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Yes. Fine. I like Keanu Reeves movies too…

Man of Tai ChiSome time ago I posted a confession of sorts: I have become a real, honest-to-goodness fan of Tom Cruise. Specifically, I have become a fan of his movies. Well, to be even MORE specific, I have really become a fan of his later (say Mission Impossible 1 and onwards) movies.

My thinking here is that Cruise – within these later years of his career – is focusing on more genre-specific films (your action flicks, sci-fi adventure yarns, and what-not) and this focus fits my tastes nicely.

I seem to be on a similar fan trajectory with the films of Keanu Reeves. You see the day after watching  (and enjoying thoroughly) Reeves’ latest film John Wick, I began to reflect that …you know, I REALLY LIKE A LOT OF KEANU REEVES MOVIES.

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US CONDUCTORS: Giller Prize winner

Us ConductorsBig news last week with Sean Michael’s 2014 Giller Prize win, with his first novel US Conductors. Michael’s novel – about the revolution and espionage filled life of Léon Theremin – sounds fantastic and I am looking forward to reading it.

But perhaps a little more on the theremin itself might be useful. Named for its inventor , it is an early electronic instrument where electric signals are controlled and amplified without physical contact by its conductor.

You might be wondering: where have you heard the theremin?

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Rated “R” for…

Blue is the Warmest ColorIt may seem a little dicey to blog about …ahem, adult situations on a public library website. Yet, after recently watching the French film Blue is the Warmest Color, I feel compelled to write something. Even though the film is easily one of the most graphic films I’ve ever seen, it is also one of the most memorable and affecting.

Blue is the Warmest Color won the big prize at Cannes, when it competed in 2013. I try to make it a habit to keep up with the winners – it is a tidy way to stay with the best in contemporary world cinema.

So then, sitting down to watch the film, I knew a little on what I was getting into: reports and reviews noted that it did push some boundaries on how much intimacy is shown. Yeah. These notices were indeed accurate. Continue reading