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Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us / by Michael Moss

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Many will look at the title of this book and say, “So what?  We all know that too much salt, sugar, fat is bad for you.  That’s old news.”  That’s all true, but do you know why?  Do you know why we can’t stop eating these things, and do you know how the processed food companies make sure we never stop, and how they sink the hook ever deeper?  This book will tell you, and in minute detail.

Available at Vaughan Public Libraries in print, audio CD, and digital audio.

FOOD, INc.- a Robert Kenner Film

When I was browsing the just returned items at the library, I saw this title “FOOD INc.”, and then I read the sub title: “YOU’LL NEVER LOOK AT DINNER THE SAME WAY AGAIN”.  The subtitle attracted me more than the title and I borrowed it and watched the movie on the same day!.


Food Inc is a documentary, which exposes how the food supply in America is mechanized and controlled by the corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer, their health and the environment. Food Inc discusses some of the major issues such as using pesticides, environmental impact, food born illness, cloning, genetically modified foods, diabetes, obesity, etc with some real examples. Food Inc reveals many true stories such as “how the chickens are farmed to fatten in 45 days and grow bigger”, “the cruel manner in which animals are raised, treated and killed, etc.  If you are not aware of how some of the most popular foods are made and reaches your dinner table, then this movie is an eye opening for you. The Washington Post recommended “Everyone should see Food, Inc”.