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Mondays are murder

Happy Labour Day!  In honour of back-to-school, I bring you Foul Play at the PTA  by Laura Alden – second in the Beth Kennedy series, and sequel to the not-so-surprisingly titled Murder at the PTA

Beth Kennedy is a worry-wart.  As such, she seems singularly suited to life as a single mom, children’s bookstore owner, PTA secretary and amateur sleuth, there being lots to worry about in all of those areas.

But run-of-the-mill garden-variety worry takes a backseat to some serious hand-wringing when Sam Helmstetter – the nicest man you could ever possibly dream of meeting – is strangled with his scarf in his car after a PTA meeting.  Seeing as Sam was the nicest man you could ever possibly dream of meeting, the task of identifying a motive, and thus a murderer, is nearly insurmountable.  Beth, however, has mad it simple for the less thoughtful townsfolk – her new hire at the bookstore is a convicted murderer, albeit one with a subsequent acquittal.

But if Beth is going to save her bookstore from the well-meaning picketers who oppose Yvonne’s presence, she and her best friend Marina are going to have to do some serious sleuthing on their own.

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Alden’s book is a delightful little romp through late autumn in a small Wisconsin town.  The sleuthing seems to happen at the margins, largely by chance and when there is nothing in everyday life to distract from it.  And that is as it should be in a cozy.  So snuggle up with this one, as you ponder whether or not to join the Parent Council this year!