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Fine Cuppa Tea Series: Pumpkin and Cinnamon (The Dynamic Duo)

pegg and frostTea of the Week: Pumpkin Spice tea paired with a cinnamon bun

Fine Cuppa Tea Actor: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Fine Cuppa is back to toast autumn for bringing about the cooler weather after that non-existent summer we have enjoyed. In honour of everything to do with the changing of the leaves it is high time to try something a little less traditional. Something rich, something fun, full of flavour and colour. Something a little…orange.

Pumpkin Spice tea. Yes, it is actually a thing. Pair that with a baked cinnamon confection and you have the perfect combination for fall Saturday afternoon lounging on the porch and spending some quality time getting reacquainted with relatives and neighbours while fighting off that long weekend turkey coma. Whether you like your tea straight from the pot or mixed with a generous pour of steamed vanilla almond milk with a cinnamon stick the flavourful Pumpkin Spice is a tea that is pure comfort. Rich in depth and a spicy aroma  it is perfect for one of those oversized mugs that you can never seem to get any use out of.  Add a dollop of whipped cream, a stir of a cinnamon stick, and a sprinkling of coco powder and this tea makes for the perfect after dinner treat.  Pair it with a freshly baked cinnamon bun covered with gooey sugar and you may notice that time will begin to slow down.

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Outlander-TV_series-2014One of the new TV series that I’ve gotten hooked on this year is Outlander based on the first novel in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. The story is both fantasy and historical fiction in that British nurse Claire Randall time travels from post WWII Britain to 18th Century Scotland. This is during a time of conflict between England and Scotland and Claire is suspected of being a British spy by some of the leaders of Clan Mackenzie, the clan that has kidnapped her and makes her become their healer. 18th century Scotland was a brutal time to live in and more so for women as they had little power over their own lives and are very much at the mercy of men as Claire finds out to her dismay. One of the injured men she helps during this time is Scot Jamie MacTavish, a man who will become very important in her future. The latest episode ended with Claire still hoping to make it back to the standing stones that took her back in time in the hope that she can return back to 20th century Britain and the husband she has there. If you are interested in watching the TV series it is showing on Sundays at 10pm on Showcase. Or read the novels which are available at Vaughan Public Libraries.

TIFF 2014 PART II: next generation of Chinese cinema

Raise The Red LanternThe 2014 Toronto International Film Festival wrapped up last week. This year offered a career-high for me – in terms of festival participation – with twelve films watched. Within this twelve, I enjoyed some super violent action from Japan (World of Kanako) and South Korea (The Hard Day). I watched a gritty melodrama from the Phillipines (Justice). All were worth watching. I do love my Asian movies.

This year however, I was thrilled to dig a little deeper into Chinese cinema. Here’s a brief primer: film in China is often separated into different generations. First generation Chinese cinema dates back to the dawn of film making and includes films from the Second World War. The second generation filmmakers worked in the years immediately following World War Two. The third generation focused on the main communist years before the Cultural Revolution and it was this Cultural Revolution that gave the world the fourth generation. Continue reading