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How to force your family to eat vegetables in 2011!

It isn’t a secret in my family that I’m the only who really likes vegetables.  Everyone else either accidentally knocks them on the floor, just refuses to eat them, or shoves them in his mouth and chews them really quickly in order to obtain a dessert…well, you get the picture.


Enter the bestselling cookbook by Jerry Seinfeld’s lovely wife, Jessica.  She was recently featured on Oprah promoting her newest cookbook “Double Delicious!: good, simple food for busy, complicated lives”.  But I’m referring to her older cookbook “Deceptively Delicious”.  (Note: if you want to try a different cookbook, there is also “The Sneaky Chef” by Missy Chase Lapine.  A tidbit for gossip lovers: apparently Lapine and Seinfeld went to court over this whole hiding vegetables idea). 




In a nutshell, vegetables and fruit are hidden in other foods that are well liked.  So your non-vegetable eating kids and spouses will actually eat vegetables without even knowing it.  Ha!


I have tried quite a few of the recipes.  My two favourite recipes are the Broccoli spice cake and the Turkey meatballs.  As some Amazon reviewers have figured out, it takes way too long to make your own pureed vegetables, so a container of  baby food can do the trick.  Some recipes have not been well received in my house, such as the Chocolate Chip cookies made with chickpeas.  Also, Jessica seems to be a fan of using cauliflower in most of her recipes.  I must confess that even a vegetable lover such as myself, doesn’t really like cauliflower.  But that’ll be our little secret J

Book Bites: Making Literacy a Family Tradition

Read: Little Pealittle-pea

Little Pea. Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Illustrated by Jen Corace. Chronicle Books.

Little Pea is happy. There are many things he likes to do, such as roll down hills and hang out with his friends. There is one thing, though, that he does not like, and that is to eat candy as the main course every night for dinner. He struggles through, reluctantly swallowing not just one piece but five, in order to have his favourite dessert–spinach. Parents will relate to this amusing twist on the age-old “eat your vegetables!” refrain.

Follow-Up Activities:

Five Little Pea Pods (finger play)

Five little peas in a pod pressed (make fist).
One grew, two grew, and so did all the rest (raise respective fingers).
They grew and grew and did not stop (stretch fingers wide).
Until one day the pod went POP!(clap hands).

The Vegetable Song (tune: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”)

Carrots, Peas, and Broccoli,
Vegetables are good for me.
For my snack and in my lunch,
Veggie sticks are great to munch.
Carrots, Peas, and Broccoli,
Vegetables are good for me.

Grow Beans in a Baggie (activity)

paper towel
zip lock plastic bags
green bean seeds

Place a paper towel in a zip lock plastic bag. Place seeds in the bag and dampen the towel with water. Zip the bag shut and tell the children to place it in a sunny location (you can even tape it to the window). Keep it moist and watch it grow.