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Meet the Hitlers

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Executive produced by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), and directed by Matt Ogens, Meet the Hitlers is a documentary that examines the relationship between names and identity, by exploring the lives of people linked by the name “Hitler”, a name that still has power and influence over people’s lives, 70 years after the Nazi leader’s death.

This is seven stories in one: a socially awkward man in Germany who is determined that he is the only living relative of Adolf Hitler; an utterly normal teen-aged girl with a variant spelling of the name (Hittler), who is proud of her name and not at all defensive about it; an immigrant carpenter from Ecuador whose father gave him the first name of “Hitler” because he wanted his son to be unique; an older man who seems to carry the name lightly, but whose daughters had to endure taunting and bullying because of it; a neo-Nazi in New Jersey whose naming of his son “Adolf Hitler” led to a child welfare investigation and ultimately the seizure of all his children, all of whom had names honoring Nazi leaders; a photographer who has decided to devote the remainder of his life to mocking Adolf Hitler through his photographs; and finally, three brothers in New York State who are nephews of the Nazi leader through their father, Adolf’s half-brother William Patrick Hitler, and who are bound together by a heartbreaking pact.

Silicon Valley


Silicon ValleyHBO’s Silicon Valley cleverly satirizes the tech-industry located in, you guessed it-Silicon Valley, home of the biggest tech corporations. The show is a long linear story following 5 men who founded a company called Pied Piper.

Richard Hendricks, who initially created Pied Piper as a low level music app, discovers that underneath this app lies the best file compression algorithm in the industry (in English: it allows big files, such as music and video, to be compressed to a much smaller file without losing its quality- thanks, Wikipedia!).  It’s a great underdog story about this small company facing up against bigger corporations to stay independent.

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A Prophet: A French Crime Movie With…Magic?

MPW-56349The 2010 French film A Prophet that does something unusual- it combines a crime story with elements of magic. Malik, an illiterate 19 year old, is sentenced to six years in prison for attacking an officer. The prison is divided into two main groups: Corsicans and Muslims. Although Malik is Algerian, he does not identify himself as such, and becomes a loner, associating with no group. It isn’t long before he gets taken under the protection of the Corsican mob boss, Luciani, but for this protection, he is forced to owe them back by killing a Muslim informant in prison.*

Malik is seen as an “other” with the Corsicans, but continues to menial jobs for them. Continue reading