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Mozart’s Starling (by Lyanda Lynn Haupt)

31932836I came across this book at a book event a few month ago. Not knowing much about Mozart or starling, I started reading not knowing what to expect (except for the fact that the person at the even spoke highly of it).

I usually read non-fictions pretty slowly, but not this time. Mozart’s Starling is a lighthearted charming little book inspired by starlings, the most hated birds among ornithologists since it is considered an aggressive invader to the local species, and the fact that the most well respected composer in the world Mozart had a pet starling during his most productive and turbulent years of his short life. In order to understand the bird and how it is like living with one, Haupt raised a baby starling. This book is a mixture of fun facts, unknown history, and reflection on inspiration, harmony, and the natural world.

Part natural history, part story, Mozart’s Starling will delight readers as they learn about language, music, and the secret world of starlings.

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (By Gail Honeyman)

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine : A NovelWhen I started this book, I was not able to put it down; I cannot wait to read about what happens next. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a story about “a quirky yet lonely woman whose social misunderstandings and deeply ingrained routines could be changed forever—if she can bear to confront the secrets she has avoided all her life. But if she does, she’ll learn that she, too, is capable of finding friendship—and even love—after all.” (goodread)

There weren’t many characters in this story. However, each of them are lovable and especially Eleanor–you really feel yourself grow with her through the story, and experience what she was feeling. She is truly weird and wonderful. This is an important book about mental health, family relationship, dealing with loss. Yet, Honeyman is able to take on an humorous tone that makes you laugh and cry.

This book is just published in May. Highly recommended!! Especially if you liked The Rosie Project, Courting Greta, Lost and Found, and anything like that, you will really enjoy this book.

The Fate of the Furious (2017)—director F. Gary Gary

In this latest Fast and Furious installment, Dom faces probably the most challenging situation: having to betray his family and friends, he found himself a part of a terrorist Image result for fate of the furious postergroup. His crew, therefore, faces the hardest task which is to capture Dom and stop him from working with the terrorist.

This movie is very entertaining. The car chases are very well choreographed, but they do not take away the light from the storyline (at the same time, I can’t help but wander how many cars were wasted filming this movie). Another thing that makes me like this movie is how the group is so tight that the idea of Dom’s betrayal is unbelievable. Without giving out too much, the reason for his action is for you to find out.

I would highly recommended to any follower of this series. Or if you have never seen any previous movies, you can still pretty much understand it; it would still be a fun and enjoyable movie to watch.

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