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cover imageI came across Vikings quite by accident. Browsing the shelves at the Maple Library one day, I noticed the cover first. Intrigued, I flipped the DVD over, read the back, and proceeded to check it out. I was hooked within minutes, and four seasons later, I’m still hooked!

Inspired by the life of Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings is a historical drama that follows early Medieval Norsemen as they raid, trade and explore the world. Wanting more than just the life of a farmer, Ragnar rises to fame by sailing to and raiding England, gaining the title of Earl, and eventually, King. He will easily become one of your favourite characters. The story itself is exciting and entertaining, and does a great job of exploring the ethics, religion and social structure of the Vikings, their enemies and their allies.

       Great content, great actors, great theme song! This is must watch TV!

The Daughter Of Time by Josephine Tey

Daughter of TimeAs a history buff one of the things I like best is historical mysteries and one of the best fictional books on one famous mystery is The Daughter Of Time by Josephine Tey (1951). Scotland Yard inspector Alan Grant is laid up after an accident and after coming across a picture of Richard III, King of England from 1483 to 1485, he becomes intrigued by Richard’s face and wonders if this is the face of a murderer. He becomes interested in figuring out the mystery if Richard killed his nephews, the princes in the tower and heirs to the throne. After doing research from books and getting help from friends and acquaintances Alan and his new friend and researcher Brent come to the belief the belief that Richard being the murderer was Tudor propaganda and the more likely killer was the next king, King Henry VII. It’s a good mystery and put me firmly in the Richard is innocent camp. This is a timely story since the body of Richard III was discovered in 2012 after more than 500 years of not knowing where he was buried, and was reburied last year in Leicester Cathedral.

explain this science thing to me

Thing ExplainerI’ve recently learned that Randall Munroe has a new book on the way. It is called Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words and I have to say: I’m looking forward to this one. Munroe has a talent for distilling tricky or complicated concepts into simple, easy-to-understand stick drawings. I have yet to look through the book, but it should be perfect. Perfect for non-science folk like myself – folks who struggle with the harder science stuff but are still curious and want things explained to them. So yes, I WOULD like to learn all about how a helicopter works or what’s the deal with microwaves, but with the simplest terms and images ever.

I hope this book is something like Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. I was a big fan of Bryson, before A Short History; Bryson’s kind of a travel writer but he’s much more than that. Well, perhaps I have poor idea of travel writing. I’ve always pictured travel writing as someone who’s paid to visit some foreign land and offer some sort of advertisement to entice other tourists to go there too. Bryson seems above that.  He writes about what he is curious about. He wanted to learn about Australia, so he traveled there. he was intrigued by the 3500 km Appalachian Trail – that passes close by his home – so walked some of it. He found himself curious about how little he knew about science, basic stuff like the origin of the universe or facts about the earth’s crust, so he wrote a big short history. It’s east to understand, informative and, like most of Bryson’s work, sometimes very funny.

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