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Baby Brainiac: Starting Your Child Off Right

Theme: Bunnies


Book: Bedtime Bunnies, by Wendy Watson

Bunnies scamper, scurry, splash, zip, and snuggle as they get ready for bed.


Song: Baby Bunny

Baby bunny dressed in blue (Hold up two fingers like bunny ears)
Met another; then there were two. (hold up two fingers on both hands)
Bouncy bunnies to the left (Move fingers to left.)
Bouncy bunnies to the right (Move fingers to right.)
Bouncy bunnies get in bed (Put head on hands like sleeping)
Off to bed, you sleepy heads (pretend to sleep)


Activity: Bunny Collage


Tip of the Week: Read books with pop-ups, flaps or moveable parts and ones with sensory appeal-textures, smells, and sounds. Toddlers also enjoy books that include rhyming text and illustrated songs.