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What’ll it be? – One of a Kind Show

That’s right folks.  It’s that special time of year.  It’s time to go to the One of a Kind Show!  I love going every year.  I can spend hours going through all the aisles, admiring all the amazing things the artisans have made.  There are certain booths I go to every time: Tickleberry’s for their chocolate covered dried fruit (look ma, I’m eating fruit!) and Stella Bijoux for jewelry.  I’ll pick up hand made soap that seems to help with my eczema.  I’ll also pick up gifts for friends and family.  I probably get more gifts for me than I should, but there are so many beautiful things at the show!  Its best to go with a firm budget because it can be really easy to over spend.

If you’re inspired by the show and want to make some homemade gifts, maybe the library can help.  We have books on a varity of crafts that have project ideas, patterns and tips, e.g. beadwork for those wanting to make jewelry or knitting /crocheting to make a scarf or even small stuff toy.  If you’re looking to make edible gifts, try one of these titles.