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Manners Refresher?

It’s easy for the hustle and bustle of this time of year to cause manners to fall by the wayside.  So, it also poses a great time for a manners refresher!  Here are some books with gentle and funny reminders about the importance of manners, what they sound like, and their impact on others.  Bonus:  they are entertaining for kids and adults alike!  Pick up your copy today and enjoy!


In rhyming text, a little girl learns the importance of saying please when she asks for anything.  Caveat not highlighted:  you don’t always get what you ask for, even if you do ask nicely.

cover of Kyle Webster's book, Please Say Please, with girl on a lion


Penguin teaches his animal friends how to behave when they are invited for dinner.  Suggestions for appropriate responses to social situations are provided.

cover of Margery Cuyler's book, Please Say Please--Penguin's Guide to Manners, with animals on the cover


Learn which behaviors to use and which to avoid to be respectful in public.  Ideal for primary grades as there is more text and detail. The author of this book, Katie Marsico, has a series on manners for each environment/context in the non-fiction section — this book is part of the series.  Check out the list.

cover of Marsico's book, Good Manners in Public, with adult reading to kids picture


A clever, non-preachy way to start conversations with young children about social skills and self-control with a very funny twist!

cover of Heather Tekavec's book, Manners Are Not for Monkeys


Everyone loves Clifford, the big red dog, because Emily Elizabeth has taught him such beautiful manners.

cover of Norman Bridwell's book, Clifford's Manners


D.W. shows how to be “perfect” for a day by demonstrating cleanliness, orderliness, and good manners. Includes a self test on manners.

cover of Marc Brown's book, D.W.'s Guide to Perfect Manners

If these don’t appeal to you, check out our other manners titles.













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