timbaland & Sid-- How I like it -- Marinero -- Delincuente -- Condena -- Ojos que no ven -- La ex / featuring Jason Derulo -- Unfollow -- Felices los 4 -- Felices los 4 (Salsa version) / featuring Marc Anthony.

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La chica que dejaste atrás / Moyes, Jojo

Psychological fiction -- Translations into Spanish.
Spouses -- Fiction -- Spanish language.
Widows -- Fiction -- Spanish language.
Art thefts -- Fiction -- Spanish language.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Art and the war -- Fiction -- Spanish language.

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Más allá del invierno / Allende, Isabel

A minor traffic accident introduces Richard, a sixty-year-old human rights scholar, and Evelyn, a young, undocumented Guatemalan immigrant in the middle of a Brooklyn snowstorm, and he approaches his tenant, a sixty-two-year-old Chilean lecturer, for advice in helping Evelyn.

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Oblivion verses / Gravitas Ventures (Firm)

When the elderly caretaker of a remote morgue discovers the body of a young woman killed during a protest, he embarks on a magical odyssey to give her a proper burial before the militia returns.