The Vault: Lord of the Dance


“Dance, then, wherever you may be,
I am the Lord of the Dance, said he,
And I’ll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I’ll lead you all in the Dance, said he”

 Indeed! Spring is most certainly in the air. The weather is warming up (not that is hasn’t been fairly decent all winter), the robins are back and singing away, even the Canadian geese are flying overhead in their large V’s. All the signs of an early spring are there if you just take a moment and look out a window.  In celebration of the changing of the seasons and to ring in a little Irish Luck to keep it that way,  why not kick up your heels with a viewing of The Lord of the Dance?

This fast-paced high energy performance was filmed in Dublin back in 1996 and features Michael Flatley, the choreographer of the world-renowned Riverdance show, along with his cast of professional Irish dancers. The dance routines are spectacular, the costumes a little gaudy, and the music is highly addictive. You will find yourself humming the refrains of certain songs well on into the week after just one viewing. 

Just to make one thing clear. Lord of the Dance is not Riverdance. The two often-times get confused as one and the same and this is not the case. Whereas Riverdance was the first production to launch Irish Step Dancing into international recognition and interest, it features a wide variety of musical and dance styles from all over. In essence Riverdance is a show about the beauty and wonders of dance. Lord of the Dance is a dance show that tells a story. What story? Why, Irish folk legends of course! Through the use of heart-pounding instrumentals, haunting vocals, and mind-boggling footwork Michael Flatley took the long-line of step-dancers from one production and based an entire show around it. Myths and legends coincide with romance and power plays as the dancers weave across the stage in order to bring to life the old tales and tellings of the Emerald Isle.

The best part about Lord of the Dance has to be the music. Take a listen and tell me if I’m wrong. Can’t stop smiling can you? Thought so. Also,  if you would like to see the updated version of the show, take a look at the 2011 version of The Lord of the Dance. Personally I have to say that the original edition is the better one. The set is more enjoyable and Flatley is a little less “look at me” and a bit  more “look at the dancing”!

Oh! Now that reminds me. I also discovered this little Irish gem tucked away in the shelves not too long ago.

 Jean Butler’s Irish Dance Masterclass is well worth a look if, like me, you have a love of Irish step dancing and are looking for a fun way to shape up for the upcoming summer months. You do not have to be an expert dancer  in order to enjoy this toe-tapping work out routine. Just make sure that you have a large enough space that is free of anything that can be launched across the room via an accidental energetic high kick.  Broken picture frames are costly to replace as I have unfortunately discovered.

So go outside. Go for a long walk. Breathe in the spring air and if no one’s looking dance for the joy of it! Yes, Michael Flatley tends to leap about like a mad gazelle but since he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest tap dancer in the world why shouldn’t he?


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