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What’ll it be? – How to Ditch Your Fairy

Walking past the YA section, I saw this book How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier on display.  I was intrigued by the title so I picked it up to find out what the story was about.  The excerpt on the back cover alone was enough to convince me to read it.  “I have a parking fairy.  I’m fourteen years old.  I can’t drive.  I don’t like cars and I have a parking fairy.  Rochelle gets a clothes-shopping fairy and is always well attired; I get a parking fairy and always smell faintly of gasoline.  How fair is that?

Charlie has a parking fairy.  Wherever she goes in a car, the driver is always able to find the perfect parking space.  Since her mom discovered what Charlie’s fairy did, Charlie’s family and friends and even the class bully have taken advantage of Charlie’s fairy.  But she’s determined to get rid of her fairy and has been walking everywhere in the theory that if she doesn’t give her fairy the opportunity to work her magic, the fairy will go away.  After being forced into the class bully’s car and used like a parking pass more than 60 days into her walking campaign, Charlie is desperate and willing to try anything, even if that means working together with her archenemy to get rid of fairy. 

The author included a note to the readers before the story began to explain that the story is set in an imaginary country that could be a mesh of Australia and the USA.  I must admit, this note was extremely helpful, otherwise I think I would have been too distracted by the setting and language to focus on the story.  The slang words are listed in the back in case the context doesn’t give the meaning away. 

This is an interesting take on fairies.  They’re invisibile but not everyone has one.  Some examples of fairies are: loose change finding; never being late; and good hair. I can totally understand how it would suck to have a certain fairy, but there are also some very appealing fairy talents.  What fairy would you want to have?

What’ll it be? – The Heist Society

Katarina is a thief, born and raised.  And when she was 15, she pulled of the biggest scam of her life, stealing a new identity and a making a life for herself at an exclusive boarding school.  She thought she had left the family business behind when a former co-conspirator turns up to tell her that a dangerous mobster’s private art collection was stolen.  The problem? Everyone thinks Kat’s dad did the job, including the mobster and he wants his art back.  Or Else.  When Kat confronts her dad, she finds out he’s been framed so its up to her and her friends from her former life to steal them back.

The Heist Society by Ally Carter was a fast-paced fun teen caper.  Once I finished reading the book, I was excited to discover that book two, Uncommon Criminals, is due out in June. 

Cozy mystery update: I’ve just finished book 2 in A Pizza Lovers mystery series, Pepperoni Pizza Can Be Murder, which has us back at Eleanor’s pizza parlour, where her delivery guy is accused of killing his brother with a pizza rolling pin.  Even though the two brothers were in the midst of a legal battle over their grandparents’ estate, Eleanor and her sister Maddy know that Greg didn’t kill Wade but when the police focus their investigation on Greg, its up to the sisters to find the real killer.

What’ll it be? – Pegasus

Every Princess get a Pegasus.  What better lure into a novel can you get?  The alliance between the humans and the pegasi has existed for 1000 years.  It means that the humans get to stay in the beautiful and bountiful country that is Balsinland and the pegasi have allies that will fight and protect them against the dangerous creatures that all too often invade the land. 

As part of the treaty, every royal child is bound to a pegasus on their 12th birthday.  They need magicians to be able to ‘speak’ to each other because the two languages are so different, but even so, communication between humans and pegasi are difficult at best.  When Princess Sylvi is bound to Ebon, they discover that they can speak mind-to-mind.  But this causes great consternation among the magicians.  As the years pass, and it seems that people have begun to accept this unique bond, it turns out that it is really only the lull before the storm.  

I’ve been waiting for my copy of this book Pegasus by Robin McKinley to arrive and was quite happy when it did.  I was really enjoying this story and as I was getting close to the end, I kept thinking, how is this going to be resolved?  So when I read the last page, I felt absolutely betrayed.  While there has been no indication that is novel was part of a series, this book, contrary to my expectation, is not a stand alone book. The end was nothing but a cliff hanger!  So yes, I would recommend that you read it, but only if you know that there is a sequel to it that isn’t due out until 2012.